minicab booking app the UK

If you need an amazing taxi service in the UK, you don’t need to go to a taxi stop or roam here and there to hire a taxi.  You just have to make a request on Cabubble clone app and a classy taxi will arrive at your doorstep to make you reach your destination quickly and safely. You are free to sit at the back or front according to your choice. The taxi driver has the right to deny the job of the customer if he/she is under the influence of alcohol or any type of drugs.

Benefits of using Cabubble clone app

  • It saves your time: If you have to book a taxi by searching or visiting different taxi stops or standing on the road and looking for it then it kills your valuable time. By getting Cabubble clone app one can easily book a fantastic taxi without wasting their time. It also removes the hassle of calling on the taxi company numbers and asking them whether the service is available or not.
  • It calculates fare: This amazing app takes guarantee of providing you with the best deal as the local taxi company may not provide you with the cheapest price and attractive service.
  • Professional drivers: This awesome app offers customers with professional and polite drivers who treat their customers in a very well manner. The drivers are also aware of the traffic and the routes of the city.
Cabubble app clone

Some categories of the vehicles that Cabubble clone app offer are mentioned below-

  • Saloon: It includes the vehicle type like VW Passat, Toyota 
  • Estate: This type of category consists of the vehicle like Hyundai, VW or similar
  • MPV: VW Sharan, Ford Galaxy or similar vehicle comes in this category
  • Executive: BMW 5 series, E class Mercedes or similar vehicles are there in this category.
  • 8 seater: Renault Traffic, Mercedes Viano or similar kind of vehicles falls under this category of vehicle.

Working of minicab booking app

The working of Cabubble clone app is very easy and simple. Follow the following steps to use this wonderful app without any hassle-

  • Download the Cabubble clone app from the Android play store or iOS store.
  • Make registration on the app by providing your email address, phone number or any social media ID such as Facebook, Linkedin etc. If you are already a registered user then make a login into the app by providing your user name and password. 
  • Select your location and destination
  • Choose the time and date to take the trip and also provide the number of passengers, and any luggage.
  • Choose the car by checking the price, car type and ratings given in the app.
  • After selecting the service you can pay the bill with cash, debit card or credit card.
  • Provide your valuable reviews based on your experience.

If you are planning to devise a wonderful business which can give a tough competition in the market right from the beginning then going with Cabubble app clone is the best option which will undoubtedly make you earn handsome amount of profit.