on demand car wash app

Taking your car for a wash is a mission on its own. First, you have to queue for hours before your turn and then the waiting till the car washer works his magic in an effort to make your car look like it has just been driven out of the showroom. The time is not the only thing that is bothering you – despite all that waiting you still end up paying a pretty good sum for the service.

Many car washers, as well as budding entrepreneurs, have realized that there is money in offering car washing service at the car owner’s convenience.  That concept introduced by Uber has become a favorite for many service providers, and car washing is one of them.  By investing in the Uber for Car Wash, many entrepreneurs are providing a service that preferred their clients. The introduction of this concept in their business will also attract new clientele, thereby increasing their earning potential.

on demand car wash app

How On demand Car Wash App Works

For car owners who want to buy their car washed whilst they go about their business. On demand car, wash app is perfect for you. If you want to shop or visit the hairdresser, you can get your car washed whilst you do your shopping. More, get your hair styled – two jobs at the same time.

You need to do request the service on the app, give details of your car, location, date, time of the service. Once you have completed all the details, you will see the details of all the car washers in the vicinity. You can check out their services, ratings, and reviews and decide who will get the pleasure of washing your car. You make the choice by tapping on that particular car washer app like Uber for car washer.

The car washer who has got your business will come and wash your car at the designated time and place once complete will indicate on the app accordingly. Payment will automatically deduct from your credit/debit card once the job indicated as complete. You will also receive an invoice for the same.

You come out to a newly washed car after your shopping or your hairdressing appointment – No hassle of timing, payment or waiting – you can two jobs are done at the same time. Isn’t it just wonderful? if you happy with service, or not satisfied the case may be, you can rate and review their service.

Washing away your Financial Worries

Any entrepreneur can launch on demand car wash app – without investing in an actual car washing service. For every car washed, waxed, shampooed, or spa’ed you get a hefty commission – that too without lifting a finger. An easy way to make easy money. The perfect venture for any entrepreneur who likes working with cars.