on demand private jets

The use of private jets is no longer limited to the elite and the millionaires. The private jet experience is one that is now being enjoyed by everyone every day wherever they are in the world. This is because the Uber for private jets allows you to book a chartered flight in minutes. This flight can be booked using any smart phone that uses Android or iPhone technology. The cost of the flight is also comparatively very reasonable. Users can opt to Uber pool for private jet and find out what flights are available in their locality and plan their journey accordingly.

Private aviation enables maximizing users’ time

By having the facility of a private plane, users can use their day to its full potential. Customers can now get more hours in their average day, thanks to the flexibility offered by on demand aviation.

There are many companies that in the business of providing this facility to users. Some of the well known names in this field include Victor, Surf Air and Jet Suite. All these companies provide such a facility whereby users can book a flight via their app or even by web. Details of the pricing are clearly provided to the customer so that he can make an informed decision before booking the flight.

There are many companies, whose flights offer perks like free snacks and drinks, thus making the ride an enjoyable one for the passengers. Studies conducted in the United States alone have proved that an estimated 800 million passengers have used this technology for their travels.

On Demand Private Jets – A Lucrative Business Venture

Have you ever thought of owning your own fleet of planes? You never got round to it because it does demand a huge investment. However you can now own an online fleet of planes, thanks to the on demand for private jets app.

All you need is an investment in the app. So if you have a brilliant idea on owning your own planes or even helicopters, all you need to do is talk to a developer who will breathe life into your idea and design you an app that will generate the maximum revenue for you in a very short period.

The next question you may be asking if what if you want to launch your business in Alaska or Nigeria. Worry not. Your app will be customized such that you get the language and the currency of the country you want to launch it from integrated into your app.

If you are wondering how you will earn from the app, then the answer is simple. For every passenger that books a flight seat using your app, you get a percentage commission. That is really not bad going for anyone who has no idea on how to pilot a plane! The commission that you will get will amount quickly such that you will soon be looking at expanding you’re on demand taxi business.

Lastly, it is important that you get the following features in your app. So, that you can give your customers a pleasant flying experience.

  • A complete white labeled solution
  • Automated payment system
  • Free support for bugs for the first year (or more based on what you are paying)
  • Customer service on demand
  • In app chat facility
  • Push notifications and text alerts

Find a reputed developer today and talk to them about your idea for Uber for private jets app. You will be amazed at how quickly you will be the owner of a smart fleet of planes, serving customers using smart technology.