gojek clone

Explore the merits of designing your own clone of Gojek app that blends multiple services on one single platform.

The new status of ride-hailing launching up in Asia is a start-up named as Go-jek. It is a great start-up from Indonesia that is specialized in logistics and ride-hailing. It is the company which is included in Fortune 50 companies and it’s also the first unicorn company.

The competitors of Go-jek app

In food delivery business, transportation, logistics and many other such businesses, most parts of the world are defeated by Uber-like apps. Avoiding Uber’s vogue is a remarkable mistake that someone can make being in the same business.

In spite of that, Go-jek app is slowly and gradually spreading its effect in South East Asia and Indonesia.

Are businesses like clone Go-jek successful?

Clone Gojek app is just a single app solution for so many services under one single platform. Users can go with any service according to their requirements.

Customers can avail the following services with clone gojek app

  • For ride-hailing
  • For food delivery
  • For medical needs
  • For event ticket booking and movie tickets
  • For logistical needs
  • For paying bills
  • For buying mobile data packages and phone credits
  • For paying bills etc.

There are some other services which Gojek clone app provides like Auto services, Massage service, beauty services etc.

One can also include some add-on services like tourist taxi booking, carpool, corporate rides, ride tracking, real-time currency rates, real-time chat support etc.

Some special qualities that one can find in Gojek clone app are as follows

  • Customers can book their ride for one time and they can also schedule their ride
  • Ride confirmation notification via Email or SMS
  • Customers can select the type of vehicle for their trip according to their mood
  • Users can easily make a login into the app with the help of social media
  • The users of the app can chat with the help of inbuilt chat support in case of any query
  • It is easy to check the booking confirmation details with this wonderful app.

Gojek clone app Source code

With the increase in the demand of Gojek clone app, there are different mobile app development companies which claim to provide the best source code of Gojek clone app. They also provide the customers with the complete white label solution for their taxi hailing business. Let’s look into the offerings of different mobile app development solutions-

  • Provider and Customer Android app
  • Provider and Customer iOS app
  • Partner web console
  • Admin web console
  • Dispatcher web console

If you want to start your own unstoppable business and want to hit the blowing market full of competition then you can buy clone Gojek app which holds strong goodwill in the market. You can also go with any other app which is credible and reliable in the market and also fulfill all your requirements.