How can apps pave the way for finding the perfect professional escort

When the digital wave hit us, it hit us pretty hard. There was a certain skepticism regarding it initially. people were wondering if its fate was going to be similar to that of the dot com bubble. However, this was stronger and it was here to stay. As the usage of smart phones has increased at a global level, so has the dependence of a common person. We rush to our smart phones for just about everything. Whether we want to order some food or we want to see the doctor. Everything is manageable just with the help of a few clicks on your smart phone.

app for professional escort

When everything is getting “Appyfied”, why should sex linger far behind. I knew this was going to happen sooner or later, but I wasn’t quite sure how on demand sex apps could work. I’ve come to realize that some of the most creative brains of the tech world have brought forth a unique and interesting concept to make accessing pleasure a walk in the park.

Professional escort companion apps

These apps are similar to your normal taxi apps. Just like booking an Uber, say. You log on to the  app, choose whether you want straight, gay, lady boy, she male etc. After this, add extras to the service, just like ordering a salad, extra anal please. Also, throw in a little blowjob as well. Prices are added as you add your extras.

Choose the person you like from the gallery of profiles for each candidate (this includes ratings and stuff). Once you are done choosing, just let them know the time and place and viola, you’ve just booked yourself some good time!

Is it really viable an option?

In fact it seems to be such an easy viable option, I wonder why it wasn’t thought sooner. The app to find a professional escort makes things so much easier. It’s a safe option and the clarity of choice and transparency in what all and what not either parties are willing to do makes little or no room for unwanted surprises.

What’s more, the app allows the two parties to back out whenever they choose to. This means that the on demand prostitute offering her service can also choose to decline the request of her client. This not only gives more power to the sex worker, but ensures that no party is left doing something that they did not agree for in the first place.

Viability stems from monetary transactions. The industry of buying and selling sexual pleasure has mostly been thriving on cash. People prefer anonymity and are willing to just settle with cash. But the problem with cash is, that it becomes very easy to manipulate, lie and take advantage of no clear written amount. So, it is possible that the client can cheat and pay less than agreed. Or, the hooker chooses to up his or her rate without notice and gets the better of the client. I mean, really, who’s gonna resist when in a naked state?

This is why turning it into an app ensures that the monetary value has been per-assigned. no one cheats no one. The service was agreed upon, the prices were mentioned clearly and additional charges for the additional services asked for were also levied right in the beginning. This leaves no chance for any bargaining, or haggling when the task is actually at hand.

Who can own this kind of a business?

Practically anyone who has a little money to invest can venture in this direction. See, the first thing to understand here is that this app does not require its owner to be a part of anything. It is merely a platform for the service provider and the interested client to get in touch and take it further.

Metaphorically speaking, think of this app as a coffee shop. People come, sit, meet, eat cookies, drink coffee, go home. The coffee shop isn’t responsible for what these people talk about or do. He simply gets paid for allowing these people to sit in his house and connect. That’s exactly how and why you will get paid. You get paid for enabling the smooth transaction.

Should you go for it or not is completely your call, but this industry seems to one of the richest industry in the world. Lots of money involved here guys, no harm in researching it for a bit and taking a call!

Uber for prostitutes is a promising step towards safer sex work

Sex has been a requirement for every form of life. Even before Eve had the infamous “forbidden Apple” of knowledge, she knew that her most basic elemental need was sex. Just like hunger and thirst, sex is a phenomenon that the world is going on by. Animals have sex, insects have sex, birds have sex and some species of plants too.

However, I really don’t understand how and when sex became a taboo. People have started associating sex with virtues. However, that wasn’t always the case. Our cave men enjoyed sex whenever they liked too. But they were uncouth people. Violence was their only solution to things. Although mankind today has become more intelligent than its ancestors, the aspect of violence towards sex workers hasn’t completely gone.

uber for escorts

Discrimination in the society

There is no doubt about the fact that there is a tremendous amount of discrimination towards sex workers. Even in countries where offering sexual services is completely legal, the underlying social discrimination can always be sensed. In a sharp contrast to places where sex workers aren’t even allowed to have their own bank account, “Uber for Prostitutes” or Uber for Gentlemen Companion is ushering in a new era of infinite awareness and acceptability. While many argue that offering services isn’t particularly a very moral business, entrepreneurs have begun asking, “why not?’.

The internet and its role in sexual liberation

Since its inception, the internet has been quite the library for any and all kinds of sexual gratification. Whether it is porn, or erotica, or even going to Craigslist to find an intimacy partner, it has been there. But until now, not too many people thought about digitizing it with an Uber for Gentlemen Companion app. Prostitution is an industry which is very prone to violence at every level. Not just the clients, sex workers have confessed that their pimps would also beat them to ‘get them in line’. Even the police are known to trouble them because they don’t have a safe platform to operate from.

Having an app changes all of that. Almost everyone has access to smart phones these days. Arming these phones with an on demand sexual gratification service makes it much more accessible and a thousand times safer for both parties.

How does the app like Uber for Gentlemen Companion work?

Working the street is almost cruel. This app allows the clients to get in touch with the service provider without him or her having to parade themselves in less than dignified conditions. Users can simply log into the app and choose their preference from straight women, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, fetishists and get a list of prostitutes offering such services. Then he or she can window shop across the profiles of these candidates and choose the one that they like the most. Sending out a request gives the prostitute an option of either accepting the request or rejecting it. Whoever accepts the request gets the job.

Money talks

At the risk of sounding blatant, I’ll just go ahead and say that making such an app has not only brought a certain degree of respect to the service offered (regardless of whether it is intimate or simply getting a paid date), these apps are making financial aspect of this being an unorganized sector very easy. I mean, imagine the kind of revenue the government can make if these apps hit off.

Let’s just call it an uber for Adult entertainment as a legitimate business can be so beneficial to the country’s income owing to the service taxes and any other kind of tax that any kid of business is subjected to. This app can completely replace any pimp involved. I don’t want to sound crass but the app IS the new PIMP. It helps you find your clients and does the financials. It also makes sure that both parties are not cheated or offered anything that they do not agree to or won’t be willingly indulging in.

On the whole, this seems like a pretty nice concept to me. If there is a company that can offer an app like Uber for Gentlemen Companion and iron out the creases, I think, we have the makings of the next big digital superhero on its heels!

Dreaming of a Romantic Dating on this Valentine’s Day? Click Uber for Escorts App

The day when all the lovebirds pledge their undying love for each other will soon be upon us. Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world by people who have someone to share their life with or are in a relationship. This day is also for those who are looking for a relationship to ward off the loneliness in their lives. More often than not singles always find someone to ask them “Will you be my Valentine?”. However, this is not always the case.

There are many in this world who are unlucky in love and have not met someone. Maybe they have and it has not worked out for them. Or maybe they are still on the lookout for Mr. or Ms. Right. However to find that right person is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

uber for escorts

Uber for Escorts app helping you to Enjoy these  Valentine’s Day find that perfect date

Since it is difficult to find the right person for you, Uber for dating apps has made this easier. All the singles register on this app with details of what they are looking for in their ideal date.  If you are a singleton and want to find that right person you need to download the app and register on it with your personal details. They will also need to upload their picture along with details of their likes and dislikes as well as hobbies. You then need to log into the app and input details of the type of person you are looking for.

For that, you need to enter whether you want a male or a female, age category, date and time you want the date for. You also need to specify whether your requirement is for a date who is single, divorced, single parent etc. Once all the criteria have been set, the system will vet out the relevant dates and the user will be able to see their basic profiles on the screen. If the user wishes to check out a profile further, like look at the pictures, or view their contact details they will have to pay for the service. This payment will automatically be deducted from the user’s payment card, the one he used for payment purposes when he registered.

Now that the user has access to the various profiles he/she can easily select their dream date and have a perfect Valentine Date, with the full works – roses, chocolates, champagne etc.

Help find love this Valentine

If you are looking for a new startup then the on-demand dating uber for escorts app is ideal for you at this time of the year. All the singletons will be on the lookout for that perfect date this Valentine and thus the season to strike is now.

on demand escort app

This app is not only for Valentine’s Day. Users can find dates whenever they want, maybe for a casual meet up or just to have coffee.

Think of a unique idea for your dating app and get a developer to give you the app of your dreams. Earning has never been so easy since the dating industry is one of the largest in the world. You can also get a Tinder clone if you want. Just speak to a developer and get your app today. After all, it is only a few days to Valentine and you do not want to miss the opportunity to make the most of your uber for escorts app !

The Smart Way with Escorts On Demand App

Technology has advanced so fast that it would fair to say that these days everything is available just by using your smart phone, or rather by apps, to be more precise. We use apps for everything, be it personal training, diet advice or even booking a flight. That is why appreneurship is the business of the hour. One app that is discretely making its mark in the world of apps is the escorts on demand app. An app that uses smart technology to give users the best escorting experience and owners a meal ticket for life.

Such apps operate on Uber on demand technology and provide all the users with that perfect seamless synchronization of the service that the on demand concept is so popular for.

escorts on demand app

Features that make the App outstanding

This product actually comes as a package of three – the escort app, the client app and the admin panel. For a perfect service it is important that the escort app and the client app work in synchronized harmony.

The admin panel is where everything begins and ends. The admin who is also the app owner has overall authority of how the app will work, decide on the customizations that he wants, vet and register the escorts, decide on how much commission he will charge and manage the finances among other things.

They will also set the rate for every escort depending on their individual skills, or he may decide to set the rates at his discretion as he knows his business best.

The uber for escort app allows the escort to register him/her self and once he/she is authorized by the admin then they can start working by updating their availability status on the app.  Once authorized, the escort can upload their details like age, sex, a brief synopsis about themselves and a photo so that any client looking for an escort can decide who is best suited for the service. The escort can also monitor bookings through it as well as get a history of all bookings.

The client panel allows the client to register themselves on the app with their personal details. At this instance the details of their payment card need to be registered too.

The client and escort on demand app both have the facility to rate and review each other after the service has been delivered. This feature is especially helpful to the admin as he can segregate the professionals from the non professionals and keep only the best escorts on his payroll to further his business.


Many entrepreneurs are looking for such apps as they provide a quick and easy way to make money. For anyone interested, it is important that you get the best deal. There are many developers who will provide the app at a very reasonable price. Along with the escorts on demand app, you also get the following support from them:

  1. Free configuration, installation and launch on your web server and app stores.
  2. They will launch the system for you in just three days
  3. Complete technical support throughout the process
  4. A lifetime license that will prevent your product from theft and plagiarism.
  5. Your own personal white labeled solution with your brand and logo on the product
  6. Free support for minor bugs, throughout the year.
  7. A free addition of any language and currency of your choice.
  8. A lifetime extended license for one domain

If you want your app customized in any way to suit the way you want to run your online escort agency that can be done too at a nominal charge. To get the best deal in terms of finance, features and after sales support it is best to research and shop around before buying  escorts on demand app.