Enjoy your drink with latest features of you drink and I drive app

With the advent of application for smartphones, it is easier to get things with one click and with the passage of time. It is now possible to get a responsible driver to drop a person who is drunk safely to his/her house. It is all possible with just one app, You drink I drive app. The app incorporates basic features as well as various salient features to make the process hassle-free. Just get the app from a firm and provide your customers with this platform to get a driver within minutes for their after party drive home.

You Drink I Drive App comes with basic features that include:

  • Profile of Driver: The app incorporates a section which helps the customer to choose their desired driver by having a look at the profile of each registered driver
  • Authentic and responsible drivers: The app doesn’t allow unauthentic  drivers. The app itself is responsible enough that it checks if the driver is authentic or not. This reduces the risk and makes the trip a safer ride. Moreover, the driver with the most negative feedback gets less chance to provide service and this builds trust and a healthy relationship between the customer and the firm
  • A driver near me:  The app also provides the option to choose the optimal driver from various drivers available near them. It helps the customer to rely on the driver who is available immediately.
  • Navigation: With an amazing feature of navigation, the customer can check if the driver is proceeding on the right way in order to reach home. It allows the driver to reach the desired place of the customer by showing the turn by turn direction which facilitates the trip. It is also helpful for both customer and driver to track their location and meet within no time.
  • Various payment options: The app incorporates various payment modes, both online and offline, which helps the customer to not worry about the payment and enjoy the drink. This helps the customer to pay either before or after the trip.
  • Pre-booking of a driver: Suppose the customer planned a party or decided to drink at a certain time, then he/she can book a driver before 24hours so that they do not to forget to book their ride once he/she gets involved in the party.
  • Chat box: The app allows the customer and the driver to communicate without sharing their personal details.


In the world where all the things are just one click away. So, is a driver for your car after you have had a bash at the party. This amazing idea seems fruitful for lots of people who are fond of drinking and want to avoid reckless driving. There are a lot of firms providing the service of a temporary driver to drop you at your home safely. This app is easier for the firms to allow people to reach home easily and from anywhere at any time.

The above is the basic features that You drink I drive app incorporates. Moreover, firms provide various other features as per the requirement or request of their customers. So don’t let your customers wait for you. Just approach the firms like V3cube and bring your app into the market and within few days. Set a target to get more and more customers to use your app.

Leave The Rest, Invest in the Best Uber Clone Script

The taxi business is huge and thriving, thanks to the best uber clone Nigeria.  It is the one mode of commuting that is essential in all the major cities. It provides easy and accessible transportation to all those who have no means of commuting. Cabs have become a great way of commuting, be it taking people to and from work, schools, shopping, airports etc. For

With the advent of smart technology, this industry has also modernized in Nigeria. The country is now home to many on demand taxi apps that have been developed just for their purposes. In fact, the local yellow taxi service is now suffering losses, thanks to the smart concept of e-hailing.

The Major Taxi Uber Clone in Nigeria

So great is the demand for on demand taxis that there are many apps that have been developed to meet that demand, namely,

  • Oga
  • Taxify
  • MyCabman
  • Afro
  • Ryno
  • Drop
  • Enugu
  • Holla Cab
  • Red Cab
  • Smart Cab

The above list shows how lucrative the taxi industry is in Nigeria.

Launch Your Own Uber Clone Nigeria

Looking at the above list, you can see that you too can get an app similar to those for your taxi business.  All you need to do is look for a developer who has an uber clone app for sale. Alternatively, you can get one developed too according to your specifications. Whatever your decision you need to ensure that the following features are available on your app.

  • A complete branded and white labelled solution
  • Free installation, configuration and launch on your server
  • Free addition of the Nigerian language & Currency of your choice
  • Login in via Google, facebook, Twitter etc
  • Internal chat facility between rider and driver
  • Security features like SOS Button
  • Free license for website, Android and iPhone

Now that you know what you require start your hunt for the most reputed developer, who will give you an app that will stand out amongst the list above and give them a run for their money. Make sure you have all the best features that they have and add a few of your own so that your app becomes unique and can easily compete with them. The time to launch your on demand taxi business using the best uber clone in Nigeria  is now, so don’t wait till it’s too late.

Delivering your Favorite Food at all Times Using Pizza Delivery App

The on-demand revolution has created lots of opportunities for entrepreneurs old and young, from all different backgrounds to try and create a successful venture. Some succeed, some fail, and some just plod along with the flow, just making enough for their daily bread and butter. The success or failure of an on-demand business greatly depends on the gap that you are trying to fill. Here, I will show you a gap that needs filling, and what’s more, this business is a sure success wherever you are located on the globe. The pizza delivery app will breach that gap and get you commissions galore for every pizza delivered through your app, day and night.It works whether you do or not.

Why the Uber for Pizza Delivery is the ideal Business for you

Pizza is consume the millions. It is available in all shapes, forms and fillings all over the world. Contained by both young and old and by people from all types of backgrounds and religions. There are global brands like Pizza Hut that are springing up everywhere to fill that pizza requirement in the globe. Whether it is a party or casual lunch, pizza is one food that you never go wrong and fill fit

Keeping this in mind, isn’t it the ideal time to start a pizza delivery service?Many people to eat a pizza at odd hours but simply do not have motivation to go out and get. People who are burning the midnight oil in the office tend to fancy a pizza, as do students. Some pregnant women fancy a pizza at awkward times too. That is where the money is in the pizza industry. When you invest in the app, you not only deliver pizzas during the normal hours, times and places but you go the extra mile to deliver pizzas at odd places and odd times.

For every pizza delivered you get to make a commission. The word “commission” may put you off, but think about how much you will make on a daily basis just providing a pizza delivery platform. Not bad going really for just providing a service, with no labour involved or even a major investment.

How the Pizza Delivery App Works

The app works as a mediator between the customer and the many pizzerias that are local to the customer. It offers the option of numerous pizzerias through a mobile application. Once a customer signs on to the app, he can easily check out the pizzerias that are in the vicinity, their menus, reviews, ratings and prices, and subsequently place the order. Once the order is confirmed, the pizzeria receives the order, and the delivery is handled by the restaurant couriers.

The delivery service is absolutely free for the customers.  When the order is delivered, the payment is automatically deducted from the customer’s payment card if that is the chosen method of payment. He can also opt to pay by cash to the courier on delivery. The customer can rate and review the service after he has enjoyed his pizza off course!

The pizza delivery app is ideal for people looking for a second income or even for those who want to earn without much effort and hard work. If you fit that bill then become a pizza appreneur today!

Secure your drivers, passengers and your business – Introduce safety features into your Uber like app

Taxi-hailing companies like Uber, Lyft. Ola and much more have always been in the news for some issue or the other.  The incidents reported worldwide show how unsafe these taxi-hailing companies have now become. We certainly believe that these companies entered the market and created a lot of other job vacancies for the people. But, what happens when we talk about safety and security from these people? News about molestation and killings of the drivers and the passengers has been over all the year round. That is why the need has now come up for being safe and secure from such incidents. With the thought of improving their security by Uber clone app features.

One of the incidents occurred at Atlanta when a person returning after watching a football match was reportedly stabbed that was preceded by a fight due to traffic-related matter. There were reports saying that the driver came aggressively towards the victim when he was in the crosswalk.

Another case was reported against driver as he struck and killed a motorcyclist in Miami while the person was driving. Yet another cab driver was arrested for molesting a Delhi airport manager while she boarded the cab. Not only are the passengers unsafe but there were incidents of drivers to be unsafe. There is news that come up about drivers being robe and then murder when they driving at secluded places. Such cases were register in Brazil and now in California. Due to such reports, many of the well-known taxi hailing companies had to come up with a method that would keep both the drivers and the passengers safe.

What was the solution?  Uber Clone!

With the number of molestation, rape complaints and killings on the rise, many of the Uber clone have now come up with various solutions for the safety of its passengers and drivers. And one such implementation has already done by adding “panic buttons” and that can track the cabs all time. This is the first ever safety measure that has been introduce in the world today.

When the button press an alert to the local police that sent indicating the rise of an emergency. The taxi uber clone app has come out with safety feature that will allow the users to share their details. These location details will sent to at least five friends and family members so that help is receive at earliest.

On Demand Taxi Business Goal

The ultimate goal is to make hailing rides the safest ones in the city as compared to the others. Since this feature has just release, necessary changes done as per transparency and accountability of a rider’s experience. User can now activate panic button with just single click in app.

This panic button will not only the riders safe but drivers also safe when they are driving in lonely areas. In case of emergencies like robberies, the drivers can just press this panic button to trigger an alarm to the police and the drivers near them.

Other Recommendation

On the other side, each of these taxi hailing companies has their own established local “Incident Response Teams” that will be available only to handle and respond to such incidents that have occurred. Incidents against a property or a person reported by riders will be handled and notifications will be given to the local police as and when the button is pressed.

The team has also ensured that they would assist some local law enforcement officers to handle such distress situations that have already undergone extensive training programmer by US safety experts and will be available 24×7. Considering the driver’s safety, these companies have also begun the process of installing these panic buttons in the vehicle’s dashboard to generate a distress alert when needed.

As a taxi business owner, it is important that you look out for the welfare of both drivers and passengers. These safety measures are the main reason why drivers sign up and passengers queue up for safer rides. If you want to gain the trust of both drivers and passengers and increase your clientele as well as the number of drivers then it is time to take that extra measure and secure your future, and that of the drivers and passengers too by getting your uber clone app customized such that they have security features.

A Business Venture – Uber for Snow Removal

The white blanket of snow mesmerizes people but the after work can get quite daunting. Imagine running late for work but your front door just refuses to open because it is jam due to last night’s heavy snowfall? How will you get to work? What about the aged people who cannot handle to remove the snow all by themselves? Understanding the difficulties faced by people in countries where the majority of the months experience snow, many companies have come up with an innovative app to make their life easy. People who live in countries like New York, Japan, US etc. are simply going to love this app that allows them to hire a snow removal expert just by few clicks on their smartphone. It will be great experience to see the removal of snow by the latest technology and making the least effort. Just download the Uber for snow plows app and you will be just one click away from clearing away that pile of snow that is on your front lawn.

How the SnowPlow Is Useful

The Snowplow one of the latest technologies, used for removing snow and ice where frequent snowfall has been observed. There is a long list of start-ups launching apps to get rid of this issue. Uber is among one of them.

In the era of the app, Uber is facilitating the removal of snow by just one click. Yes! You heard it correctly. Uber is now providing an app by which you can request for a snowplow operator to come to your door and help you to get rid of snow and ice. These snow plow operators are a boon for emergency vehicle services like ambulance, fire brigade, railways etc. It will help people in hilly areas as well to live an easy going life even in the winters.

How does Uber for Snow plows Works

Earlier, when the snow accumulated up to a certain height, horse-drawn wedge-plows were the first snowplows which removed the snow. Now, all thanks to this snow removal app, it is possible to clear snow easily and with the least manual effort. A snow removal expert is now just one click and he will be ready to remove the accumulated snow near your area.

Why go to for Uber snow removal app

The snow removing app is user-friendly and highly responsive. To get rid of the snow, all you have to do is download the app and fill the information they asked for. As soon as they receive the request, the snowplow company will send their snowplow for clearing the snow at the designated time and place.

Why use a bucket and shovel to remove the snow, whilst getting frostbite in the process? don’t you just enjoy the snowfall? Why do you always worry for the removal of snow after it accumulates? Enjoy the snow and opt for the most amazing technology to remove the snow.

A business venture

If you are living in an area where you think this technology would come in handy all you need to do is invest in the uber for snow plows and get it working for you so that every time it snows, your app is busy clearing away the snow whilst you make money from the commission that you will receive from every job. So let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! While you earn, earn and earn.

Chat System Between Rider And Driver with Upgrade Uber Clone

It is a known fact that users, both the driver and the passenger of the Uber clone app, could chat and message to each other once the driver accepted and confirmed the booking. However, that was not done automatically via the app – both have to use their personal airtime and chat facility to chat/message to each other. The same applied even when drivers had to make a call to the passenger.

This issue was identified as an unprofessional way of doing things despite fact that app offered efficiency and best service. Order to make the service even professional developers worked on this problem and we have an in app communication system.

This facility allows drivers to contact the rider in case of delays, like unexpected road closures or other mishaps or delays that may happen during the ride. Riders can also use facility to send chat message to drivers’ e.g. pickup point landmark or wardrobe description easy identification. This might be small things but all these minute details make a big impact on the overall riding experience.

How does this feature work on the uber clone app

He will see a “contact” button under the driver’s name on the pull-up menu at the bottom of the screen.  If the rider clicks on the contact button, he will have access to the chat facility. The rider will now be able to initiate a chat with the driver and vice versa.

This Uber clone chat system between rider and driver eliminates the need of awkward calls. Provides a simple and straight forward way for both parties to decide on the precise location of the pickup point.

Main advantage of this feature is that it allows the rider and the driver to communicate with each other safely. Even in places where text and voice tariff plans are not easily available.

Travellers who do not have a roaming network can now order rides without worrying about excess charges being incurre due to additional phone calls and text messages to communicate with the driver.

With this new feature, neither the driver nor the rider needs to exchange phone numbers.

Are you ready to add this feature?

If you are in the online taxi business or thinking of venturing into one, then the time is right to make that decision on whether you should have this brand new feature integrated into your uber clone app. It will provide you with the extra edge when riders decide which company to use when booking their taxi.

Planning to Develop an on demand service app for your business

Many businesses are thriving with the help of on demand service apps. These apps have become the engine of most of these businesses. It is very difficult for these businessmen to even think of what their lives were like before this wonderful piece of technology came along. The on demand industry is one that is moving in leaps and bounds and every entrepreneur and businessman wants to get on the on demand bandwagon. If you fall in this category then this is the time to make that very bold step and look into developing you very own on demand app, an app that will take you and your business to unimaginable heights.

According to the way the on demand industry is growing, it has been forecasted that there will be many industries that will adapt the on demand technology for efficient service delivery. This industry places a lot of emphasis on the prompt delivery of services, whether it is a doctor, tutor, housemaid, taxi or escort. Whatever industry you come from, you can rest assured that on demand apps will fulfill all your business requirements. All you need is a developer who will give you the app according to your business requirements and specifications.

The necessity of an on demand service apps

With the growth in technology along with the very thriving mobile industry, the question of viability as well as mobility is therefore taken out of the picture, therefore giving preference to mobile apps over other alternatives. The uber concept is the backbone of all on demand services. Uber has introduced the world to a faster and efficient way of providing services.

The characteristics that have made on demand service apps successful

  • Prompt and efficient service
  • Delivery at your doorstep
  • It is a concept that works for all products and services
  • Cost effective compared to traditional services
  • Complete transparency throughout the process
  • Time and energy saving concept

 Better Transparency using state of the art technology

To survive in this very competitive market it is imperative that you have the right technology. To get the best output for your business, you therefore need to choose the latest and reliable state of the art technology.  The technology selected should be able to provide flexibility, usability and most important, convenience to all its users.

Key Features of a successful on demand application

A thoroughly defined structure is the key to a successful well programmed and well managed app. The app should be simple and productive, such that it is able to provide prompt access to tools to do a set task.

Key features:

  • Search of products and/or service
  • Request product/service
  • Delivery scheduling
  • Automated payment for delivery
  • Wish and shopping lists
  • Ratings and review – an efficient and proactive feedback service
  • Notifications via text messages and calls in real time

For any app to survive, the above features and characteristics are important. In addition there should be other proactive features that will make your app stand out in the market and help to beat the cut-throat competition. It is therefore important that you have a basic knowledge on the features that you should implement in your app.

Registration – Before using any application, the first step would be to register on the app. Once registered, you can get access to the app. Registration can be done via your mobile phone. However added registration features like Social Media networks which include Facebook, Google and Twitter will make your app more accessible to the users.

Communication – This feature should be added to avoid any confusion between the users and the admin. Communication can be in the form of text messages, emails and chats.

Real time tracking – This is a feature that allows users to locate and track the service/product, using real time Geo location technology. Taxi apps have become popular because of this very feature.

Automated cashless payment system – The automated payment system is a Godsend for this app. It saves users from the embarrassment and the hassle of keeping loose money/wallet and maybe even losing cash. You can choose various methods of automated payment depending on what your preference is.

The above list highlights some of the main features. This list is not exhaustive but they are the main features that all on demand service apps have; the features that make these apps outstanding and successful.  For your business, make sure you do a thorough research on what features and functionalities will be required for your app for maximum revenue generation as well as efficiency in service/product delivery.

Instacart Clone easy Grocery Shopping

There was a time when we used to go for grocery shopping on a regular basis. Some liked to do it daily while some did it on a weekly basis. Going to a farmer’s market in the early morning for fresh produce was an experience in itself. Modern day pressures have made priorities change and hectic work sometimes leave very little time for personal chores. A decade ago it was hard to imagine that you could shop for everything from the comfort of your place. Smartphones were not that prevalent either. The advent of smart devices – brought everything into the palm of our hands. Now, when you don’t want to drive, you can order a cab with a few easy taps. Slowly, this way of servicing people’s daily or regular needs is gaining popularity and services are becoming app-based. The instacart clone is one such service that you can think of as an uber for grocery delivery.

Close your eyes and imagine that you are ordering groceries instead of a cab, and that is exactly how it all falls into place. Read on to know more…

From the Business Angle

Not only does the service benefit consumers, it is an excellent business opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. If you want to cash in on this wonderful chance to own a business of your own, follow four simple steps and you will be on your way to becoming an entrepreneur of the digital age:

  1. Browse around the different play stores to find such demo apps from a good app service provider and download these apps on your smart device to get a feel of how it will all work.

  2. Once you have decided the best app that suits all your needs, you can contact the app service provider to specify localization features like language and currency.

  3. Most app service providers will let you personalize the default app with your specific business branding, like your logo or company name or both.

  4. A good app service provider will take the entire hassle of getting the app approved by the authorities on all mobile platforms. Will launch it on your behalf.

Once you complete these steps, you start earning money right away from each grocery order placed through the app. The whole process is virtual and there is no physical setup involved. The only cost involved is to purchase the service of setting up the app. You won’t find an easier business opportunity than this.

From the Client Angle

When a client wants to order groceries, all he or she does is download the app and register with personal and payment details. Options to pay by cash or card are available in the instacart clone. Then they can browse an enormous digital aisle of grocery products from any store and choose to buy from more than one store. After selection, the store is notified and the customer receives one as well. The store’s delivery boy delivers the products and this progress can be tracked in real time through the app. On delivery, the amount is deducted from the registered payment card. The business owner then pays the store based on the prior agreement made.

Buy On Demand Doctor app for Android and iPhone

Doctors are the first and the last point of contact when it is related to health or life-threatening. Uber for doctors app is there to deal with such critical situations.  Although, we all have our own family doctors, think of a situation where you or your doctor is not able to reach each other at the right time.  At times like this, such apps are a blessing in disguise.

Think of a scenario when:

  • You are traveling with your friends and there is a sudden need of a doctor right in the middle of way. What will you do to get the doctor on an urgent basis?
  • When You are on a holiday trip and have come out to enjoy a walk and have covered a long distance and your partner slipped and got injured, you need a doctor what will you do?
  • If you are traveling by road on a motorway and you see an accident. The victims are in need of immediate medical help, what are you going to do?
  • Imagine a situation where you are alone and your body suddenly gets stiff to an extent. You are not in a position to move a single inch. The first point of contact in your mind would be a doctor who can provide you with immediate medical attention. What will you do?

There can be many other scenarios where one requires  immediate medical attention from a doctor. Just thinking on the lines of complications arising due to the lack of doctors, Uber came out with Uber for doctors.  This beautiful conceptual app is a true-life saver.

The app works as a mediator in arranging the service you need and in this case, it is a dr on demand app. The working of the app is very simple. The user supposed to install the app and log in. Then he/she can opt for the kind of treatment they want. Accordingly the list of specialized doctors in the nearby vicinity will be shown.

Based on availability and preference the user can select a doctor they want. Just consider the above-mentioned scenarios and you would see, that if you had an app like Uber for doctors then how easy and better it would be to deal with such critical situations on hand. Just a single tab on your phone can become a life-saving medium for you as well as others.

Is this a Venture you Might be Interested in?

Looking at the importance and benefits of on demand apps, many companies have come out with Dr on demand app clones that work on the same concept as Uber clone. Latest technology equipped to app. The best concept ever to provide the client with the best possible output in terms of social and monetary gains.

Anybody can start his or her business by investing a little in this intelligent app. You do not only earn from this app but also helping the ones who need help.

Get Beauty On Demand App Online

Why is the beauty on demand app effective?

As long as we have got lovely girls in the world, there is always going to be a demand for beauty services. Professionals who wish to create that additional effort for a client’s meeting, or a company party or other people, irrespective of their gender, who desire a bit of pampering, will just love your services. It is said that it’s rude to keep a girl waiting, therefore, offer them all these services on the go, all thanks to the on demand beauty app that is going to make your app super effective!

The 4 step policy of the StyleSeat Clone app

• Reach out to the companies that have the clone software and tell them your preferred currency and language and user interface
• Send their play store and server details
• App launched on your brand name
• Always test the app before release

It is as simple as that! The beauty app clone is really the easiest way to start your business.

Main features of beauty on demand app

Make the system work in your local currency

Let your system comply with your choice of languages

First hand view
People can easily find out about your saloon

Card or Cash
You have the flexibility of paying by cash or credit card

Track the service which is offered
Real time tracking for service offered

Book Now or Schedule the service
You can even book your clients or schedule their booking

Make sure you use the Promo codes
They are a number of promo codes for business people as well

Why is the Beauty On Demand app so in fashion

The on-demand development is catching on in many countries with varied start-ups evangelizing totally different niche services within the hyperlocal area. Right from grocery and maintenance man services to salons, everything in metro cities is currently accessible on-the-go.

Some statistics on similar apps

Because skilled ladies lead busy lives, some tend to like the idea of getting such services at home. Recent surveys have proved that the popularity of this market is growing and currently is valued at around USD 4.8 billion and it’s growing in many countries including Asian countries in particular.

Beauty and welfare trade is that the largest platform for start-up particularly for a mobile app, with endless opportunities. Moreover, On DemandBeauty and welfare trade consultants have additionally emerged with new technology by offering many beauty and welfare services on the go. According to the analysis of beauty and welfare consultants, it’s been ascertained that a girl pays or so 4k to 5k monthly on beauty and welfare. Girls in the hospitality industry would possibly spend slightly more.

However, the majority of operating girls prefers beauty and welfare services offered at their door step, owing to their busy schedule. Trade consultants estimate the value of the beauty and welfare markets to be around $5 billon and this figure is growing slowly.

This is the most happening business idea that is been going around now! Launching an app like Beauty on demand app is easy to pull up your socks and get ready to take your business to greater heights and all your dreams will come true.