doctor on demand app

With technology taking the world in its tides, has not only to change the way people do business today but has completely transformed the thought process of an individual irrespective of his age or gender. With the world going the Uber way, driving the on-demand services to the next level making anything and everything available at your doorsteps. This is possible with the tap of your finger has given birth to the availability of doctors on-demand services as well through the doctor on-demand app.

Among the Doctors on Demand services, the prevailing service models are the first-hand primary health care services and concierge services. These service models in medical practices are the growing trend in today’s society.

Om demand Doctor App Services

The concierge health care services are no longer the perks of rich people any more, it’s growing popularity.  What has happened here is that most of the people are tired of having to wait for long hours. Some time days and sometimes weeks to visit their healthcare doctor. At times, when they are not well or when they want medical advice.

Sometimes even for a routine physical check-up, people have to wait for a long time. Once they manage to get a visit, it is often rushed quickly and more like completing a formality by noting down the facts to rush on to the next patient.

The doctors who offer concierge services or are associated with it are able to give more time to their patient. This is because they have limited patients and often don’t take any more on board until some patient leaves. Concierge service doctor in return charges your insurance company for the visits made and charges a hefty membership fee. Whereas the doctors associated with first-hand primary health services charge you a small membership fee and you don’t have to worry about how much of the bill be covered by your insurance company.

Want a qualified doctor?

The primary reason for on-demand services in the medical profession is due to the shortfall of timely access and after hour availability in health care services. This has given birth to uber for doctors clone were seeing a doctor becomes effortless and very convenient.  You don’t have to take the day off work to see the doctor. Instead, you can book him through the on-demand doctor app from anywhere at any time.

The Uber for doctors app has redesigned the primary health care of an individual to give comfort and convenience. You can request for a

  • Home visit consultation
  • Telephonic consultation
  • Arrange a consultation with a family member

Track your doctor through the app via Google Maps and via the patient health records. You can view the summary of your visit.

How does the Doctor on demand app work

It is quite simple – just download the app after registering and providing the mandatory information. If you register as a doctor your screen will have all the information required to carry out the request. On the other hand, if you register as a patient make a request for relevant medical services than you will be asked to choose the service you require from the doctor. You can even browse online via the app to select the doctor you prefer.

The doctor on-demand app allows you to connect with the medical doctor. It facilitates the booking and cancellation of an appointment from anywhere and at any time. It also allows you to send quick messages for comfort and convenience.

Doctor on demand app features

Access to Multiple Locations

Via the app, the user can book an appointment for a close friend or family from a different to a different location.

Identification of the caller

As a user, you can view the caller’s details and his locations.  It makes easy for you to make a call on accepting a job

Exporting the Report data

Admin can retrieve all the report analyzes data in an excel sheet. So, as to cross verify the data to receive payments.

Graphical representation of the status of job and payment

since the user has several clients it is sometimes difficult to keep a track of job status and payment. To ease the problem the graphical representation of the status is there by the app to avoid complications or error.

Payment by card

By using the credit or debit card, a patient can complete the payment process.

Live to track

a user can view the current location of a client making it easy for the client to reach the location in time.

With this uber for doctors app, a patient can get an instant treatment from a trusted medical practitioner. Even as a business owner you get your money instantly once the doctor finishes his task.

Patient, you can easily look for the services you require to place a request for a doctor thru a single click. The app also helps to look for a suitably qualified medical professional among the listed doctors with their profile making it easier for you to make a selection.

Do not worry if the patient aged and requires immediate attention and may not travel. Use the doctor on-demand app and find an available doctor in the vicinity willing to get you the immediate help with just a tap of your finger.