uber for plumbers

Plumbing troubles are a common problem, which can happen to anyone, anywhere and at any time. Generally, if some plumbing emergency like a burst water pipe or leaky cistern/tap occurs at odd hours, you have no idea where to go. Most plumbers work within the usual working hours. They don’t open shops before 10 or 11 in the morning and generally close by 8 or 9 at night. Apart from that, they operate individually without any support staff. They may not come at the appointed time and may overcharge you for their services. All this leads to the general frustration.

uber for plumbers

Organized handy-men services: Need of the hour

We all know how important it is to get good plumbers. Getting an unknown person inside your house to do these apparently mundane jobs is not without risks. You may end up paying more than you should or else, end up in a worse condition than before. You often wonder if such problems could be handled in any other organized way. These concerns are what has given rise for the need to have a dedicated platform, where you can hire trusted handy-men for such odd jobs. In comes, Uber for plumbers.

The answer to all your plumbing problems is here. You can make use of the latest offering from Uber that brings plumbers on-demand app. This app is a one-stop solution to all your plumbing problems. All you need to do is download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store, register yourself and you are good to go!

Why choose Uber for plumbers?

Not only these handymen verified but also rated according to their performance. After registering yourself on the app, you can inform your problem and opt from the list of plumbers available at that hour and near your location. The Plumbers on-demand app from Uber is sort of a customer service center, where you assign servicing engineers that are closest to your location by the company. The only difference here is that you can choose which plumber you would prefer to deal with your problems.

The salient features of Uber for plumbing services are as follows:

  • Easy to download and use the app
  • You get to describe your problem and estimate of cost beforehand
  • You can choose to opt-out of the booking if the cost of materials and service charge is unacceptable
  • Plumbers are available 24 x 7 and for all the 365 days
  • The plumbers arrive at the scheduled time
  • You assured of a guaranteed plumber, even if the one you select opts out.
  • You have different payment options to choose from –credit card, debit card or cash
  • Your feedback is important to rate the service being provided

Services offered

There is a wide variety of services which plumbers on-demand app offers by Uber, which ranges from a mundane fixing of a leaking tap to the installation of bath accessories. A list of some of the services offered is:

  • Change of valves in leaky taps
  • Un-choking drainage pipes
  • Installation of geysers
  • Renovation of bathrooms – changing faucets and other installations
  • Tile fittings
  • Fixing of leaking cisterns
  • Installing shower screens, curtains, and bathroom cabinets
  • Emergency repairs and routine maintenance
  • Opening of clogged kitchen sinks

The online app is similar to the taxi app by Uber, which is mostly preferred by the users because of the quality of services offered at a reasonable rate. The need for quality handymen for household problems led the developers of Uber-like apps to diversify into the on-demand services sector. They bring the best at your doorstep with just a click on your smartphone. Just a click can make all your plumbing problems flow away.

For each and every plumbing need of yours, you have a dedicated 24 x 7 open online customer care, which offers you quality services at your hour of need. The plumbers are available on these on-demand apps efficient and well trained in their jobs. Moreover, your feedback on the quality of services rendered is taken into account to better the job quality as well as services offered. You are relieved of any unnecessary tension regarding such problems, thanks to Uber for plumbers.

If you think plumbing is the business for you, then this is the time to get your hands wet and invest in the app that will start drying up leaks and repairing bathrooms on demand. You simply cannot go wrong with this one!