cuddle therapy on demand app

Have you ever asked yourself the question is a cuddle a day keeps the doctor away? Research has it that every person has a requirement for one cuddle per day. Cuddling helps to improve moods, and if you get one in the morning then you can bet that the rest of your day will be great. No one will be able to spoil your mood. A cuddle is also known to boost immunity and many patients will chronic illnesses have come out smiling – just by the power of cuddles. So where do we go for our daily cuddle dose? To the Uber for cuddling app off course!

uber for cuddling

Why Cuddle Therapy is Good for Your Health

Let us look at a few advantages that we can all get when we get a cuddle ordered on demand through the cuddle therapy on demand app.

Boosts the immune system

Recent studies have shown that when people under stress are given cuddle therapy they do not fall ill. Our daily good or bad interactions alter the levels of proteins that responsible for causing diseases. Cuddling and touching can decrease the levels of the disease-causing protein thus making this therapy a very powerful method of preventing diseases.

Keeps us calm

A nurturing and casual touch can keep us calm in stressful situations.  It has been proven that couples who cuddle and hold hands regularly are usually calm in stressful situations.

Cuddling makes us happy

We always hear about people being on a “high”, maybe due to an adrenaline rush or endorphins. However, you can also be “high” just by cuddling. Human touch and cuddling releases the good hormones called endorphins into our system, along with neurotransmitters, which help in improving our moods and decreasing anxiety.

Treatment of depression and dementia

Nonsexual touching like cuddling, massaging, and holding hands boost blood flow to the brain, thus reducing symptoms of depression. Research has also shown that dementia patients were less aggressive when treated with cuddle therapy.

Get into the business of uber for cuddling

If you want to play an indirect role in saving the world then this is your chance. Invest in the app that will deliver cuddles on demand to patients and people who are in desperate need of a cuddle, maybe because they are lonely, or overcoming the death or separation of a loved one.

The app can be easily obtained from a developer. Most developers also install it for you on your server. Configuration and licensing are also taken care of. They will also customize the app for you in the language and currency of your choice. These apps are user-friendly and can be used with ease by people from all walks and backgrounds of life.

For every cuddle delivered through the uber for cuddling, you will get a percentage commission. Think of how much you will make each day. Think of the comfort you will bring to these people. By helping to make a difference in peoples’ lives you are also making a financial difference in your life. Not a bad deal at all. It is now time to invest in this amazing app and start the business of healing people through touch and cuddle therapy!