uber for tutors

Today you have an Uber for almost every major on-demand like plumber, mowing, etc., to name a few. 

With digitization of the services due to on-demand service applications, it becomes possible for humans to get quick and efficient services. 

Until a point, a service that could not have been thought would have on-demand services has also become a possibility. Yes, the tutoring service.

part time services

With Uberization of the tutoring services with the Uber for Tutors, freelance tutors can set availability and teach students. The tutors thereafter receive regular incomes even with part-time services. 

Let us see how the Uber for Tutors works.

How This Tutoring services App Works

  1. User logs in to the Uber for Tutors
  2. Adds their location
  3. User gets a list of the nearby tutors
  4. A user lists the subjects that they need a tutoring service for
  5. Customer makes the payment
  6. User books tutor from the Uber for Tutors for the same day or schedules the same for a later date
  7. He/She tracks the tutor and gets notified upon arrival
  8. User receives tutoring service from the tutor
  9. Provide feedback as well as review to each other based on nature of tutoring services received as well as delivered

Thus, on a whole, Uber for tutors helps users receive quick as well as convenient tutoring services. Also it assists tutors provide tutoring services and earn a good income along the way.

Finally, it helps the business owner of the tutoring service to earn handsome commission based on users happy with services received from Uber for Tutor. 

The question that next comes to the mind which is actually a very important question is how does the Uber for Tutors assist tutors in receiving a regular income even with part-time services. 

The answer to this question is, Tutors help tutors earn extra income based on tutoring services provided. 

With the assistance of Uber for Tutors, tutors can set availability online. This way they can let the users know they are available to receive job requests.

Below mentioned are some of the features that assist the tutors to receive regular incomes even with part-time services. 

Features Present in App Assisting Tutors to Receive Regular Income Even with Part-Time Services

  1. Set Availability as Online – The tutor can set their availability online so as to start receiving job requests from users
  2. Tutor Panel – With the help of tutor panel, tutors can manage the earnings made by them and appointments
  3. Statistics – The Uber for Tutors contains statistics feature. This assists the tutor keep track of jobs and earnings made by them in a statistical or graphical format

Concluding Notes In Favour of Uber for Tutors

So, summing up in a nutshell, we can say the Uber for Tutors is a helpful solution assisting tutors receive regular income and get more tutoring jobs. This is based on the tutoring services that they provide to the user.

This promises great profits for the tutor service industry and ensures students get their queries resolved in the earliest possible.