Our pets fall ill at all times. If it is us and we fall sick in the middle of the night, we rush to the nearest Accidents and Emergencies. Unfortunately there is no such facility for the animals that we live with, whether at home, in the park, in the stables or in the farm.  The worst bit you have to wait until the morning to see the vet, and you can be sure that there is a long waiting list. All this time you have to watch the suffering of your beloved pet.

However there is good news for all people who look after animals either as a profession or have pets.  You do not need to wait till the services open to book an appointment with the vet. Thanks to the on demand veterinary app clone, you can now request the services of a vet, any time of the day, week or month, with the guarantee that  a vet will definitely see to your pet, that too in the comfort of your home or wherever it is that you want him to come.

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