This year definitely brought a lot of good news for our regular pot stoners with the legalization of marijuana across quite a few states across the U.S. Cannabis has, however, been used for medical practices since over a decade. While most laymen think of it as the “go to” addiction for people or the best way to get “high” easily, there are many new and non-addictive methods of consuming weed that is appealing to a lot of people. New studies are vindicating marijuana from the usual stigma associated with it. And once again revalidating the notion that marijuana is drastically less risky than nicotine, alcohol, and opiates.

on demand weed delivery app

It has been noticed that people going through any form of rigorous or unceasing pain, going through chemotherapy, or recovering from injury, will accept THC and CBD as pain-relieving alternatives to opiates. This can help in steering clear of the many treacherous side effects and addiction.

What’s more, alcohol has nothing but empty calories to offer in exchange for the high that it gives. However, marijuana or weed is a much liver –friendly option. As the world in general bends towards the healthier lifestyle choices, it is imminent that more and more people will choose to go the weedy way.

You aren’t an addict just because you smoke weed!

So if you were scared that people are only going to look at you as a pothead because you indulge in your occasional weed for any number of reasons think again. The marijuana users that used to be considered as hopeless, lifeless and purposeless have now been able to come out of that stereotype owing to the multiple uses of marijuana.

As mentioned above, people have begun to understand the true value of cannabis as more and more of it is being used for positive therapeutic uses. This is why its consumption has changed form. Now people don’t just roll some marijuana up on paper and burn it up to get high. What people have started doing is using it in different forms. You will find edible candies and vape sticks hitting the market.

Uber for Marijuana

Who knew this could’ve been a possibility? Today with the growing demand for marijuana for a plethora of purposes, new apps have come into the market. That direct at helping legitimate marijuana sellers to sell high-quality products to buyers in a risk-free and transparent way.

But the weed business is a very bright and booming one. This means that the scope for expanding it and making money from it is huge. There is no doubt about the fact that marijuana used recreational or medicinally, generates a lot of money and app owners have found a sleek way of dipping their hands in it.

How does the on demand weed delivery app work?

The on demand app for weed delivery is just as the name goes. When there is a requirement for marijuana, users can go on the app and put in their requirement. Based on that they will get a list of all the nearby dealers who are selling weed along with the price at which they are offering it. The user can choose his pick and place the order. Delivery personnel will come and deliver the marijuana to the user at the appointed time.

The best thing about this app is that the user gets different payment options to ensure a safe transaction. He can choose between credit card, wallet or cash before he even places the order. This means that the entire transaction can go on seamlessly.

Multiple sources of income

Becoming an entrepreneur is the latest trend these days. It is a quick and simple way of being able to make more and more money, quickly and effectively. It has recently picked up a lot of popularity because there are multiple ways of earning money.

The app itself is a platform for multiple stores. It is a one-stop place for the customers to go through different stores to purchase a product. Each time a product is purchased and delivered, the application owner makes a commission.

The beauty of the application lies in the fact that the app owner doesn’t really have to do anything at all when it comes to making money. Stores can register on the app and users can log into the application. Each time any transaction happens through the app, the app owner automatically makes money.

How much money they want to make will also be dependent on the application owner themselves. They can decide what kind of a percentage of commission they want to earn from the application. This app business is therefore at such a boom. Minimum efforts reap maximum benefits.

Another wonderful thing about the mobile application is that the app is that you can earn from advertisements as well. The app is a platform where people can place the advertisements of their business. One marijuana dealer or shop can advertise on the application to beat their competition and so on and so forth.

The owner of the app gets a commission every time there is a booking made from the uber for marijuana delivery app. So basically, every single time any user anywhere in the world uses this app to make a booking for Marijuana delivery, the app owner gets a commission. This commission too is an amount that is present and pre-decided by the app owner himself. Guess who’s getting real rich real soon?