They say every cloud has a silver lining to it. In other words, when there is something bad one must make sure to never lose positivity. This is what Anand Mahindra, the Mahindra Group owner also makes sure to do every time he posts a tweet. Through the tweets he makes, he always captures and wins the hearts of millions world over and this time as well he made sure to do the same drawing new light on the deadly virus from Wuhan, China. Yes, Coronavirus. 

Here’s what the tweet said. 

The crisis will pass but it’s making the world press a permanent ‘Reset’ button. He said that with this outbreak, there will be four things happening. 

Four Positive Points Drawn by Anand Mahindra from Coronavirus

  1. Leverage the number of people who work from home
  2. Increase the number of digital/virtual conferences
  3. Increase video calls thereby reducing the number of people going from one place to another for meetings thereby reducing fuel emission to a great extent
  4. Reduce air travels to a great extent thereby making the world a green place

So, what does V3Cube do here? Well, we at V3Cube work strongly with the motto that health is wealth and our client is our asset and priority. 

Therefore, if you are somewhere where this deadly virus has seen an outbreak and you wish to work with us but finding it difficult to travel, don’t worry, you can still work with us. 

Here’s how. 

Doing Business with Us at V3Cube despite Coronavirus

Say for example, it is difficult for you to come to visit us at our Development Centre in Ahmedabad due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, don’t worry, you can still do business and work with us. 

All you need to do is contact us through a call, send us an email or skype us directly. Most of the work we do with our clients is mostly through these three mediums. 

Also, if you let us know by email, a call or a video call, what you need and the kind of requirements your business needs, we will make sure to send you by email a live demo of the same along with a licensed source code thereby providing you the freedom as well as the feasibility to run your business irrespective of the place you are living in without even having to visit us physically at our development centre. 

Thus, your health shall remain at the best and we will make sure that you can work with utmost ease as well as convenience. So, irrespective of the outbreak of this deadly virus, we sincerely hope that you, our esteemed and valued clients and your health are kept at the priority while you set out on the journey to doing business with us at V3Cube despite coronavirus.

Kindly maintain safe precautionary measures and keep yourself guarded from this deadly illness, Coronavirus by keeping your hands sanitized and clean as well as avoiding touch with those infected with the illness. Also, ensure you avoid travelling to the places that are struck with the deadly virus so as to keep yourself as well as your loved ones strictly guarded from it as well.