on demand car wash app

Smartphones have made everything Easy and Convenient for Mankind. With a Smart Device in hand, people can get anything, anywhere. From booking a Taxi Ride to sending Parcels, and even getting their Car Washed! Many people find that getting a Car Washed is Tough because it is Time-Consuming and makes them stand in long queues to get the asked Service. However, Conventional Services have evolved! Now, people only need to Install One App called the Qweex App Clone to get their Car Washed in minutes! 


A Car-Wash Clone App is different from any other On-Demand App. Why? Because it has certain Features that make them more Distinctive than the others! 


Switch to your Preferred Language/Currency

The App Users can easily switch to their preferred Language right from the App’s Introduction Screen. This Feature allows them to easily navigate the App in the Language they understand better! 

Login with Social Media 

Not all of us remember our Usernames and Passwords all the time. So, Mobile Car Wash App allows people to Login or Register with the App using any Social Media Account like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Gmail. It facilitates Easy Login and Signup! 

Payment Integrations

The App Users are given many Payment Methods to use such as Cash Payments, Credit Cards, Debit Card, and most importantly In-App Wallets. Users can also make Wallet-to-Wallet Transfers and go completely Cashless! 


Accept or Decline Service Requests 

As soon as the App User clicks the Book Now Button, the selected Car Washer gets notified with a Countdown Screen. With the notification, they’ll have the Option to Accept or Decline the Incoming Job Request. 

Job Location Tracking 

The Car Washer can track the Job Location in Real-Time on the Map In-Built in the Qweex App Clone. Once the Expert arrives at the Location, they can use the ‘Slide to Arrive’ Button to mark themselves as ‘Arrived.’ Thereafter, they can tap the Button to start the Job! 

Upload the Car Wash Photos

The Car Washers can upload the Image of the Vehicle before the Car Wash and also after it. These Before & After Images help to distinguish how good or bad the Job has been done! Thus, now the App Users can view the Photos and then hire the Professional Car Washer!


Payment Management 

The Admin Panel helps the Mobile Car Wash App Owner to keep a tab on all the transactions that are happening on the App. 

Manage Car Washers

Through the Panel, the App Owner gets to manage the Service Provider Profiles. The Admin can view their Name, Company Name, Email ID, Sign up Date, Wallet Balance, Submitted Documents, etc.! Also, the Admin is empowered to manage the Registration via the Panel itself! 

Manage Users 

The Admin Panel facilitates the App Owner to manage User Profiles, their Wallet Balance, and much more. All the details and communication can be done through the Qweex App Clone Admin Panel! 


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