The Roadside Assistance app – A Handy Solution for broken vehicles and other Towing Services

Drivers who are stranded with broken down vehicles, or vendors looking for truck towing services have an instant solution these days. They needn’t panic any longer on whom to beckon for helping them in such instances. You can just look for towing services from Roadside Assistance app that can be readily installed on your hand held device.

Promoting such services to come handy to drivers or product owners who seek towing services is a hot business these days. Why wait for such people to reach out to you over the phone or through personal contacts, when you can be a brand yourself giving your customers an Omni-channel experience? Be the brand that can be launched sooner into the market with a uber for tow trucks app. A faster time to market is completely assured by giving you this white labelled app.

As a brand owner supplying tow services on demand, these are on top of your feature list

–          Language support depending on the country or region where your services are supported

–          Currency support depending on the geography

–          Rich customer interface which is also user friendly

–          Some customer or brand specific requirements are expected to be fit in to the towing app Integrates payment services that are customer friendly and that suits your business

–          Fare estimation so as to help your customers plan and avail the towing services

–          Easy user login to your customers preferably through social logins like Facebook, Google, etc.

The amazing towing apps for the road will help you in all of the requirements. Yes! You heard us right. By venturing into an online business by selling towing services using such an app, your brand is not limited to the above said requirements.

The roadside assistance app will have a custom rich user interface that uniquely identifies your company. It also will have a highly informative and customizable admin panel that can give you a graphical representation of the various analytics pertaining to finance, the towing rides supported and the customers who have converted. A rating and review functionality for the customers and for the drivers who provide the towing service can help boost customer relationship.

With an easy cloud installation and best in industry technical support, the tow truck app can be launched pretty easily and help you market your services to the outside world. An app like the Uber towing that provides cashless transactions, real time truck status and tracking, fare and ETA estimation and also a SOS panic button feature is going to be a sure hit among the people who are constantly seeking towing services for their needs. The feature list will be an attractive factor for them pursuing them to avail your services through this on demand roadside assistance app.

So what are you waiting for? Download and install our demo apps to understand the varied features that are offered and decide how they can be customized for your brand!

How To Earn Big Money with Uber for Dog Walking

uber for dog walking

The on demand industry has created a revolution in the service industry like no other. All services, including dog walking, can today be availed on demand. The Uber for dog walking is one such app that will be the reason why any dog walker can earn big money. Not only the dog walker but also the owner of the on demand dog walking app.

Let’s look at each of these two entities in detail and see how they can each earn from this app.

Earn Cash through Dog walking

Are you a dog lover? Or a student struggling to make ends meet? Then you need to register yourself on the on demand dog walking app. This app works just like the Uber taxi app whereby instead of riders it is dog owners looking for dog walkers for their dogs. To be located by the dog owner, you need to register on the app by providing your personal details and experience.

Some app owners might require you to sit an online test to ensure that you do have the skills in looking after a dog. Dog owners looking for dog walking services will find you and request your services via the app. All you need to do is confirm the job, turn up at the dog owner’s premise, walk the dog and return him safely back to its owner. As easy as that.

Research shows that in places like the United States, a dog walker earns approximately $20 to $30 for a half hour walk. In the United Kingdom, a dog walker earns anything between £11.50 to £14 per hour per dog. As a dog walker, you will get paid immediately after you return the dog to its owner.

Earn cash by providing dog walking services

Another way of making money is by providing the facility for dog owners to look for dog walkers. For this, you need to make a one off investment in the dog walking app. Once you have invested in the app you need to register the best dog walkers in your vicinity such that all dog owners register and look for dog walkers from you.

For every dog walker booked through your app, you get a healthy commission. That may not seem like a lot but once you add up the total commission at the end of the day, you will see that it does amount to quite a bit. Moreover, if you are a dog lover yourself and have spare time, what’s stopping you doing an odd dog walking job or two?

Money made from dog walking

Research has shown that in the UK an average dog walker walks about 192 dogs a month, earning an income of about £26,496. This figure is actually higher than the national minimum wage. This figure is on the lower side.

In the United States of America, professional dog walkers make anything from $30,000 to $80,000 annually. If these are the figures that one dog earner is making think how much commission you would be getting from one dog walker? Remember you have a team of dog walkers so your earnings will just go through the ceiling.

It is time to think out of the professional norm and make a career walking dogs by investing in the uber for dog walking app.

Take Instant Help During Medical Emergencies with Uber for Medical Transport

Uber for medical transport

In cases of emergency, our mind stops working logically. Instead of taking the right solutions, one begins to panic and that may mess up things. Added to this, with the population of each and every city increasing and fewer ambulances available, the ratio of getting an ambulance on time is even less. If you get lucky, the ambulance may take forever to reach your destination.

However, what if there could be a solution apart from ambulances that would come to the rescue during emergencies? What if you could seize this opportunity to create a platform for people to get instant help in medical emergencies? For example, if one doesn’t like going shopping, one can easily buy things online just by the touch of a few buttons.

All we have to do is to look for that core that takes us to the solution and save us for forever, no matter what kind of emergencies fall onto us. Uber for medical transport is a boon for all those people who need medical transport quickly at an affordable price and is easily available.

The service can be requested via Uber for ambulances app where people in dire need of medical aid instantly will be able to request for the same through their smart phones. As an application owner you will benefit by getting huge commissions on every service provision.

How the app works

If one is wondering how this service is used it is actually very smooth and quite simple. Like many on demand apps, this app is simple to operate. It is more straightforward and accessible than calling the hospital and asking for help, whereby at times you do not even get connected. The process is similar to the Uber taxi app, whereby you download the application, open the app, register yourself on the app and log in to use the services.

After this select the medical transport icon. Fill the pickup location and then confirm your destination by entering and selecting the right address. You’ll be amazed to see so many options available on the app. Choose the one you want and see if it fits your budget. After the selection procedure is done, confirm the booking. Note the number of driver and wait for him to reach you. You will be able to track him as he makes his way to you.

Why use this app

The application has many features that will help in case anything happens. The reason for using this particular is-

  • It is effortless to use
  • It is mobile friendly
  • It works well with GPS and access your location at the best estimate
  • Gives total detail about your ambulance
  • It provides proper information about the driver of the transport
  • Gives you the option to select the ambulance
  • It gives permission to cancel the ride at any given time
  • Calculates the fare at super-fast speed
  • Provides availability of nearby ambulances
  • It keeps history of your journey and all of the drivers related

From the customer perspective:

The app uses the gratification theory and is entirely user oriented. The app maintains a healthy relationship with the users. The service also provides free first rides although the price is highly affordable.  It can be used both on Android and iOS platform and takes a very less space. It takes minimum time to download and shows all of the uber for medical transport nearby the pickup location. It also demands ratings, and user review. So no need to worry now and go tension free while being on medical emergencies, because transportation to reach in the time of need creates the greatest tension in the situation.

Uber for Babysitter: Hire professionals for the proper care of your children

Uber for Babysitter

Raising children is one of the most beautiful phases of one’s life, and everyone wants to give the best to their children during this phase. However, this beautiful phase brings with itself a lot of responsibilities which people find it difficult to fulfil. Considering the current economic condition, both parents are required to work and look for a job outside such that they can manage the home expenses efficiently and give a good life to the young ones. In such a scenario the biggest question which arises is who will look after their children in their absence. Well, the best and most perfect solution to this is, appointing professional child care services using Uber for babysitter.

Hire a babysitter/nanny

Once you have hired a nanny, you can stay relaxed and calm for that simple reason that someone experienced and knowledgeable is taking care of your child. But for this, you can obviously not pick anyone who comes across your way. It is essential that you hire the right person who can take good care of your child and does not compromise on his safety and security. Apart from that, you also need to conduct sufficient background checks and get all relevant details about him/her to ensure that you are hiring the right person. For ensuring that you are reaching out to a right professional for your kid, the best thing to do is use  Uber for nannies for their services.

About Uber Babysitting services

The on demand babysitting app is one of the most popular online portals which is known for providing premium services to its clients. Hence for individuals who have been since long looking for premium nanny services for their children, they can without any doubt look up one on this wonderful app. It is a reliable and professional online agency that hires babysitters after conducting sufficient background and reliability checks. So before a professional is hired on the job they have to go through a tough screening process. Only when an individual is successfully able to pass through it, he gets the chance to get associated with the app.  Considering the strict screening processes and security checks followed by the company, it is feasible to approach them for babysitting services. While raising a request for a nanny, don’t forget to share details about your requirement and specifications of babysitter such that same can be fulfilled by the company.

Benefits of choosing Uber babysitting services

Once you have hired an experienced and learned professional from the app the following benefits can be achieved;

  • Preparation of meals: Babysitters registered on the app are not only efficient in handling your kids, but they are also skilled to prepare meals for them and feed them. They not only prepare food, but they are also aware of all nutritional components required within the food to keep the child healthy. So once you have them hired, you need not have to worry about the health and fitness of your children.
  • Transportation facility: Once you have availed babysitting services you can stay assured that the nanny will provide proper transportation facility to your kids. The babysitter will take care of picking and drop off your kids at school and home and ensure that they remain safe throughout.
  • Assistance in homework: Often kids find it difficult to complete their home tasks on their own. They, therefore, look for assistance and guidance of elders. Hence, if you have a professional nanny on the job, you need not have to worry about your kid’s homework. These nannies are well-educated and will help your kid in completing their homework.

Hiring a babysitter has become the need of the hour, and if in such difficult situations you get a reliable service provider then there is nothing like it. Uber for Babysitter is one such perfect application which makes reliable and professional babysitters available for your children. The professionals here are knowledgeable and experts that can be trusted upon and be hired keeping in mind safety and security of your kids.

Why there is an increasing demand for food delivery app like uber

Food delivery app like uber

The word foodie has now got a new definition. Previously a foodie was known as a person who loves to wine and dine in gourmet restaurants. Today the same term has a totally new definition – a person for who the world of eating and food is everything related to food, whether it is shopping for, preparing it, smell and texture, how it tastes and even how it is ordered. Yes, you are reading it right – the way food is ordered has given rise to a new category of foodies called smart foodies who use smart technology, namely food delivery app like uber, to order the food that is going to delight their taste buds.

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Beauty beckons! Start your expert services for a massage with Uber for massage app!

uber for massage

Fixing appointments for salon services such as massage and spa services is a cumbersome process. One needs to evaluate a list of massage services provider at nearby locations and then proceed to make a call to fix an appointment. The frustration levels up in case you do not get your appointment. The process repeats again for the end user in trying various other alternatives. For the services provider, you lose customers as you are unable to manage your availability quite instantly. A solution to both of the personas is quite readily available with the Uber for massage app! The quick time to the market solution will launch the massage service provider only in just about 48 hours and you can receive requests, manage appointments and transact easily over the online channel using the very versatile on demand massage app.

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Uber for house cleaning – Your key to a Shining home

Uber house – Your key to a Shining home

You often wonder how people manage to keep their homes dust free and shining when you often barely manage to scrape through your day fulfilling your duties in the different roles. It’s not that you lack the inclination to do so, just that time management for this, is a sore issue. You don’t need to feel guilty if you are unable to devote your time to cleaning and beautifying your house, because of other priorities. Uber for house cleaning is here is to serve that purpose.

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Known the Facts Before You Launch the uber clone in Persian language

uber clone in persian language

These days the word “uber” is almost like tea and coffee. Everybody uses it – I don’t mean the word – I mean the service of Uber. Uber became an overnight success and it started spreading its wings across the globe. The success of Uber was felt high in the air and everyone wanted to taste that success in one form or another. This hunger for success brought in a new breed of entrepreneurs called Uberprenuers who wanted to sell or launch Uber like apps including the Uber clone in Persian language.  To service these Uberpreneurs you needed developers and that is where it all began, the universal saga of supply and demand.

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Developing a successful Uber Clone Script for your business

uber clone script

The ease and fully seamless operational app that we see today came into the market after hard and long hours whereby some calculated risks were taken, operational strategies planned and put into practice by the app owners.  However, the end product is one that has been applauded across the world such that many startups and entrepreneurs are thinking about adopting a similar strategy for the success of their business. Many entrepreneurs think that it is easy to design an Uber clone script. However, you need to know exactly what it takes to create an application similar to Uber and have detailed knowledge about its business model.

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