How to Launch my own Multi Service App?

The app business is big these days. No matter what you do, or what you want, there is an app for it. However, not everyone has been able identify and utilize the potential of this business. As more and more people are coming to terms with the fact that users prefer a single app for all their uses, the application development companies are swarming up to create a Service Market Place Script.

Service Market Place Script

The TaskRabbit App

Before you we go further, it is important for us to understand what the TaskRabbit is all about. The TaskRabbit app is a mobile application that has been developed to help individual service providers enlist and offer their services.

TaskRabbit by itself doesn’t hire employees. They are not responsible for paying these people for their services. The services providers are known as “taskers”. Taskers independently register on the application and begin offering their services for customers. Each time a service is booked, the TaskRabbit Company gets a commission. This is how they make money.

What is the TaskRabbit clone app?

When a company builds an app based on the structure of a pre-existing app, it is known as a clone. The TaskRabbit clone app, therefore is a replica of the original app. When TaskRabbit started off, it had to spend a whole lot of money and time in trying to build an app that could handle the kind of requirement this application had.

However, when we now build an app based on the preexisting model of the TaskRabbit, the entire process of research and development is skirted. Because the primary app is already live and used by millions of users, it is free of any kind of bugs and glitches.

Is a TaskRabbit Clone app legal?

But of course it is. The process of cloning an app is absolutely legal. When a company makes a clone of an app they get a legal license for the same. It is legally installed on the Android Play store and the iTunes gallery for users and Service providers to download.

The only thing that you have to take care of is that you don’t end up buying the app from a company that doesn’t have the right application or the right license. The process of licensing is fairly simple. The company that you purchase the app from will hand over the Service Market Place Script to you along with the license for a domain.

Is it important to get the service market place script?

Unless you have the script of the app, otherwise known as the source code, you won’t be able to make any changes in it in the future. Please understand that any application or any business for that matter cannot stay in the same size. Things expand, businesses expand too.

This is why in order to ensure that your business is scalable and can handle all sorts of modifications and changes with time. Unless you have the source code or the service marketplace script you will certainly not be able to make any changes to it.

Where can you get an app like that?

It is actually quite simple to get such an app. you can simply look for a TaskRabbit Clone app online and find a list of companies that build or develop these apps. There are certain things that you have to be very careful about while buying the Service Market Place Script.

  • Is the company selling the app a reliable one?

Ensure that the company that you buy the app from has a good reputation in the market. It is your responsibility to check against fraud and scams before you put your money in. An easy way to do that is to simply go through their client testimonials. Check on whether they have gotten good service or not.

  • Is the app ready yet?

Sometimes, certain companies start building the app for you AFTER you have paid them the money. You don’t want to get into anything of that sort. Your objective is to be able to launch the application as soon as possible so that you can go live and start making money from it almost immediately. So, the best way to do that is to ask for a demo application. If any company refuses to share a live demo, you should understand that they are probably not ready.

  • Do you get support even after the purchase of the app?

This might seem like a trivial detail but you never know what kind of problems you might end up facing when it comes to the app. This is why it is of critical significance that you check with the company about what kind of support can expect from them in the due course of time.  Ask for the duration of support and the scope of support. This means they must outline the nature of problems they will be able to handle for you FOR FREE after the purchase of the TaskRabbit clone app.

Why is the TaskRabbit Clone so Popular?

There has been a global shift in the way people are used to working. Earlier, one would either hunt for a service provider through known relatives or friends or be forced to do the task himself or herself, even if it meant spending twice as much. Today, people just pull out their smartphones and get working. The only thing now they have to do is that they have to take their smartphones and download an app to facilitate it.

With apps that can help you achieve just about anything, the TaskRabbit doesn’t seem like a miracle. Instead of having different apps for different services, the TaskRabbit app has combined everything together and made it into one. This app is a cumulative app. A comprehensive solution to all the needs of the Users.

TaskRabbit Clone App

Up-ing the Ante

Technology is like the ocean. Every tidal wave is followed by another larger wave. This is why when an app like the TaskRabbit was born; it was only a matter of time before the clones could make it. App cloning is a very complicated procedure wherein mobile app developers spend millions of dollars and many years to recreate the source code of an existing application. This is a legal procedure and hence involves a lot of money.

Now that the source code is developed, companies sell these apps. Today, the TaskRabbit clone is sold as hot property. Many people are interested in buying these clones because they seem to be the perfect business solution for everyone. But how to determine which is the best TaskRabbit clone app in the market?

In order to know which is the perfect TaskRabbit clone app for you, you have to be mindful of which features does this app have.

Top Features of TaskRabbit Clone App

Easy User Interface

The biggest factor that determines the popularity of an app is how easy is it to use? The ultimate objective of mobile applications is to make the life of the user easier. If it can’t do that, then there’s no point of its existence. This is why one of the first things that you must watch out for is to see the user interface. The design of the pp has to be intuitive and the app should flow naturally from one place to another. If it’s too complicated to figure out how to deal with it, then no one is going to use it.


One much-neglected aspect is the design of the app. People are so focused on looking at the functionality of the application that they completely ignore the looks of the app. You know what they say about the pretty cheerleader right? She always gets the quarterback! In this case, unless your app looks as pretty as a ballerina, she won’t be able to woo the clients.

Bug fixing

When someone sells you an app, they tell you all about how wonderful the application is and all the flawless features that it is blessed with. What they don’t tell you is that the moment you bring it to real-world application, there are going to be. Every app (no matter how amazing it is) will have a few bugs from time to time. You must ensure that you only buy the TaskRabbit clone app from the company that offers to settle the issue of bug fixing. Make sure that you speak with them beforehand for the issue to avoid any unwanted costs later.

Social media sign in

Not everyone wants to register for your app by creating a new account. Give the ability to your users to sign in using pre-existing accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. This will make the entire process of application sign in much easier and user-friendly. When you look at apps from different companies then make sure that you pick one which definitely has the feature of local social media login.

TaskRabbit clone

Payment gateways

The present times offer many different payment options for the people. This is why you have to ensure that you TaskRabbit clone app is right ahead. Ensure that your app has the three basic payment options that are a must. The first is cash payment that is convenient for everyone; the second is online credit card payment and the final one is through in-app payment wallets. Since all kinds of apps offer these convenient options, make sure that you do too.

How do Apps Like TaskRabbit Help Workers?

Ever since the app hit the market, TaskRabbit clone script has been quite the sensation. A single app that can eliminate the need for the Users to run helter-skelter and find all the help that they need in and around the house just by using their smartphone. Just by virtue of the fact that they entered the market before anyone else. They have turned into the most popular utility app for people all around the world.

taskrabbit clone script

Why is the App so Popular?

Amongst the Users

This app gained a lot of popularity amongst the user because it is easy to see that is a one-stop shop for all requirements. Whether there is a plumbing issue or your electrical wiring is not right, the apps like TaskRabbit will sort it out for you. An on-demand app facilitates instant services. That in itself is a very important factor for the people. In the kind of lives, we lead today, everything needs to be solved instantly. With an on demand application that gives you the convenience of instant booking and easy payments.

Amongst the Service Providers

For part-time workers, the TaskRabbit app is no short of a boon. This application enables people to register themselves independently as Service Providers on the app. The trends of the app indicate that small time contractors or part-time workers have gained a lot from this app. The people can make a lot of money quickly and easily because it allows prospective customers to get in touch with them directly. They can upload their work experience, the kind of ratings other people have given them and their rates right on the app so that the customer can see for themselves and decide.

Can you enter the market with apps like TaskRabbit?

Believe it or not, this is the time. The digital wave is at its all-time high. As more and more people are becoming dependent on applications for their daily needs, they are going to be on the lookout for more app that can help them.

You can launch your own business by creating your own TaskRabbit App Script. You can choose to either buy a readymade app or you can build your app from scratch based on your particular requirement. A multi-service provider application can be launched anywhere in the world. So long as there are people, they will always have a requirement for odd jobs or handymen in the world.

Make or Buy?

The biggest dilemma for anyone planning to start their own business with a digital platform is whether they should buy the app off the shelf or will they benefit from making an app from scratch. Now, the most common misconception is that you can only get the right kind of application if you build it from scratch. That’s not at all true.

Before taking the first step, one has to understand that building an app is a very long and complicated process. Things don’t just happen in a day, in a week, in a month or even a year. Building an app can be a very tedious process. It takes years to research something and then to build it step by step dries you out completely. But are you willing to wait so long to start your business?

Buying a readymade app is a much better option. You can easily go through the app and decide for yourself whether you like it or not. This means it’s as simple as walking into a store and buying a product. You can take a look at the item, see what it is, experience it and when satisfied with it, then you can purchase it. With the TaskRabbit clone script or in fact with any of the apps like TaskRabbit you can first take a demo of the application and then decide whether you want it or not.

apps like taskrabbit

How does a service provider app make money for the app owner?

The way such apps work is pretty fascinating. There is hardly anything that the app owner has to do! Once the app is bought and launched, independent service providers can register themselves on the apps and start taking jobs from the customers. Each time a job is booked through this app, the app owner will be able to make money on it.

There is either a fixed rate of commission per task or a flexible charge that the app owner gets per booking. This charge or rate is also decided by the app owner themselves. So, if a User uses the app to book the services of a handyman at $5, and the admin decides to keep $1 from every booking, then the handyman gets $4 and the app owner gets $1 when the service is offered.

In conclusion, the TaskRabbit clone script or any apps like TaskRabbit will be a force to be reckoned with. The time is right and you should take the big leap to start a successful business now!

Uber for Service Provider: Your Digital Butler

The digital age has brought its own musings. Who’d have thunk that we will be so dependent on technology for our every need? It began with being able to access information, but slowly with the help of online payments and banking made easy, ticketing and booking services and products became a breeze. What initially was restricted to big company orders for online shopping now came down to everyday items.

It is amusing to look back at an era like we see on “Downton Abbey” where they have an army of servants managing the estate. We all want to be pampered like that you know, where there is one butler who can rely on with any sort of problem. And he will contact the necessary branch and get the job done.

Uber for Service Provider

Before we had the technical advancement that we do today. It would’ve been impossible to think of ourselves having such facilities but now with the plethora of apps available to us, there’s hardly anything that we can’t achieve. If you can think of a need, then rest assured that there is an app for it. No matter whether it is a service or a product, you can get your solutions through one app or another.

But it’s still not a butler. Or is it?

Our fascination with a one stop shop will probably never cease to exist. We love being lazy and therefore having one place to dump all your issues seems fit. So, although one can get different apps for all kinds of services we still appreciate an Uber for service provider kind of application. This Taskrabbit clone app is essentially a central app that can allow you to handle any kind of home related service.

Regardless of whether you want a carpenter or a plumber, whether you need the services of a beautician at home or you need a maid for the day, this is an app that will get you by. The advantage of having such an app (apart from the obvious comfort that it gives you) is that it doesn’t unnecessarily clutter your phone’s memory with too much spread across everywhere.

How does Uber for Service Provider App Work?

This is a simple app where the user can log in and select the kind of service is looking for. The customer will be presented with list of providers in the area offering the service that he is looking for. The client is free to check the detailed profile of each service provider along with the rates they are charging and make a selection. The service provider can select or reject the job.

If selected, he gets it, of rejected, the client requested to make another selection from available list of service personnel. After accepting the job the service provider reaches the assigned area for the task and carries on with the task. Once job done, an invoice is generate and the payment deduct through payment option the client select from cash, card. Finally, the service provider can give a rating to the client. And the client too can write a review about his experience with the service provider.

Is this a viable business?

Apps are the big thing in the market today. Everyone is dependent on apps for one thing or another. This means that because the consumer base is so huge, it only makes sense for people to enter this industry. With diverse solutions and multiple opportunities, applications are providing a steady income to many “appreneurs” today.

on demand service apps

This Uber for service provider kind of app ensures success because the range of services that it caters to is pretty huge. The number of people that it directly targets is not a restricted figure. Because of the holistic nature of the app.

The monetary flow of the app is such that every time there is a booking made on the app for any service, the app owner makes a commission. So, the app owner can preset a percentage of commission which he will receive. If there is any payment made by the user at any point on the application. Regardless of whether he books painter or an electrician or if he books the same electrician over and over again. The app owner will receive the pre decided amount.

On the whole the Uber for service provider seems like a very bright and promising business idea that is sure to help more and more users avail services from more and more number of service providers while earning its owners a lot of moolah!

Planning to Develop an on demand service app for your business

Many businesses are thriving with the help of on demand service apps. These apps have become the engine of most of these businesses. It is very difficult for these businessmen to even think of what their lives were like before this wonderful piece of technology came along. The on demand industry is one that is moving in leaps and bounds and every entrepreneur and businessman wants to get on the on demand bandwagon. If you fall in this category then this is the time to make that very bold step and look into developing you very own on demand app, an app that will take you and your business to unimaginable heights.

According to the way the on demand industry is growing, it has been forecasted that there will be many industries that will adapt the on demand technology for efficient service delivery. This industry places a lot of emphasis on the prompt delivery of services, whether it is a doctor, tutor, housemaid, taxi or escort. Whatever industry you come from, you can rest assured that on demand apps will fulfill all your business requirements. All you need is a developer who will give you the app according to your business requirements and specifications.

on demand service apps

The necessity of an on demand service apps

With the growth in technology along with the very thriving mobile industry, the question of viability as well as mobility is therefore taken out of the picture, therefore giving preference to mobile apps over other alternatives. The uber concept is the backbone of all on demand services. Uber has introduced the world to a faster and efficient way of providing services.

The characteristics that have made on demand service apps successful

  • Prompt and efficient service
  • Delivery at your doorstep
  • It is a concept that works for all products and services
  • Cost effective compared to traditional services
  • Complete transparency throughout the process
  • Time and energy saving concept

 Better Transparency using state of the art technology

To survive in this very competitive market it is imperative that you have the right technology. To get the best output for your business, you therefore need to choose the latest and reliable state of the art technology.  The technology selected should be able to provide flexibility, usability and most important, convenience to all its users.

Key Features of a successful on demand application

A thoroughly defined structure is the key to a successful well programmed and well managed app. The app should be simple and productive, such that it is able to provide prompt access to tools to do a set task.

Key features:

  • Search of products and/or service
  • Request product/service
  • Delivery scheduling
  • Automated payment for delivery
  • Wish and shopping lists
  • Ratings and review – an efficient and proactive feedback service
  • Notifications via text messages and calls in real time

For any app to survive, the above features and characteristics are important. In addition there should be other proactive features that will make your app stand out in the market and help to beat the cut-throat competition. It is therefore important that you have a basic knowledge on the features that you should implement in your app.

Registration – Before using any application, the first step would be to register on the app. Once registered, you can get access to the app. Registration can be done via your mobile phone. However added registration features like Social Media networks which include Facebook, Google and Twitter will make your app more accessible to the users.

Communication – This feature should be added to avoid any confusion between the users and the admin. Communication can be in the form of text messages, emails and chats.

Real time tracking – This is a feature that allows users to locate and track the service/product, using real time Geo location technology. Taxi apps have become popular because of this very feature.

Automated cashless payment system – The automated payment system is a Godsend for this app. It saves users from the embarrassment and the hassle of keeping loose money/wallet and maybe even losing cash. You can choose various methods of automated payment depending on what your preference is.

The above list highlights some of the main features. This list is not exhaustive but they are the main features that all on demand service apps have; the features that make these apps outstanding and successful.  For your business, make sure you do a thorough research on what features and functionalities will be required for your app for maximum revenue generation as well as efficiency in service/product delivery.