Can a Business like Gojek help in giving employment?

Gojek has wowed everyone. Go-Jek has become an appealing event in Indonesian society. There are many motorcycle taxi apps and business-like Gojek available in Indonesia. The most popular names are:

  • Grabbike,
  • Ojesy,
  • Jeger Taxi,
  • Limobike,
  • Blu-jek,
  • Ladyjek

However, even though there are so many of them, the most popular has been gojek. It is in itself a brand that people recognize.  GoJek happens to be the first online bike taxi hailing service in Indonesia. It was the first mobile app based service provider which attempted to organize an extremely unorganized sector of bike taxi booking app.

Business like Gojek

Its initial days did see a small company but today it is the largest motor taxi company with the most motorcycle drivers. Many studies have compared Go-Jek to other motorcycle taxi apps. This shows how GoJek is the center of attention in the society, among researchers, and in the government. Among the many studies of Go-jek, no research has analyzed the relationships among Go-jek drivers.

The Gojek Drivers

Gojek basically gave a platform for the driver to find quick and easy rides. Unlike the western world, the number of cars in this part of the world is much lesser. The roads are narrower, streets busier. This is why the most preferred mode of transport is a bike.

People of different age groups and different social standing are all roaming around in bikes. Now, Indonesia is a very progressive country but isn’t necessarily a rich one. There are many people there who aren’t very educated and end up not being able to find the best kind of jobs.

Gojek has been a golden promise for such people. It allows people without any particular educational qualification to find jobs with a decent amount of money. Anyone with a bike could become a Gojek driver and start earning money.

In fact, even existing Ojek drivers found that gojek became an excellent platform for them to find rides quickly and easily. Earlier, the Ojek drivers would identify high demand areas and then park themselves there. They would sit there and wait to find someone to hire them.

What’s more, they will also then have to negotiate and bargain the rates and only if both parties agreed, will the ride go through. But the advantage of using this app is that it changed the entire ball game. The Gojek app was made to completely eliminate the problem of rates and bargaining.

So, the app has a fixed rate per kilometer and it is upto the rider to hire a Gojek or to leave it be. Once booked, the price that has been agreed upon is non-negotiable. What’s more, the riders usually missed out on other rides that would be generated from very close by just because they couldn’t see the riders.

With the app the automated GPS tracking gives the User the added benefit of sending ride requests to drivers in the vicinity. This naturally means more business which translates into a bigger pay day for the riders.

The Gojek Community

The Go-jek app has become the virtual pedestal for Go-Jek drivers. This virtual pedestal has developed into a real foundation in different contexts. The Internet did not do away with the relationships among Go-Jek drivers. Instead, it led to new relationships. The collective effect of online communities in other platforms, including Twitter and Whatsapp, has helped create a sense of community among GoJek drivers. This new relation is made much stronger by design.

Gojek Clone App

Launch Business like Gojek

If you were to start your own business like Gojek, what would be the most important thing for you? Your work force. You basically want to ensure that the people that are working from you and are using your app as the basis of their income can bank on the superior gojek Clone Script that you are offering. Gojek is not just a business. It is a symbol. A symbol of something massive that was achievable because someone risked trusting technology at the right time.