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A lot of people can have questions about on-demand mobile app solutions from various delivery companies. You will get the proper justification for starting your own on-demand business launching a Super Software Gojek Clone App Script under your brand name. 

Read the blog to know how you can make your On-demand Multi-services Business profitable.

On-demand Multi-services Business with Gojek Clone App Script

Choosing a sustainable business strategy, along with your business requirements and goals, is the first step in creating a successful on-demand app. Offering profitable components can put you ahead of the competition right away, putting you in the spotlight and helping you to rise to the top of the on-demand business.

The components are: 

1. Buy & Sell Real-estate 

Users can list information about their land, residences, and another real estate that is for sale. According to their needs, buyers can search the listing and then contact the sellers for more information. Users who want to increase their “Ad Posting” visibility and receive more inquiries can access Plan Packages accordingly.

Residential apartments, homes/villas, shops/showrooms, industrial sheds, service apartments, farms, and industrial buildings are among the types of this component. The Categories are subject to change. You, the app owner, have the option to add up to 10 Real Estate Categories using the Admin Panel in this section.

2. Buy, Sell, and Rent Cars

Your users will be able to upload details about their Cars/vehicles that are available for purchase or rental. Users can browse the listing by filtering the options suiting o their commuting needs for the cars they wish to buy or rent. The Admin shall provide free and paid plans. Customers can boost the visibility of their “Ad Posts” and generate more leads by subscribing to the premium plan.

When a user purchases the plan to upload his or her car details, you, the app’s owner, will earn. By doing away with the Brokerage, consumers save time and money while thousands of interested users who are ready to buy or rent out their cars view their car ads. SUVs, luxury automobiles, small SUVs, sports cars, convertibles, hatchbacks, and other types of transportation.

3. Buy, Sell, and General Items

Your users will be able to post descriptions of the things they have available, either for sale or rent. Users can view the postings and get in touch with the sellers to buy or rent something. The app’s administrator has published paid and free plans for users to choose from. Subscribers get the advantage of listing their things in a “featured” category. This will result in more inquiries for the Post Ads. This component’s categories include things like furniture for the home, office supplies, sporting goods, lawn and garden equipment, technology, sporting goods, and heavy machinery. The Categories can be modified using the Admin Panel. The Admin may add up to 10 General Item Categories.

4. Rideshare/ Carpool

It is a peer-to-peer component offering car-pooling services to your users.  Addressing the escalating fuel issues and the challenges of daily commutes is a good decision. By linking them with other drivers who are traveling along the same routes, the component will take care of all of your users’ travel needs. Users who have registered (vehicle owners) can post information about their travel plans and the price per seat. Users will review the route’s specifics and book a seat as necessary.

You will earn a sizeable commission for every carpooling ride booked through the app. Thus, generating a substantial income.

5. On-demand Medical Services

Your users may quickly search for pharmacies, ambulance services, and doctors in their area using On-Demand Medical Services. Your users can book appointments in-person visits or clinical with the desired listed doctors, join in video consultations online and get prescriptions delivered to their homes all by simply pressing a button.

6. Track your family and employees 

Your users will be able to view the locations of their family, and coworkers in Real Time LIVE on a Google Map.

You can have a piece of mind knowing that your family members are travelling securely by installing the app on their phones and monitoring their LIVE Locations in Real Time. Additionally, it gives family members the choice to enable or disable tracking as needed to preserve their privacy.

For tracking the employees, it requires the tracking app to be installed on the employee’s smartphone. It provides a tool to verify their LIVE Locations in Real Time when they are working in the field during business hours. Track their LIVE Location to make sure they are there on time, in the appropriate location on the field, and for their safety. Employees have the option of turning on or off their tracking as needed, depending on their shift or office hours.

7. Explore your Nearby Businesses

Information on businesses in the area where your users are now traveling will be available to them. They are currently similar to the Real Time Yellow Pages.

For instance, your user can browse through all the businesses listed together with their basic information while traveling by a given place. This component’s categories include places like cafes, nightlife, gyms, shopping, spas, malls, pubs, and salons, to name just a few. The app administrator can publish either free or premium plan packages for businesses that want to list their businesses on the app. This component’s Categories are open-ended. You can therefore add up to 10 businesses and services via the Admin Panel in this section as the app’s owner.

Final Thoughts

The instant you launch it under your brand name, you may start making money. All of the most popular and modern services that a user would expect from a business mobile app are included in this KingX Pro 2023 Clone Script. This software offers the services that clients are willing to pay for to improve their quality of life.

Contact the representative of the app development business and request additional information about the demo. Share your ideas with them and they’ll help you launch KingX Pro in two weeks.