on demand delivery app clone

The world has started moving very fast. I remember in my day there was nothing like mobile phones and computers when we were in school. We got paper report forms, written homework and I grew up in an era when even having a landline was a luxury. Today, I look at my children, aged ten and six, and see them do things on WhatsApp and other apps that I do not even know, even though I am a regular WhatsApp user.  Their education is also very advanced compared to what I studied when I was their age. This shows us how far and fast the world has moved. Mobile phones are now a necessity and schools send you information via apps.

on demand delivery app clone

Nowadays we want fast service that is convenient for us. Speaking of convenience one area that is moving in leaps and bounds is the On Demand Courier service. It is becoming very popular amongst users as it delivers at the convenience of the user and at a rate that is easy on the pocket.

Let us look at some of the reasons why this service is one, which users swear by.

  • Out of Hours Service

Normal courier companies usually take a day off during the week. However, an ideal on demand courier service is available for you at all times of the day and night, seven days of the week, 365 days a year. Christmas or Easter have no effect on your uber delivery clone – your courier will be sent on the day and time you want it to be delivered. Whether it is fresh food or medication that needs to deliver on the “day” it will be done.

Many time customers require things instantly like medication and much more. To accomplish their demand, it’s the duty of the service provider to complete the demand of the customer on time. If the demand will be completed on time, more the customers will be added to the service provider.

  • Urgent or Scheduled Deliveries

Regardless of whether you want to make the delivery now or want to schedule it for later, it is now possible with this application. If you want to make the delivery instantly, simply book using the application as you would book a taxi.

Nonetheless, it is possible that sometimes you need to send a parcel at some time in the future. You don’t need to wait till the last moment to make a booking for this delivery.

Simply log in to the app, put in the pickup and drop destination for the parcel and then schedule it for whenever you like. The application will give you an option of arranging the pick up for a time slot in the future. Simply click on it and enjoy a hassle-free experience of sending your parcel without any effort at all.

  • Real-Time Tracking

How many times has it been that you are expecting an uber delivery clone and you either keep on checking on the internet or you keep on calling requesting the status of the package? The most frustrating bit is when your website tracker says “Dispatched for delivery” at 10:00 am, it is now 6 p.m., and there is no sign of your package.

When you use the on demand courier service for your deliveries, all you need to do is just tap on the app and you will be able to “see” the exact location of your package and know when it will arrive at your doorstep.

This on demand delivery app is featured with couple of amazing tracking technologies that gives the accurate location of the deliverer. With the help of GPS and Google Map, the user gets the perfect vision of their courier. It also tells time that it will take in approaching to you.

One of the most innovative technology is also integrated into this app i.e., PUBNUB. This technology is just amazing and very accurate. PUBNUB tells the real-time location of the deliverer. As the deliverer changes the direction, his or her position will be visible on the user’s app.

  • On the Go

The on demand courier service with Uber allows you to send deliveries on the go. You need not go to the courier office to send the package. All you need is a smartphone and the app and away you go.

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Just place the delivery request through the on demand courier app and the deliverer will come to your place for collecting the courier and will drop it to the mentioned address. Until and unless the courier is not received by the person to whom you have sent, you can the deliverer all the way. With the help of this on demand courier app, people can sent couriers in a better way.

The Perfect Business Venture

In this on-demand world, the Uber delivery app clone is the ideal investment for any entrepreneur who wants to get into the business of delivering parcels. The courier delivery app is packed with features; make your business stronger with this business model.

Life is getting faster buy the minute and people getting busier. In such a scenario, the service industry is booming. People don’t have the time or patience to wait to get one item from one place to the other. This is why an on demand delivery service is practically a need of the hour.

What’s more, you needn’t invest in vehicles to send your couriers as your registered couriers will use their own vehicles. Set up your business in just two days and start delivering parcels to customers and money into your bank account.