TaskRabbit Clone App

The digital age has brought its own musings. Who’d have thunk that we will be so dependent on technology for our every need? It began with being able to access information, but slowly with the help of online payments and banking made easy, ticketing and booking services and products became a breeze. What initially was restricted to big company orders for online shopping now came down to everyday items.

It is amusing to look back at an era like we see on “Downton Abbey” where they have an army of servants managing the estate. We all want to be pampered like that you know, where there is one butler who can rely on with any sort of problem. And he will contact the necessary branch and get the job done.

Uber for Service Provider

Before we had the technical advancement that we do today. It would’ve been impossible to think of ourselves having such facilities but now with the plethora of apps available to us, there’s hardly anything that we can’t achieve. If you can think of a need, then rest assured that there is an app for it. No matter whether it is a service or a product, you can get your solutions through one app or another.

But it’s still not a butler. Or is it?

Our fascination with a one stop shop will probably never cease to exist. We love being lazy and therefore having one place to dump all your issues seems fit. So, although one can get different apps for all kinds of services we still appreciate an Uber for service provider kind of application. This TaskRabbit clone app is essentially a central app. That can allow you to handle any kind of home related service.

Regardless of whether you want a carpenter or a plumber, whether you need the services of a beautician at home or you need a maid for the day, this is an app that will get you by. The advantage of having such an app (apart from the obvious comfort that it gives you) is that it doesn’t unnecessarily clutter your phone’s memory with too much spread across everywhere.

How does Uber for Service Provider App Work?

This is a simple app where the user can log in and select the kind of service is looking for. The customer will be presented with the list of providers in the area offering the service that he is looking for. The client is free to check the detailed profile of each service provider along with the rates. They are charging and make a selection. The service provider can select or reject the job.

If selected, he gets it, as rejected, the client requested to make another selection from an available list of service personnel. After accepting the job the service provider reaches the assigned area for the task and carries on with the task. Once the job is done, an invoice is generated and the payment deducts through payment option the client selects from cash, card. Finally, the on demand service app provider can give a rating to the client. And the client too can write a review about his experience with the service provider.

Is this a viable business?

Apps are the big thing in the market today. Everyone is dependent on apps for one thing or another. This means that because the consumer base is so huge, it only makes sense for people to enter this industry. With diverse solutions and multiple opportunities, applications are providing a steady income to many “appreneurs” today.

on demand service apps

This Uber for service provider kind of app ensures success because the range of services. That it caters to is pretty huge. The number of people that it directly targets is not a restricted figure. Because of the holistic nature of the app.

The monetary flow of the app is such that every time there is a booking made on the app for any service, the app owner makes a commission. So, the app owner can present a percentage of a commission which he will receive. If there is any payment made by the user at any point on the application. Regardless of whether he books a painter or an electrician or if the books the same electrician over and over again. The app owner will receive the pre-decided amount.

On the whole, the Uber for service provider seems like a very bright and promising business idea that is sure to help more and more users avail services from more and more number of service providers while earning its owners a lot of moolah!