The Uber Clone App – A Class Apart

Many brands have become household names. Names like Gucci, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, and Burberry are recognize globally. Another name is proudly taking its place amongst this list of prestigious brands, the Uber clone app.

In fact, my 80-year-old aunt probably does not know any of the other brands mentioned above but she does know Uber. The reason being that she uses it to travel all over the place.

I consider commuting from one place to another one of the most frustrating and time-consuming tasks. I dread commuting day in day out to work and I am sure many others do too. The expenses of owning a car are ludicrous and more and more people are looking for cost-effective ways of commuting like using the services of Uber, the on-demand taxi.

uber clone

The necessity of these people has become a lucrative business source for others. Capitalizing on the concept of supply and demand, companies and start-ups have replicated this concept.  Using the services of a good developer, they have invested in the Uber clone application so that they can also venture into the business of transporting people on demand and thus make huge profits alongside.

Things to note

It is very important to understand that Uber is actually a two app product – a driver app and a passenger app. They are the two main users of this app. The driver uses it to keep track of all the requests sent to him, confirm bookings and eventually drive the passenger to their destination. The rider is the moneymaking person for both the driver and the owner. He selects the cab service, pays for the same and after the ride, rates it too. Therefore, the design of the application is base on numerous things, the main being codes, design and scripts.

Uber clone app features

Both the driver and rider can register easily. The key components of any mobile clone app or Uber clone script are the east signing up procedures for both the drivers and the riders. Notification alerts sent to each frequently.

Management of the app
If the app interface is difficult or inconvenient, it ceases to work or becomes successful. It is, therefore, important to ensure that the designed app has a separate application interface for the driver as well as the rider, making it more convenient to use.

Google integration
The key aspect of any mobile service app is the integrated Google maps and navigation control.

The most difficult feature is the 100% transparent and reliable service integration by which the payment of the ride can be deducted easily upon the Application Program Interface with the invoice being sent to the customer, with a copy being sent to the driver too.

Calculation of the price
One of the other key features is to ensure that the calculated prices are genuine and not faulty.

Search options and sharing rides
Features like searching for drivers, or searching a location easily or ride sharing as and when required are additional features that are required.

The uber clone is an app that can open huge doors for profit-making opportunities in the ever demanding and growing business of the taxis.