Transdermal Drugs: The Only Solution For Skin Injuries

It will be wrong if we say “The medication for skin infection and disease have not been discovered until yet”. There are many medicines out there in the market that in use for different skin treatments. Hundreds of ointments are available for skin burn treatment. Transdermal medicines come in different form i.e. gel, cream, ointments, pastes as well as poultices. But all of these were produced for contemporary effects. They do not effect instantly on any skin. These are the medicines which are only made for external use only. If taken internally, it can result in the negative effect on the body.

In 1979, the first transdermal medicine chemical was discovered and was approved by the Food and Drug Administration. After the approval, it was still tested for 13 years and in 1991 was finally introduced only to remove nicotine patches. After that, many other gel and ointments came out on the market via different pharmacy companies for different skin issues.

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Some are less effective and some deliver good results. Usually, it depends on the type of skin. If transdermal medicine suits on the skin, it will show positive effects very soon. Or else, it won’t be resulting anything or may affect negatively. But now, pharmaceutical companies give proper care while making each and every medicine. Before launching an application in a market, they are been tested regularly through different methods. Transdermal medicines are quite different from other medicines. Actually, they are neither in solid nor in pure liquid form. Their physical state is very flexible and even requires some room temperature for storing.


In the human body, skin is the only largest organ. It protects all the other organs inside the human body. Skin covers the bones and ligaments and even prevents any molecules to penetrate inside. Every Human skin is collectively made up of three layers:

  • Epidermis: 

It’s an outer layer skin that contains 20% of human body water. This layer of skin keeps away all the contaminated things approaching human organs. The epidermis is the only medium for any transdermal medicine pass. If medicine passes easily through this layer of skin, the injury will be back to normal very soon.


  • Dermis:  

Well, it is a mid layer of the human skin. Dermis holds all the gland pores and irregular connectivity of tissues in the human body. It’s a very thin layer of skin that connects blood vessels, sweat glands and many other tiny organ parts to the skin


  • Hypodermis:

This skin layer is the deepest one as it is mainly for fat storage. It holds the layer of tissues that are somehow connected to each other. The hypodermis is filled with lobules fat and loose tissues.

Now, you may have understood that why transdermal medicines are the only option for skin diseases or injuries. Human skin is one of the most sensitive parts in the whole body. No other medicine will be able to go through it. No human skin absorbs tablet or capsule or any other powder. The only form of medicine left is transdermal drugs. These medicines invented just for human skin as it can only absorb gel or creams formation elements.

After all, skin varies from human to human. Every human being has a different skin type. Some have fat skin and some have thin skin. Many have dark skin due tone due to a large amount of melanin and many have fair just because they have less melanin. The people whose skin is fat, transdermal medicine can take time to react. But those who have thin skin layer have an advantage as the medicine can show its effect early.
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Well, medicines are the need for every single person living on earth. Medicines are exported to every corner of the world due to the increase in diseases. If you have an offline medical shop then consider switching to online medical store through ZocDoc clone app. An app that can help you to deliver medicines to your customer’s doorsteps.

How a Doctor Appointment Booking App can help Doctors and Patients?

ZocDoc clone app is an online doctor appointment booking app for the patients. It is a unique solution where patients can submit all their information in one place. A platform from where patients can contact doctors and can make direct appointments.

Days are gone when patients have to wait for an hour in line to get an appointment with a doctor but it is just a matter of few taps now. This automated is developed for medical practices where doctors can reach their patients in real-time.

Doctor Appointment Booking App

This app not only aims to be used by doctors but Hospitals, clinics as well as health institutes can use it too. However, to provide better services, apps should be able to apply accurate information for the patients. Therefore, patients can select and can set up appointments within the app itself.

Doctors can give a medical appointment to the patients with assurance and round the clock with some simple tips from their mobile.

Let us look at the benefits that a doctor and a patient can achieve through ZocDoc Clone Script.

  • Secure Communication

ZocDoc clone app acts as a single piece of information by providing every medical record regarding the patient. The discussion between the doctor & the patient is secure through encryption and ensuring compliance too.

  • Scheduling Appointment

Most of the time it happens that a patient misses scheduling an appointment with the doctor. This delay can lead irregular health care service by the doctor. However, with doctor appointment booking app, the patient can directly book an appointment with their smart devices.

Same with the organization that provides medical services can use ZocDoc clone app to manage hospital staff scheduling and allocating task to their employees.

  • Easy Sharing

Mobile apps for specialists have empowered patients and medicinal services experts to ‘share test results’ easily and comfortably. Once the tests are finished and the outcomes are out, doctors can just push the patient’s test results to their wellbeing records. Which can be retrieved, through multiple health portals or cell phones. This saves the patients’ time, as for the most part they need an exceptional appointment to check their lab results.

  • Recorded Consultation

Recording communication amongst patient and doctor comes helpful when dealing with a patient who has a hearing issue. Mobile applications worked for medicinal services can empower the patient to record and store voice discussions with their doctor. It likewise helps in making an interpretation of the discussion to a language more appropriate for the patient.

Why Mobile Apps for Medical Health Care are Important…?

Nevertheless, not these advanced intercessions are fruitful. Numerous mobile apps are not satisfying patient’s expectations because of poor user experience, confusing UIs, and inadmissible functionality. To make a remarkable mobile app for patient’s health care. It is essential to know where medical app development has flopped up until now.

The development of important solutions that are worth and are reliable, and in addition consistent with the law, is a basic step in the selection of medical apps among patients and care suppliers.

The basic purpose of any kind of mobile app is to ensure that it makes the life of people much easier. It has to empower the people to live a better life with improved quality and a much better accessibility of medical facilities.

Although it can be a daunting task to find the best app for yourself, if you are an entrepreneur and have been interested in entering the digital space with an app of your own, it might be a good idea to venture into the domains of the ZocDoc clone.

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The demand for doctor appointment booking apps is increasing every day. As doctors and other medical health service providers are understanding the benefits of these apps. With the help of this technological development and ambitious interest in the medical healthcare marketplace, the more mobile apps for a doctor as well as for patients will take place. Through this, we can have a better healthcare solution for the future and a better life for a new generation.

On Demand Doctor App for instant Treatment

No one really likes to fall ill but we all do at some point in time. Matters become worse when we cannot get a doctor’s appointment immediately. That means that your illness is lengthened. You need to take many off sick days and depending on the type of ailment, there may be other issues that will arise due to the lack of immediate treatment.  If we want to see a doctor urgently to avoid being absent from work or school if it is the children who are will, we usually end up in the Emergency Room at the nearest hospital. That means a wait depending on the gravity of your illness. All this is now coming to an end, thanks to Uber for doctors.

uber for doctors

What is uber for doctors?

It is an on demand doctor app that allows patients to seek medical help immediately at a venue of their choices. In short, we are going back to the time when doctors made home visits. Only in this case we use smart technology to summon and choose a doctor.

Doctors registered on the app can usually treat illnesses like flu, conjunctivitis, fever, urinary tract infections, migraines, allergies, antenatal checkups, postnatal checkups and similar minor illnesses that do not require laboratory tests, hospital admittance or the operating theater. The only thing you need to do is to download the app on your smartphone.

How it works

Once you have downloaded the app, you need to register on it. Add your personal details, including details of your payment card. Once registered, you can use the app anytime you feel ill. The app provides a facility whereby once you input details of your illness. Then you will be able to see the huge number of doctors who are local to you and can treat your illness. You can go through their credentials and profiles before selecting the one you think is most suited to treat you. You also have a choice of male or female doctors.

The selected doctor will come to your premise on demand or at a time that you have requested and treat you. On completing the visit, he will indicate on the app that the treatment has been completed. Thus, the payment will be automatically deducted from your payment card.

If you are happy or unhappy, with the service as the case may be sometimes, the ratings and reviews facility allows you to provide voice your thoughts about the doctor and his service.

Advantages of on demand doctor apps

These apps will lessen the burden on the Casualty Departments of all hospitals. It ensures that people with chronic health issues are tended to properly at the hospital. It is a great way of treating patients who really do not need in office care. Young kids usually fall in this category as they are prone to have the same infection over and over again or seasonal flus that just need an antihistamine or a jab. It also helps to save time as far as both parties are concerned.

The very lucrative Doctor on demand business

If you are on the lookout for a quick way of making a few bucks then this app is ideal for you. All you need to do is make an investment on the app, get it customized according to your geographical location and requirements and away you go. For every patient treated through your app, you get a percentage commission. Think of how many people fall ill every day against the number of commissions you stand to gain. Isn’t that enough reason to get your uber for doctors app today and go into the noble business of helping to treat people quickly?

Buy On Demand Doctor app for Android and iPhone

Doctors are the first and the last point of contact when it is related to health or life-threatening. Uber for doctors app is there to deal with such critical situations.  Although, we all have our own family doctors, think of a situation where you or your doctor is not able to reach each other at the right time.  At times like this, such apps are a blessing in disguise.

uber for doctors

Think of a scenario when:

  • You are traveling with your friends and there is a sudden need for a doctor right in the middle of the way. What will you do to get the doctor on an urgent basis?
  • When You are on a holiday trip and have come out to enjoy a walk and have covered a long distance and your partner slipped and got injured, you need a doctor what will you do?
  • If you are traveling by road on a motorway and you see an accident. The victims are in need of immediate medical help, what are you going to do?
  • Imagine a situation where you are alone and your body suddenly gets stiff to an extent. You are not in a position to move a single inch. The first point of contact in your mind would be a doctor who can provide you with immediate medical attention. What will you do?

There can be many other scenarios where one requires immediate medical attention from a doctor. Just thinking on the lines of complications arising due to the lack of doctors, Uber came out with Uber for doctors.  This beautiful conceptual app is a true lifesaver.

The app works as a mediator in arranging the service you need and in this case, it is a dr on demand app. The working of the app is very simple. The user supposed to install the app and log in. Then he/she can opt for the kind of treatment they want. Accordingly, the list of specialized doctors in the nearby vicinity will be shown.

Based on availability and preference the user can select a doctor they want. Just consider the above-mentioned scenarios and you would see, that if you had an app like Uber for doctors then how easy and better it would be to deal with such critical situations on hand. Just a single tab on your phone can become a life-saving medium for you as well as others.

Is this a Venture you Might be Interested in?

Looking at the importance and benefits of on demand apps, many companies have come out with Dr on demand app clones that work on the same concept as Uber clone. Latest technology equipped to an app. The best concept ever to provide the client with the best possible output in terms of social and monetary gains.

Anybody can start his or her business by investing a little in this intelligent app. You do not only earn from this app but also helping the ones who need help.

Uber for Doctors – Get instant Relief

With technology taking the world in its tides, has not only change the way people do business today but has completely transformed the thought process of an individual irrespective of his age or gender. With the world going the Uber way, driving the on-demand services to the next level making anything and everything available at your doorsteps, that too with the tap of your finger has given birth to the availability of doctors on demand services as well through the doctor on demand app.

Among the Doctors on Demand services, the prevailing service models are the first-hand primary health care services and concierge services. These service models in medical practices are the growing trend in today’s society.

doctor on demand app

The concierge health care services are no longer the perks of rich people anymore, it’s a growing popularity.  What has happened here is that most of the people are tired of having to wait for long hours, some time days and sometimes weeks to visit their healthcare doctor at times when they are not well or when they want medical advice.

Sometimes even for a routine physical check-up, people have to wait for a long time. Once they manage to get a visit, it is often rushed quickly and more like completing a formality by noting down the facts to rush on to the next patient.

The doctors who offer concierge services or are associated with it are able to give more time to their patient as they have limited patients and often don’t take any more on board until some patient leaves. Concierge service doctor in return charges your insurance company for the visits made and charges a hefty membership fee. Whereas the doctors associated with first-hand primary health services charge you a small membership fee and you don’t have to worry about how much of the bill be covered by your insurance company.

The primary reason for on demand services in the medical profession is due to the shortfall of timely access and after hour availability in health care services. This has given birth to uber for doctors clone where seeing a doctor becomes effortless and very convenient.  You don’t have to take the day off work to see the doctor. Instead, you can book him through the on demand doctor app from anywhere at any time.

The Uber for doctors app has redesigned the primary health care of an individual to give comfort and convenience. You can request for a

  • Home visit consultation
  • Telephonic consultation
  • Arrange a consultation with a family member

You can track your doctor through the app via Google Maps and via the patient health records. You can view the summary of your visit.

How does the Doctor on demand app work

It is quite simple – just download the app after registering and providing the mandatory information. If you register as a doctor your screen will have all the information required to accept and carry out the request. On the other hand, if you register as a patient and want to make a request for relevant medical services than your screen will ask you to choose the service you require from the doctor. You can even browse online via the app to select the doctor you prefer.

The doctor on demand app allows you to connect with the medical doctor. It facilitates the booking and cancellation of an appointment from anywhere and at any time. It also allows you to send quick messages for comfort and convenience.

Doctor on demand app features

Access to Multiple Locations

Via the app, the user can book an appointment for close friend or family from a different to a different location.

Identification of the caller

As a user, you can view the caller’s details and his locations.  It makes easy for you to make a call on accepting a job

Exporting the Report data

Admin can retrieve all the report analyzes data in an excel sheet. So, as to cross verify the data to receive payments.

Graphical representation of the status of job and payment

since the user has several clients it is sometimes difficult to keep a track of job status and payment. To ease the problem the graphical representation of the status is provided by the app to avoid complications or error.

Payment by card

By using the credit or debit card, a patient can complete the payment process.

Live to track

a user can view the current location of a client making it easy for the client to reach the location in time.

With this uber for doctors app, a patient can get an instant treatment from a trusted medical practitioner. Even as a business owner you get your money instantly once the doctor finishes his task.

Patient, you can easily look for the services you require to place a request for a doctor thru single click. The app also helps to look for a suitably qualified medical professional among the listed doctors with their profile making it easier for you to make a selection.

Do not worry if the patient aged and requires immediate attention and may not travel. Use the doctor on demand app and find an available doctor in the vicinity willing to get you the immediate help with just a tap of your finger.