Hitchhiking Clone

There are many people who hitchhike for adventure, meeting new people, trying various foods, seeing new places etc. Many countries across the world are hitchhiking hotspots like Australia, New Zealand, and America.

Although you hear of hitchhiking mishaps, they are very few and far in between. However, hitch hiking does carry risks but so do many things that we do like bungee jumping, hot air balloon rides, racing but we still do those activities.

Hitchhiking Clone

Tips for Getting a Ride

Make sure you stand in an area where a car can slow down and stop for you. If your location is not right, they will not stop.

It is advisable to make a sign with your destination on it. The drivers may not read it but at least it is serving a purpose that you have a scheduled destination and not just drifter

Make sure you are clean and presentable. No one will pick a shabby and smelling person.

If you have been waiting for quite a while, do something awkward. There is a 100% chance that a driver will stop if you are bent over.

Do Not Hitchhiking if:

  • If you feel uncomfortable with the person who has stopped for you. Most people have no intention of harming but it is always good to trust your instincts. If you think the driver is acting funny, then it is safer not to get into the car with him/her.
  • You need to be at a certain place at a certain time. It is easier and advisable to get the bus or hitch a ride via the hitchhikers app clone. The Hitchhiking clone script has been designed specially for such purposes. You can look up on the app to see if there are drivers going to the place where you want to go and hitch a ride with them. This way you are ensured a ride that will get you to your venue on time.

Hitch a Ride Online

In the 70s, hitchhiking was in fashion, however with time, it is dwindling.  Is it because people no longer hitchhike? Alternatively, maybe they are using an online hitchhiking method.

A online hitchhiking clone is the trend these days with the advancement of technology and apps.  These days it is simply going on the internet and finding the thing you want and hitching a ride is no different. Many drivers request for a company on the drive via the internet, maybe just for the company, or the pleasure of meeting new people.  It also helps to make the travel time shorter when you have company.

Alternatively, maybe they are hoping to get their petrol expenses paid. Whatever the reason, drivers are posting their rides on sites like the Hitchhiking Clone.

If a hitchhiker is looking for a ride, all he needs to do is log on, find the driver who is travelling to his destination, and hitch a ride with him at a fixed rate. You both benefit mutually from the arrangement.

As the owner of the hitch hiking scriptget the benefit of a set commission from every driver and hitch hiker who books through your app. The perfect way to get an extra income – sit at home comfortably while you help the world to travel.


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