Carpooling is though good to adopt there are many things a carpool user always ponder and the car-sharing script has successfully given the answer of all. This is why many business lovers have bought the car-sharing script.

What’s going on in carpooling users mind?

Of course what else I cannot predict (and I should not even), but as far as the carpooling is concerned there can be some dilemma which the user might face

  • I don’t know “English”; can I still use the carpooling clone?

    Generally, the website contents are set in English which is the standard language across the world. But, this doesn’t mean that just because you are not aware of the language you should get devoid of using the site. The script supports many languages.

    I am new to the “website“ stuff, is it easy?

    The site is create keeping in mind every age group as well for all kind of people. It has a very easy to use layout and everything is position well in the site. Even for the people who do not know how to complete the entire process of the carpooling, there is a demo the information about the same.

  • Is the site time consuming one?

    Not at all! The site comprises of a very simple registration process which has many other options like social media, mail integration. Hence you can register using such stuff also. Every time you want to use the site just log in using your credentials or other means like Facebook and start using the site.

  • Is there some way I can get information about the person I am going to travel with?

    For most of the people, this is a prime thing to know. Of course, it should be. Without using carpool website, the threats of carpooling are more than using the website. With the Ridesharing script you can get many benefits:

  • View the profile: You can see the person with whom you are going to travel. You can assure the details to a great extent.
  • See the ratings and comments

    With the carpooling clone, you can also view the ratings which can give you the idea that how feasible it is to travel with that person.

    Apart there is also a provision in the site through which you can do internal message with the traveler. For instance, you have fixed the ride timing to 10 am. But due to some inconvenient circumstance you have to delay or forward the ride timing, you can message the car ride requester about the same.

  • I don’t want to allow any smoking or other such activities in my car. Possible?

    Don’t worry! The script also has the specifications for the same. You can mark your criteria easily which are already provided in the car. So get relieved and specify all the conditions you want while entering the details for the car ride.

car sharing script

Now I can read your mind that you cannot resist yourself from buying the car-sharing script, isn’t it?