gojek app clone

Gojek app clone is an app which provides different on-demand services to their customers. Some services of Gojek clone app are babysitting, moto rental, car wash, cuddling, DJ, grocery delivery, Car wash, carpenter, massage, electrician, house cleaning etc.

However, with the boost in technology, there are different mobile app development solutions emerged nowadays which provides 52+ on-demand services to their customers under one single platform that is Gojek app clone. Therefore, these companies claim to provide the best services to their customers faultlessly.

Features of Gojek app clone script

  • Service provider app/ Native iOS driver app
  • Native iOS user app
  • Restaurant app/Native iOS store
  • Service provider app/Native android driver
  • Native Android User app
  • User web panel
  • Service provider’s companies panel/Driver’s panel
  • Restaurant web panel/store web panel

Other Features

  • The main website which will be responsive
  • Manual booking panel/Dispatcher booking panel
  • Accounts panel/Billing panel
  • Admin web panel which will handle all the workings of the app such as Rates, Commission, Service provider, client, payments etc.

A simple app to use

The Gojek app clone is developed by experts who have many years of experience in building different faultless applications. This app is very easy to use and navigate. Therefore, this app needs an initial login, then posting of the requirement. Thus the user can enjoy the seamless service of this amazing app.

Taxi on-demand

Gojek clone app provides a unique and seamless taxi app which is available at the iOS and Android platform as well. This superb app allows the user to log in and book classy taxi services whenever and wherever they want.

Delivery on demand

This fantastic service is offered to the users of the Gojek clone app to get their packages delivered from one place to another quickly and safely.

Food delivery

Provide the users to grab their scrumptious meal with Gojek clone app. Thus this app offers its users to get their favourite dishes delivered to their doorstep instantly without any hassle.

Grocery delivery

Gojek Clone enables the users to buy groceries online from the different grocery stores. Furthermore they can schedule the grocery delivery and get the delivery at the doorstep. Hence, saving your users ample of time and money. Therefore, this app is easy to use which enables the users to get their required grocery without any problem.

Other services

Gojek Clone has over 52+ On-Demand Services that permit the users to fulfil all their requirements without any hindrance.

Workers for the Gojek app are appropriately authorize based on their criminal backgrounds. Furthermore, the drug testing is done as a background procedure.

Concluding Notes

If you want to start your own unbeatable and non-conquering business which can make you earn a handsome amount of profit. Therefore, Gojek clone which holds a positive image in the society and it is also an unwavering app in the market.

Also, it is worth mentioning is that with Gojek Clone, you promise your on-demand service industry a large number of customers. Hence, these customers shall thereafter bring enormous profits for you.

Hence, the solution shall promise your service providers to serve in the best possible manner and manage their daily tasks more efficiently.