uber clone app

When people think about why they should hire a taxi, they may come across many different questions in their mind like which taxi service they should choose, what will be the fees charged for the taxi service, whether it will provide the work for which the taxi is chosen or not. Going through this article will provide you with an idea about which taxi service should be chosen and why. With the changing phase of time, technology has given birth to a new world. There is a number of different taxi services launched nowadays which offers great services to its customers. One such app is Uber clone application.

Uber clone app

Uber clone app – A responsive application

The online taxi booking application – Uber clone app is unique in both of its efficacy and design. Totally customized branded all-new app that aims your brand logo stretch your brand existence. An easily handling taxi app which makes your customers use the services efficiently and frequently and also maximise the fleet booking.

  • Offers speedy cab services without getting late
  • Grab more customers with fully white-label taxi app
  • Send riders real-time updates
  • Optimize bookings with an innate interface.

Exact digital documents

Uber clone app provides a complete outline of the business growth with authentic and precise reports to consider how effectively a person is handling his fleet. With exact statistics and up-to-date lists, fleet and driver activities, the taxi dispatcher panel helps us to achieve the exact plan that we made to achieve our aim with effectiveness.

  • Manages complete Customer Relationship Management activities
  • Advance designing with real-time updates
  • Direct expenses with staunch statistics
  • Drive expansion with prophetic analytics.

Enriched package plans

The riders can book their cabs using the packages that are outstation and rental. The rental option is for the passengers so that they can take the cab at their disposal so that they can take different trips and travel to different locations with a single booking. But then again, the outstation package plan allows the riders to book the cab for intercity level.

  • It permits the user to book the cabs in advance or book for instant use.
  • Make your own package plans that suit your clients.
  • You can select different fare for a unique plan
  • Set fits and limits for the packages that you offer.

Robotic fare calculation

This wonderful app allows users to know their fare before the starting of the trip. Payments can be made using debit cards, credit cards and wallets. By bringing in the use of secure payment gateways and advanced technologies, the data of the customers remain secure and safe.

  • Fare estimation before the starting of the trip
  • Robotic billing which also includes waiting for charges
  • E-receipts after the payment confirmation
  • Multiple payment gateways and payment.

If you are thinking to start your own business and want to hammer the competitive market without the painless efforts then you can Uber clone application which is the trustworthy app and also holds a positive image in the industry.