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It will be wrong if we say “The medication for skin infection and disease have not been discovered until yet”. There are many medicines out there in the market that in use for different skin treatments. Hundreds of ointments are available for skin burn treatment. Transdermal medicines come in different form i.e. gel, cream, ointments, pastes as well as poultices. But all of these were produced for contemporary effects. They do not effect instantly on any skin. These are the medicines which are there for external use only. If taken internally, it can result in the negative effect on the body.

In 1979, the first transdermal medicine chemical was discovered and was approved by the Food and Drug Administration. After the approval, it was still tested for 13 years and in 1991 was finally introduced only to remove nicotine patches. After that, many other gel and ointments came out on the market via different pharmacy companies for different skin issues.

Some are less effective and some deliver good results. Usually, it depends on the type of skin. If transdermal medicine suits on the skin, it will show positive effects very soon. Or else, it won’t be resulting anything or may affect negatively. But now, pharmaceutical companies give proper care while making each and every medicine. Before launching an application in a market, they undergo testing regularly through different methods. Transdermal medicines are quite different from other medicines.

Actually, they are neither in solid nor in pure liquid form. Hence, their physical state is very flexible and even requires some room temperature for storing.


In the human body, skin is the only largest organ. It protects all the other organs inside the human body. Skin covers the bones and ligaments and even prevents any molecules to penetrate inside. Every Human skin comprises of three layers:


It’s an outer layer skin that contains 20% of human body water. This layer of skin keeps away all the contaminated things approaching human organs. The epidermis is the only medium for any transdermal medicine pass. If medicine passes easily through this layer of skin, the injury will be back to normal very soon.


Well, it is a mid layer of the human skin. Dermis holds all the gland pores and irregular connectivity of tissues in the human body. It’s a very thin layer of skin that connects blood vessels, sweat glands and many other tiny organ parts to the skin

This skin layer is the deepest of all as it is mainly stores fat. It holds the layer of tissues that connects each other. The hypodermis is full with lobules fat and loose tissues.


Now, you may have understood that why transdermal medicines are the only option for skin diseases or injuries. Human skin is one of the most sensitive parts in the whole body. No other medicine will be able to go through it. No human skin absorbs tablet or capsule or any other powder. The only form of medicine left is transdermal drugs. These medicines invented just for human skin as it can only absorb gel or creams formation elements.

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After all, skin varies from human to human. Every human being has a different skin type. Some have fat skin and some have thin skin. However, many have dark skin due tone due to a large amount of melanin and many have fair just because they have less melanin. However, the people whose skin is fat, transdermal medicine can take time to react. But those who have thin skin layer have an advantage as the medicine can show its effect early.


Well, medicines are the need for every single person living on earth. Medicines are exported to every corner of the world due to the increase in diseases. Thus, if you have an offline medical shop then consider switching to online medical store through Doctor clone app. An app that can help you to deliver medicines to your customer’s doorsteps.