industry on demand delivery app clone

In an age where fast is in, it is natural to have solutions to make your life fast, easy and convenient to say the least.

Today if you consider a major service to have made life easy and efficient it is the delivery industry. After the industry adopted the on-demand delivery app especially it has gone on to achieve the billion dollar mark. 

Statistics Suggesting Profitable Scope of On-Demand Delivery App

Business Wire in its recent report predicted the global online logistic and delivery market having present revenue of around 4730 billion dollars.

Also the report predicted the CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) to grow at the rate of 4.9 percent by 2024.

This suggests the profitable future the solution brings to the delivery and logistics industry and overall money it brings. 

Especially after Lalamove came into creation in 2013 to revolutionize deliveries altogether, the profitability of the industry increased even more. 

Here’s a little info about the app in detail. 

About Lalamove App

The solution had its inception in 2013 and its creation and conceptualization done primarily by Chow Shing-yuk.

Lalamove specializes in delivering items like courier, bulk items, food, furniture, bikes, to name a few. This is mostly through its app available on the Android Play Store and iOS App Store respectively. 

The services of the operation are based in Hong Kong. However, its services are provided in over 130+ cities with a fleet of 2 million drivers. 

The app has very easy operations. All the customer does is enters the app, provides location details, chooses delivery kind, date, time. Thereafter finally customer provides location where item is to be deliver and pays. which confirms order and promises delivery.

This in turn has captured the popularity of users and entrepreneurs setting up a new logistics industry. Thereafter they went on to adopt an on-demand delivery app clone like the Lalamove delivery app clone. 

Here are the perks of utilizing the solution for the new delivery industry. 

Perks of Lalamove App Clone for Logistics Industry

Lalamove app clone is a customizable solution. The solution is built primarily for the logistics industry.

Having modifiable features like vehicle fleet variety, wallet, delivery proof etc that can be personalized and edited by the business owner depending on their business model or requirements. 

This ensures an independently run logistic business for new business owners that in fact promises fast customer outreach for them. 

Finally, since Lalamove clone is white-labelled, it ensures the business owner to gain customer reach in the fastest time. 

Summing Up In A Nutshell 

We can say therefore that the on-demand delivery app clone is a boon for new logistic business owners. It promises enormous profits, fast customer outreach and unique services for the customer and easy management of daily operational tasks by delivery personnel. 

Should You Adopt the Lalamove Delivery App Clone

If you are planning profits for your logistic service industry it is important you incorporate the Lalamove delivery app clone. This will assist you in making huge money right from Day 1! Also it will help your customers get delivery as they may not have dreamed.