grocery delivery clone

The market of online grocery delivery solutions in Malaysia has practically exploded. As more and more people across the globe are relying on the various HappyFresh clone apps, it is only fair to assume that you too are planning to start off your own business in the same direction.

If you are serious about this venture and wish to make t successful, then you have to try to understand that an application in sonly as good as the features that support it. There are many apps in the market, but the only way for you to choose the best one is to analyse the set of features that the app comes with.

Our experience in the field of over 8 years has helped us put together a list of the most popular features that can help in ensuring that your online grocery delivery business based on an app like the HappyFresh Clone is a quick success. Take a look:

Status of the Order and its Tracking

One of the key things that people look forward to when ordering groceries using an app is the facility to be able to track the order and to check their order status. The tracking function works using Google Maps APIs which are updated regularly so that they can show the position of the delivery driver.

When the order is placed in the app, the customer can check its status (confirmed or rejected). The app’s tracking functionality kicks in the moment the order is confirmed and the delivery driver starts moving around.

Enabling the Users the Facility to Create Shopping Lists

The Shopping list is an essential feature of the app. The shopping list is something that allows your users to make sure that they don’t need a physical document or a paper and pen to document everything that they want to purchase, things that they have already purchased (for future reference) or even things that they want to keep their eyes on before they actually go ahead and buy it.

When the customer likes an item from the list of products in the app, they can then click on it to move it to their shopping list. After they do that they can choose when to ‘check out’ or buy the products whenever they like to.

Filtering Items

Unlike physically going to shop where things are available on display for you to look at, in the online grocery delivery system, people have to look for things themselves. This is where the filtration process comes handy. Let us take a look at this with the help of an example. Say for instance, a customer walks in to a grocery store. He or she wishes to purchase fish. He or she will immediately move on to the meat/ fish/ poultry segment of the shop. Once there, the physical signs pointing to the fish part will take them there.

However, in an online grocery portal, the user will have to laboriously go through the entire app to find the fish that they are looking for unless you provide for a search or filter option. Using the search bar, the user can type whichever product they wish to purchase and then when they reach the list they can quickly filter it down to the type of fish, whether frozen or fresh, they name of the fish (Salmon, Cod, etc.) and much more.

Not only does this make shopping easy, it also enables the user to experience a very hassle free shopping from the comfort of their home.

Reward Customer Loyalty

One thing that attracts customers more than a great user experience is the fact that they love discounts and offers. A way to provide the best possible discounts to your customers while making sure that you won’t lose any money is to reward customer loyalty. This means that your customers get discounts for using your HappyFresh clone app more often.

Giving them vouchers for ‘next time purchase’ or offering ‘promo codes’ for new products is a great way to ensure that your customers always return to your on demand grocery delivery app instead of even looking towards your competition. Making your customers feel special is a great way to ascertain that they remain loyal to you.

Multiple Store Purchase Option

Sometimes, having one store option is just not good enough for your customers. This is why your app should allow your users to visit and purchase from multiple stores. This means that when your customer downloads and logs in to the HappyFresh clone app they can see a list of all the different grocery stores in and around their area. They can click on the store that they want to purchase from and then find a list of the items in that shop. They can click on all the items that they want to purchase and send them to their shopping list or cart. In case they can’t find a particular item, they can go to a different store and purchase it from there.

This makes it very convenient for the users to get whatever they want whenever they want it without having to miss out on the opportunity just because a particular store doesn’t offer it.

Contactless Deliveries

This is the latest feature that only reputable grocery delivery services have these days. This feature can be states as a need of the hour because of the corona virus pandemic. As the virus has practically crippled the world and scared every one in every corner of the world, people are very concerned for their own hygiene. Having contactless delivery enables people to get everything that they wanted whenever they wanted it without worrying about contacting the delivery drivers.

When the order is confirmed by the user, a delivery driver is assigned to make the delivery for the order. Then, the delivery driver picks up the order and delivers it to the home of the customer. Once there, the delivery driver places the parcel at the doorstep of the customer and clicks a picture to notify them of the delivery made. The customer can then pick the order up without having to deal with getting in contact with the delivery person.