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Sex has been a requirement for every form of life. Even before Eve had the infamous “forbidden Apple” of knowledge, she knew that her most basic elemental need was sex. Just like hunger and thirst, sex is a phenomenon that the world is going on by. Animals have sex, insects have sex, birds have sex and some species of plants too.

However, I really don’t understand how and when sex became a taboo. People have started associating sex with virtues. However, that wasn’t always the case. Our cave men enjoyed sex whenever they liked too. But they were uncouth people. Violence was their only solution to things. Although mankind today has become more intelligent than its ancestors, the aspect of violence towards sex workers hasn’t completely gone.

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Discrimination in the society

There is no doubt about the fact that there is a tremendous amount of discrimination towards sex workers. Even in countries where offering sexual services is completely legal, the underlying social discrimination can always be sensed. In a sharp contrast to places where sex workers aren’t even allowed to have their own bank account, “Uber for Escort” or Uber for Gentlemen Companion is ushering in a new era of infinite awareness and acceptability. While many argue that offering services isn’t particularly a very moral business, entrepreneurs have begun asking, “why not?’.

The internet and its role in sexual liberation

Since its inception, the internet has been quite the library for any and all kinds of sexual gratification. Whether it is porn, or erotica, or even going to Craigslist to find an intimacy partner, it has been there. But until now, not too many people thought about digitizing it with an Uber for Gentlemen Companion app. Prostitution is an industry which is very prone to violence at every level. Not just the clients, sex workers have confessed that their pimps would also beat them to ‘get them in line’. Even the police are known to trouble them because they don’t have a safe platform to operate from.

Having an app changes all of that. Almost everyone has access to smart phones these days. Arming these phones with an on demand sexual gratification service makes it much more accessible and a thousand times safer for both parties.

How does the app like Uber for Gentlemen Companion work?

Working the street is almost cruel. This app allows the clients to get in touch with the service provider without him or her having to parade themselves in less than dignified conditions. Users can simply log into the app and choose their preference from straight women, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, fetishists and get a list of prostitutes offering such services. Then he or she can window shop across the profiles of these candidates and choose the one that they like the most. Sending out a request gives the prostitute an option of either accepting the request or rejecting it. Whoever accepts the request gets the job.

Money talks

At the risk of sounding blatant, I’ll just go ahead and say that making such an app has not only brought a certain degree of respect to the service offered (regardless of whether it is intimate or simply getting a paid date), these apps are making financial aspect of this being an unorganized sector very easy. I mean, imagine the kind of revenue the government can make if these apps hit off.

Let’s just call it an uber for Adult entertainment as a legitimate business can be so beneficial to the country’s income owing to the service taxes and any other kind of tax that any kid of business is subjected to. This app can completely replace any pimp involved. I don’t want to sound crass but the app IS the new PIMP. It helps you find your clients and does the financials. It also makes sure that both parties are not cheated or offered anything that they do not agree to or won’t be willingly indulging in.

On the whole, this seems like a pretty nice concept to me. If there is a company that can offer an app like Uber for Gentlemen Companion and iron out the creases, I think, we have the makings of the next big digital superhero on its heels!