grab clone

Grab is a ride-hailing and delivery app that has already taken the world by storm. From Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, and Myanmar, to many other Southeast Asian countries, this app has become popular. Offering multiple services to a population of over 670 million people, Grab has earned a higher recognition in the market. Looking at the success of the original Grab app, developers have now developed Grab Clone App

Transportation plus Delivery Services in One App 

The Grab-like app allows users to book taxi and moto rides, order food online, medicine delivery, grocery delivery, and parcel delivery.  Yes, your users can book all these services on a single app. 

The user-friendly platform gives your customers a wide range of services to choose from and besides that, ensures that they are smoothly delivered. The app integrates ultra-modern features so that customers could easily book/schedule rides, manage payments, track the service provider, etc. 

This multi-service app is a one-stop solution for your user who commutes via taxi every day or orders food, medicine, groceries, etc. online. 

How to Book a Service on Grab Clone App?

If a customer wants to book an on-demand service on your application, you need to follow these steps – 

  1. Register on the app with their name, phone number, and email address. 
  2. Edit their profile if they want to. 
  3. Select the service they wish to book. 
  4. Make preferred selections such as taxi type, add to cart items, choose single/multiple delivery options, etc. 
  5. Choose the payment method. 
  6. Tap on the ‘Book Now’ button to instantly book the service or ‘Book Later’ to schedule. 

That’s how simple it is to book services on this taxi plus delivery app. 

Book Multiple Doorstep Delivery Services 

Using this on-demand service app, your customers can book multiple delivery services with just one app installation. 

Your customers can book these services on the Grab Clone App. 

Food Delivery 

By selecting this service, your customers can order food online from any nearby restaurant or food joint. The platform makes it possible for users to book services anytime they want to, 24×7. 

All they need to do is select the restaurant or search for it on the app and within a fraction of a second, its entire menu will be displayed on the screen. Now, the customer can select the food item they want and add it to the cart. If the customization option is available, they can use it and add a different sauce, more veggies, bread of their choice, etc. 

Grocery Delivery 

The Grab Clone App also allows customers to order groceries from a nearby store or supermarket. They can add all the grocery items they want in the cart, modify the quantities, or remove some items from the cart from the checkout page itself. 

Lastly, they can choose the payment method they want, book the service, and start tracking their delivery in real time. 

Medicine Delivery 

Your customers can also use the platform to order prescribed medicines and get them delivered to their doorstep. All they need to do is click the photo of the prescription provided by the doctor on the app and start ordering the medicines online. 

Now, they can select the address they want to get the medicines delivered! Within minutes, a professional delivery driver will arrive with all the ordered medicines. 

Parcel Delivery 

Sending and receiving parcels with the Grab Clone App has become so easy. Your customers can now send parcels to local addresses easily. 

They can send anything across the city from a pile of files to a single-page document, furniture, or cement bags to construction sites. 

In Conclusion: 

Launching the on-demand Grab Clone App will not only make your customers’ lives easy but also help you to make millions in profit. 

This application offers your customers ride plus delivery services in a single click on their smartphones. And in return, you make profits on every single service booking on the platform. 

So, get the app feature-rich and mature app solution today!