MARAMOJA app clone

When you think of Africa, the only word that comes to mind geographically is ABUNDANT. And yet, there are quite a few countries there that would beg to differ. However, the recent times are seeing a whole lot of growth, development and fast passed business avenues opening up here. The Taxi app solutions MARAMOJA app clone seems to be the most popular business these days.

Since business of many kinds is just recently developing in this continent, a lot of transport and travel is required. The foreign investment sector is making many people from many different parts of this world come here for work.

All these people need to travel right? Since they aren’t locals, having their own vehicle is almost impossible. This is where taxis and car rentals come into play. Since the demand for taxis and car rentals is so high here, more and more people are venturing into this business to make sure that they can tap into the potential of this business.

So, if you are also keen on starting your own Taxi business that is based on an app, then you might consider investing in a MARAMOJA app clone. This particular app has gained a lot of popularity in the recent past. Although it started off as a small app, it has today, reached over 24 countries in Africa.

Uber made it Wiser

When Maramoja was just starting out, Uber, with its billions of dollars in venture capital has made its entry into African marketplace. Uber’s entrance somehow made Maramoja rethink its model more or less.

Rather than treating drivers like a chattel, Maramoja thinks of drivers as people and as individuals with association and clients. It turned the focus around to more people centric approach and wavered away from a strictly capitalist approach. Maramoja believes in connecting with the riders on social levels to give a boom to their business.

The app made sure you could hire a cab with a few taps on your smartphone. Soon a credible driver will arrive to pick you up from your location and will make sure to drop at your desired location safely. You can easily pay by cash or with the card. These drivers are recommended to passengers by friends, friends of friends, someone having close relation with the passenger or passengers’ broader network.


Security is a very important aspect of any Taxi Service. Keeping this in mind, Maramoja is soon launching another great feature which will help their passengers to report accidents, attacks or during the time of any other emergency.

Maramoja is quite different from any other taxi services as it has its own ideology to work with as it believes in working with the trust of people. Maramoja has designed a pricing map which divides different areas in Nairobi into zones, which tells about the price of the ride. It also prevents drivers from misleading the riders about the fares.

MARAMOJA app clone

When it comes to starting it off as your own venture, go for a taxi business solution with MARAMOJA app clone that gives importance to both the drivers as well as the riders. In the end, your business can’t be successful without either one of them