gojek clone on demand app

On Demand Multi Service App Solution is the Ideal Resort for your Business to build a Money Castle! Such a Super-Productive App allows you to Earn and Accumulate Profits, given its numerous Value-Added Services like Taxi Ride, Delivery Genie, and On-Demand Doctors. Pursue reading to explore more – 


Paula Johnson and her Younger Brother Jack are Pizza Lovers, and often try Different Pizza Varieties at New Places. Today, they are wishing to taste a Gluten-Free Pizza from one of the New Pizzerias of the Town, but they are also concerned about their Hygiene Standards. 

Paula opens the All in One Services App and clicks on the Food Delivery Banner. Using the Filter Option she gets a list of all the New Pizzerias in the Town. She selected Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, San Francisco as it had uploaded the Pictures of its Kitchen which shows their Transparency towards the Food Hygiene. She could see that the Kitchens are Neat and Clean, and also the Cooking Professionals have worn Face Masks and Hand Gloves. 

Moving further, she goes on adding Gluten-Free Cal Italia Pizza to the Cart. She later customizes it by adding Arugula and Ricotta for US $4 each, while Thick Cut Pepperoni, Smoked Applewood Bacon, and Peppadews Peppers for US $6 each. 

Lastly, she proceeds to the Checkout Page to Review her Order and make the Payment. She chooses to make the Payment via her Wells Fargo Bank Credit Card thereby opting for a Contactless Delivery. As soon as she places the Order she receives an In-App Graphical Push Notification that ‘Your Order has Been Placed.’ 

gojek clone app


Brandon Miller lives in Arlington which is one of America’s Most Car-Crazed Cities. Brandon himself is one of the Car Enthusiasts and has Red Ford Fusion, Silver Jaguar XJ, and Black Audi S8 in his Collection of Cars. He desires to get his Black Audi S8 Washed using Microfiber Cloth and Polished with 3M Imperial Hand Glaze. 

So he logs-in into the On Demand Multi Services App to hire a Car Washer. He starts by selecting the Wash and Polishing Services. Thereafter, he goes on to select Camden Lee, the Car Washer who has received a Great Number of Five-Star Ratings. 

At the Checkout Page, it comes to the knowledge of Brandon that he is eligible for the Promo Code ARLING60. He fills in the Promo Code, and further chooses to make the Payment with his In-App Wallet. Hence, conveniently booking a Luxurious Wash for his Black Beauty. 


Crystal White is a Health Enthusiast working at Rockwell Collins, Lowa. Amidst the rush to reach Office timely she has forgotten her Lunch Box at Home. Crystal believes that it is not wise to skip lunch; also she doesn’t want to eat any outside junk. So, she decides to hire a Delivery Runner who could go Home and get her the Home-Made Lunch. 

She opens the App Like Gojek and taps on the Delivery Runner Banner. Then, she went on to add Merle Hay Road, Lowa as the Pick-Up Location and Rockwell Collins, Lowa as the Drop Location. Now, she adds the Items to be delivered – herein, she instructs the Delivery Runner to get the Red Colour, Triple-Decker Lunch Box from her Mother at the Home. She asks her to Drop the Package at the Office Reception Table after intimating her via a Phone Call. 

Proceeding ahead, she chooses to make the Payment via her In-App Wallet. As she places the Service Request, she gets a Confirmation Message on the App Screen that the ‘Delivery Runner has Accepted your Service Request.’ Crystal can also see the Delivery Status on her App and also track the Driver Location on the Map. 


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