personal trainer on demand app

The story of my life – I want to get fit so I join the local gym where I pay a fortune for the annual membership because it is “cheaper” than the monthly rate. I then start going religiously, for the first week, and then maybe twice a week and eventually stop going at all. What started as a “cheap” venture actually costs me a fortune – one that I have just thrown away. I do that every year and in the process waste thousands of pounds. Not anymore, thanks to the personal trainer on-demand app.

Below I discuss several reasons why having a personal trainer on-demand app is the best way to a fitter body.

personal trainer on demand app


The main reason I couldn’t commit to a gym was hoping mainly due to lack of time and motivation. Living in a city like London meant long working hours and any free time I got. I spent it drinking away in the pub because that was the only way I could unwind.

However, when I started using the on-demand fitness coach, I actually ended up doing a lot of workouts every month compared to what I had been doing in the previous years. I just called one up when I had an hour to spare and was in the mood for a workout. The best bit was that I did not have to get out of my joggers.


Another thing that really demotivated me from going to the gym was an embarrassment. I was very conscious that I did not have the most flattering figure.  Admittedly, I was not the only one with a wobbly belly but I was very self-conscious about it.

A Fitness coach coming to my home for a workout made less self-conscious and I actually benefited from every session. I could actually see the pounds melting away with time.


Apart from the fact that has a fitness coach helped in disciplining me, deep inside me, there was that awesome feeling that my friends thought of me as coming from an elite class, simply because I talked about my personal training sessions. The truth was far from it but I was not going to tell them that. Getting a fitness coach using Uber for Personal trainer on-demand app was actually very cost-effective. You could not get a personal trainer at the gym and if you wanted one, then you had to pay a fortune.

The three reasons given above are enough for anyone to get in touch with an on-demand fitness coach instructor. The good thing about this session is sometimes you can team up with a friend or a group and have personal training sessions en-galore. One more reason to get an on-demand fitness coach – a healthy social experience!