new challenges

Organizations work 365 days and nights with employees working tirelessly to ensure delivery of nothing but the best. Today you may find many companies that has employee working day in and night out but one that stands out in terms of professionalism and quality services is V3Cube. So, here’s a glimpse into the organization celebrating Christmas 2019 with fun and welcoming 2020 with new enthusiasm, new Challenges and fervour. 

About V3Cube

V3Cube is a popular mobile app clone development company located in Ahmedabad specializing in building clones and its numero uno services as well as professionalism.

However, as serious as the company is in terms of work, the company also makes sure to have fun. 

The company makes sure to celebrate all occasions with a lot of pomp, fervour as well as bonding. This was followed when V3Cube celebrated Christmas Week from 25th to 31st December. Each day saw special events taking place to bring about team bonding, foster the spirit of team spirit to name a few. 

Christmas Week 2019

24th December

24th December saw employees participating in decorating the office at the end of the day to welcome Christmas. Also to end 2019 with colour and light. 

25th December

On 25th December, employees at V3Cube celebrated Christmas with colour as well as hard work. Despite the day being a regular working day, employees did not wither away from having fun. Employees decked in red and white became Secret Santa by becoming undisclosed gifting messiahs to other employees. The day ended with a photo session where each employee took photographs with their respective gifts. 

26th December

V3Cube believes strongly in making sure employees work as a family. On 26th of December therefore they made sure to repeat the trend. 26th December saw employees celebrating team bonding in its true sense by showcasing their talents, doing stand-up gimmicks etc.

27th December

27th December saw employees work with the same dedication they do on any other regular day but as it was Christmas Week, V3Cube planned it with a surprise. In other words, the day saw employees adorned in black and blue attires. Thereafter, employees participated in sports like Balance Lemon on Spoon, Balance Coin, etc and winners were gifted a special surprise. 

28th December

28th December saw employees take part in Twins Day. Employees paired up as twins, dressed up exactly as each other and answered questions about each other thereby fostering the spirit of friendship among the employees. 

30th December

Finally two days to call 2019 a close and welcome a new auspicious year – 2020. 30th December was Chocolate Day where employees dressed in black outfits. Thereafter they distributed chocolates among each other thereby spreading the bond of sweetness.  

31st December

Finally, the day to call 2019 a close. A new year with new challenges, opportunities for the entire team and workforce in V3Cube. Employees dressed in professional attires took part in photo sessions that day.

Through all the events, V3Cube made sure to reward each and every member of the V3Cube family with fun, frolic and a new passion as well as zeal for the coming year.