Massage On Demand App – Relax your Body

It is a stressful life that we lead these days. Fast food, fast cars, and fast living! No wonder people of today get stressed out so fast. There is only so much you can handle. And stress causes health problems like nothing else. You find yourself on the way to the doctor for health issues that you never thought you would have. Why? All because of stress! The Uber for Massage app is the answer to all stress related problems that people have.

on demand massage app

The Way it Works with Uber for Massage

Anyone looking for massage just needs to download this app on their smart phone and register themselves, by providing personal details and payment information. This is a one-time activity. After that it is a simple matter of logging on to the app, selecting the type of massage, date, time and venue, and the gender specification. The app displays available massage therapists and the customer can check out their profiles before selecting one. Once the booking is confirmed, the massage therapist receives the details of the customer on his or her device.

The massage therapist visits the client at the specified venue and gives the massage. A timer on the app records the duration of the massage and on completion, the payment is deducted from the card that the customer provided at the time of registration. Both the customer and the therapist can provide feedback for each other through the app.

As an entrepreneur, you can get a commission on each massage successfully completed.

Why an On Demand Massage App?

Aches and pains are almost a way of life and the need for on-demand massages is on the rise. At the same time, most people complain of the lack of time to go for massages. You get a business that requires minimal setup and investment and your clients get to avail nice relaxing massages at their own convenience. You stand to earn a nice amount of money from providing massages and your clients get their massage. It is a win-win situation for everyone. So find an app service provider and get going!

On that note..

Uber for Massage app setup is nice and simple with the right service provider. Once you have decided that you want to invest in an app of your own, you need to download and test the app, tell your service provider the preferred language and currency, provide server and branding details and your app is launched your service provider.

You can solve all your clients’ stress related worries by providing them with the massage they need. At your end, you get a nice and easy business which earns money massage by massage. Nothing is easier than just downloading the app on a smart device, registering and then selecting the massage therapist of choice. You will be giving your clients the option to pay for massage using cash or card so that they the freedom of choice.

The entire hassle of setting up the app and deploying it is in the hands of the service provider and all you need to do is let them know your specific requirements, and they do all the hard work.

Just think of the amount of hassle you would need to face if you wanted to open your own massage parlour and opt for the smart choice – an on demand massaging app that you can set up, after trying and testing it out. It is the smart choice for the entrepreneur of the 21st century to make. And you are doing your own bit towards reducing global stress levels. Get an on demand uber for massage app up and running!

Beauty beckons! Start your on demand massage app with expert services

To fix appointment for massage service is a cumbersome process. One needs to evaluate a list of massage services provider at nearby locations to make a call to fix an appointment. Frustration level can rise up if you don’t get appointment. The process repeats again for the end user in trying various other alternatives. For the services provider, you lose customers as you are unable to manage your availability quite instantly. A solution to both of the personas is quite readily available with the on demand massage app!

The quick time to the market solution will launch the massage service provider only in just about 48 hours and you can receive requests, manage appointments and transact easily over the online channel using the very versatile uber for massage app.

on demand massage app

Let’s delve deeper on how this app works. If you are a spa services provider to venture online to customers, here is one-stop solution.

Application Services for customer and service provider

  • End customers can search for massage service providers at their locality of choice – location based services are the key highlight!
  • End customers can research the best provider using the reviews present on the Uber massage system
  • The Uber for Massage app will enable the end customers to fix appointments for their massage services using the options in the app
  • Massage service provider can manage the received requests and take the services to a completion. This process involves SMS notifications that alert the confirmation of services, location based tracking for the end customer.
  • Payments are facilitated according to the payment modes set by the customer on their profile – varies from cash-on-hand to credit cards.
  • The end customer/user of the Uber app can review and rate the received services and the service provider
  • Unsatisfied services can be recorded using a customer complaint system in the app.

This is just a high-level view to what the massage app can provide to service providers and the end customers.

As a business owner, you can look towards investing into providing these massage services through your network of service providers. Do not be doubtful of the capabilities of this system to handle your service providers. The pre-built code of the Uber system has greater control and empowerment to the business owner. The admin panel has a great variety of monitoring and tracking the effectiveness of the Massage system on its usage by your network of service providers and your end customers. A gist to what you can see and monitor –

uber for massage

Monitoring and tracking effectiveness

  • Monitor your service providers and have complete control over their services – on boarding massage providers, associated approvals and exit
  • Payment modes that are flexible to your business and your customers
  • Address customer complaints
  • Analytic on the services on a periodical basis inclusive of financial analysis and graphical data representations

A white-labelled Uber on demand massage app that talks of your brand of salon/ massage services. Quickly launched with installation &apps on both Google Play store and App store. As stated, the turn-around time to launch you over the Omani-channel world is as low as 48 hours.

The Uber for Massage app will enable the end customers to enjoy good customer experience through personalized designs, ease of user navigation and easier logins to the system through Social networks. The business owner or the admin of the system enjoys extended support for the installed product, and additional requirements that are business specific can be added to the product with minimal effort.

Get on to the online channel using on demand Massage app! Sell your services and keep customers relaxed and beautified!