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To increase revenues, you don’t need to invest all your hard-earned money into the app. A single-time investment is all that you need to build the app and launch them on Android and iOS stores. Gojek Clone app is the on-demand multi-service platform that enables you to start a business in just one to two weeks. And, all of this without splurging millions of dollars.

Isn’t that awesome?

Well, let’s look at the different business models you can adopt and start making more money. In the end, we will also discuss multiple ways you can make extra money.

Revenue-enhancing Business Models

Business models are generally the revenue generation plans followed by businesses. For example, the on-demand multi-service Gojek-like app offers two models –

Commission on every service 

As the app owner, you will be able to make money on every service which is booked on the app. The commission rates are decided by the app owner.

The app owner can keep commission rates the same across all genres or change them. For example, there is a set commission rate of 10% on every moto ride booking. Now, every time a moto ride service is booked and finished, the app owner earns 10% of the total fare for the ride.

Say, the user pays $35 for the ride. So, if the commission is 10%, the app owner makes $3.5 on this ride.

Membership Subscription Plans

The subscription plans are also designed by the Gojek Clone App owner. They decide the price per plan. These plans are usually based on time-validated, say, monthly, quarterly, annual, etc.

Depending on the user’s requirements, they can purchase one of the many plans and start offering their services.

The entire price of the subscription plan is credited to the app owner’s accounts.

Earning Extra Cash with a Multi-service App

Apart from these business models, the Gojek-like app owner can make money in three following ways –

Third-party Facebook/Google ads

An app owner can make a fortune with third-party ads. Say, you launch the app in your region and a business owner approaches Facebook or Google to run their ad campaigns.

Now accordingly, one of the two social giants will approach your platform asking you to display the ad on your app’s home screen.

Since you have a good audience visiting your app every day, you have a higher chance of getting clicks on the ad. Now, for every click on the ad, you will get paid a small amount, say, $0.50 for 1 click.


A surge in price is charged due to weather conditions, late-night orders, or the usual high demands in the area.

In basically words, a Gojek Clone app user may have to pay extra charges to book a ride or order food online.

The app owner can see this as a chance to make additional cash on service bookings.

Cancellation fees

A small fee is charged by the multi-service platforms on canceled orders. Usually, platforms don’t charge a fee if the service is canceled in between a time frame of placing the order.

However, if the user makes last-minute changes and cancels the booking, the fee is charged!

Final Words: 

Now that you know the secret of making 2X money with the Gojek Clone app, why wait? 

If you get in touch with the experts today, you will be able to start the demo app trial and make a quick purchase decision. 

So, if you wish to start a multi-service business in just a few weeks and boost your profits to manifolds, get the ready-made solution today!