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Sort out your laundry- The smart way of getting IT done

We all lead busy and stressful lives where weekend is the only solace for a little rest and peace but menial tasks such as laundry are pushed to the weekend thus leaving you with a week’s worth of dirty clothes to wash as well as iron.  Is your laundry becoming a hindrance to your weekend plans? Want to enjoy a day of rest and peace without worrying about doing your laundry? Well, Uber app for laundry is ready to help you with this menial task and make your life much easier.

Steps to use Uber for dry cleaning and laundry

Carrying the load of laundry and driving to the dry cleaners can be very tedious but with Uber this tedious job is made much simpler. You can use Uber for dry cleaning and laundry in these simple steps

  • Firstly download the Uber app for laundry in your smartphone; it is available in both iOS as well as Android software and then register your personal details such as name, location, debit card or credit card etc.
  • Based on your location Uber will initiate the process of connecting you to the nearest laundry service provider thus saving you the extra work of finding a reliable laundry service in your area
  • The app intimates the nearby Laundromats about the services you require and whoever take ups the job will show their availability and you can see their location in the app
  • Then the laundry is picked from your location and can review the service as well as see all the reviews given to Laundromat by their previous customers
  • The app allows you to communicate with Laundromat regarding what time you need the laundry delivered back and other such information.
  • After the job is done and your laundry is delivered back to you, then you can make the payment and rate the service provided to you.

Advantage of using the Uber app for laundry

Uber app for dry cleaning makes sure to use only professional and well rated Laundromats, which guarantee stellar as well as prompt service. Whatever the day or time, the app is ready to serve you 24 hours of the day, 365 days of the year regardless of any holidays.

This free to download app will use GPS to locate you thereby eliminating the hassle of telling your location to the driver and directing him/ her there. You need not worry about your costly clothes not getting the treatment they deserve, because the Laundromats registered on this app assure to handle your laundry with the utmost care.

You can also use Uber for dry cleaning, if that is what you require; all you need to do is inform the service provider beforehand. When you have a formal affair to attend and your clothes are not at their best then this app will help resolve your issue as soon as possible.

So what are you waiting for, immediately make your life much easier and hassle free by downloading Uber app for laundry and utilizing their service.

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