Uber for Service Provider: Your Digital Butler

The digital age has brought its own musings. Who’d have thunk that we will be so dependent on technology for our every need? It began with being able to access information, but slowly with the help of online payments and banking made easy, ticketing and booking services and products became a breeze. What initially was restricted to big company orders for online shopping now came down to everyday items.

It is amusing to look back at an era like we see on “Downton Abbey” where they have an army of servants managing the estate. We all want to be pampered like that you know, where there is one butler who can rely on with any sort of problem. And he will contact the necessary branch and get the job done.

Uber for Service Provider

Before we had the technical advancement that we do today. It would’ve been impossible to think of ourselves having such facilities but now with the plethora of apps available to us, there’s hardly anything that we can’t achieve. If you can think of a need, then rest assured that there is an app for it. No matter whether it is a service or a product, you can get your solutions through one app or another.

But it’s still not a butler. Or is it?

Our fascination with a one stop shop will probably never cease to exist. We love being lazy and therefore having one place to dump all your issues seems fit. So, although one can get different apps for all kinds of services we still appreciate an Uber for service provider kind of application. This TaskRabbit clone app is essentially a central app. That can allow you to handle any kind of home related service.

Regardless of whether you want a carpenter or a plumber, whether you need the services of a beautician at home or you need a maid for the day, this is an app that will get you by. The advantage of having such an app (apart from the obvious comfort that it gives you) is that it doesn’t unnecessarily clutter your phone’s memory with too much spread across everywhere.

How does Uber for Service Provider App Work?

This is a simple app where the user can log in and select the kind of service is looking for. The customer will be presented with the list of providers in the area offering the service that he is looking for. The client is free to check the detailed profile of each service provider along with the rates. They are charging and make a selection. The service provider can select or reject the job.

If selected, he gets it, as rejected, the client requested to make another selection from an available list of service personnel. After accepting the job the service provider reaches the assigned area for the task and carries on with the task. Once the job is done, an invoice is generated and the payment deducts through payment option the client selects from cash, card. Finally, the on demand service app provider can give a rating to the client. And the client too can write a review about his experience with the service provider.

Is this a viable business?

Apps are the big thing in the market today. Everyone is dependent on apps for one thing or another. This means that because the consumer base is so huge, it only makes sense for people to enter this industry. With diverse solutions and multiple opportunities, applications are providing a steady income to many “appreneurs” today.

on demand service apps

This Uber for service provider kind of app ensures success because the range of services. That it caters to is pretty huge. The number of people that it directly targets is not a restricted figure. Because of the holistic nature of the app.

The monetary flow of the app is such that every time there is a booking made on the app for any service, the app owner makes a commission. So, the app owner can present a percentage of a commission which he will receive. If there is any payment made by the user at any point on the application. Regardless of whether he books a painter or an electrician or if the books the same electrician over and over again. The app owner will receive the pre-decided amount.

On the whole, the Uber for service provider seems like a very bright and promising business idea that is sure to help more and more users avail services from more and more number of service providers while earning its owners a lot of moolah!

Is Uber for Marijuana a New thing?

This year definitely brought a lot of good news for our regular pot stoners with the legalization of marijuana across quite a few states across the U.S. Cannabis has, however, been used for medical practices since over a decade. While most laymen think of it as the “go to” addiction for people or the best way to get “high” easily, there are many new and non-addictive methods of consuming weed that is appealing to a lot of people. New studies are vindicating marijuana from the usual stigma associated with it. And once again revalidating the notion that marijuana is drastically less risky than nicotine, alcohol, and opiates.

on demand weed delivery app

It has been noticed that people going through any form of rigorous or unceasing pain, going through chemotherapy, or recovering from injury, will accept THC and CBD as pain-relieving alternatives to opiates. This can help in steering clear of the many treacherous side effects and addiction.

What’s more, alcohol has nothing but empty calories to offer in exchange for the high that it gives. However, marijuana or weed is a much liver –friendly option. As the world in general bends towards the healthier lifestyle choices, it is imminent that more and more people will choose to go the weedy way.

You aren’t an addict just because you smoke weed!

So if you were scared that people are only going to look at you as a pothead because you indulge in your occasional weed for any number of reasons think again. The marijuana users that used to be considered as hopeless, lifeless and purposeless have now been able to come out of that stereotype owing to the multiple uses of marijuana.

As mentioned above, people have begun to understand the true value of cannabis as more and more of it is being used for positive therapeutic uses. This is why its consumption has changed form. Now people don’t just roll some marijuana up on paper and burn it up to get high. What people have started doing is using it in different forms. You will find edible candies and vape sticks hitting the market.

Uber for Marijuana

Who knew this could’ve been a possibility? Today with the growing demand for marijuana for a plethora of purposes, new apps have come into the market. That direct at helping legitimate marijuana sellers to sell high-quality products to buyers in a risk-free and transparent way.

But the weed business is a very bright and booming one. This means that the scope for expanding it and making money from it is huge. There is no doubt about the fact that marijuana used recreational or medicinally, generates a lot of money and app owners have found a sleek way of dipping their hands in it.

How does the on demand weed delivery app work?

The on demand app for weed delivery is just as the name goes. When there is a requirement for marijuana, users can go on the app and put in their requirement. Based on that they will get a list of all the nearby dealers who are selling weed along with the price at which they are offering it. The user can choose his pick and place the order. Delivery personnel will come and deliver the marijuana to the user at the appointed time.

The best thing about this app is that the user gets different payment options to ensure a safe transaction. He can choose between credit card, wallet or cash before he even places the order. This means that the entire transaction can go on seamlessly.

The owner of the app gets a commission every time there is a booking made from the uber for marijuana delivery app. So basically, every single time any user anywhere in the world uses this app to make a booking for Marijuana delivery, the app owner gets a commission. This commission too is an amount that is present and pre-decided by the app owner himself. Guess who’s getting real rich real soon?

Uber for prostitutes is a promising step towards safer sex work

Sex has been a requirement for every form of life. Even before Eve had the infamous “forbidden Apple” of knowledge, she knew that her most basic elemental need was sex. Just like hunger and thirst, sex is a phenomenon that the world is going on by. Animals have sex, insects have sex, birds have sex and some species of plants too.

However, I really don’t understand how and when sex became a taboo. People have started associating sex with virtues. However, that wasn’t always the case. Our cave men enjoyed sex whenever they liked too. But they were uncouth people. Violence was their only solution to things. Although mankind today has become more intelligent than its ancestors, the aspect of violence towards sex workers hasn’t completely gone.

uber for escorts

Discrimination in the society

There is no doubt about the fact that there is a tremendous amount of discrimination towards sex workers. Even in countries where offering sexual services is completely legal, the underlying social discrimination can always be sensed. In a sharp contrast to places where sex workers aren’t even allowed to have their own bank account, “Uber for Prostitutes” or Uber for Gentlemen Companion is ushering in a new era of infinite awareness and acceptability. While many argue that offering services isn’t particularly a very moral business, entrepreneurs have begun asking, “why not?’.

The internet and its role in sexual liberation

Since its inception, the internet has been quite the library for any and all kinds of sexual gratification. Whether it is porn, or erotica, or even going to Craigslist to find an intimacy partner, it has been there. But until now, not too many people thought about digitizing it with an Uber for Gentlemen Companion app. Prostitution is an industry which is very prone to violence at every level. Not just the clients, sex workers have confessed that their pimps would also beat them to ‘get them in line’. Even the police are known to trouble them because they don’t have a safe platform to operate from.

Having an app changes all of that. Almost everyone has access to smart phones these days. Arming these phones with an on demand sexual gratification service makes it much more accessible and a thousand times safer for both parties.

How does the app like Uber for Gentlemen Companion work?

Working the street is almost cruel. This app allows the clients to get in touch with the service provider without him or her having to parade themselves in less than dignified conditions. Users can simply log into the app and choose their preference from straight women, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, fetishists and get a list of prostitutes offering such services. Then he or she can window shop across the profiles of these candidates and choose the one that they like the most. Sending out a request gives the prostitute an option of either accepting the request or rejecting it. Whoever accepts the request gets the job.

Money talks

At the risk of sounding blatant, I’ll just go ahead and say that making such an app has not only brought a certain degree of respect to the service offered (regardless of whether it is intimate or simply getting a paid date), these apps are making financial aspect of this being an unorganized sector very easy. I mean, imagine the kind of revenue the government can make if these apps hit off.

Let’s just call it an uber for Adult entertainment as a legitimate business can be so beneficial to the country’s income owing to the service taxes and any other kind of tax that any kid of business is subjected to. This app can completely replace any pimp involved. I don’t want to sound crass but the app IS the new PIMP. It helps you find your clients and does the financials. It also makes sure that both parties are not cheated or offered anything that they do not agree to or won’t be willingly indulging in.

On the whole, this seems like a pretty nice concept to me. If there is a company that can offer an app like Uber for Gentlemen Companion and iron out the creases, I think, we have the makings of the next big digital superhero on its heels!

Fast Track Lives-High Tech Taxi Apps

Speed has become synonymous with life. People today live a very fast track life and they love every second of it. What they don’t like is the waiting in between when they have too many important things to do but are stuck in the limbo of nothingness because they can’t find a cab. To address this issue, Uber came into the picture quite a few years back and revolutionized the idea of hailing a cab. But did it stop just there?

uber clone

Competitive Market for Uber Clone Taxi Solution

The marketplace today for any product or service has become extremely competitive. The idea of monopoly no longer exists. If one company decides to make something, rest assured that there will be other offerings same or similar services with a few value ads as well. This is why it has become extremely important for business owners to add the splash of innovation and novelty to pre-existing business models.

I like to call myself youthful. And what I can tell you about the youthful generation today is that they do not give up that easily and are not afraid to explore ideas. This makes business an extremely “fun” area of innovation. Taking a simple taxi app and turning it into an on-demand taxi business that offers unique services is one of many examples.

Technology Everyday

A very basic observation from my end is that technology reforms almost every day. There is something better and something new in the market every day. The wave of digital enhancement is probably at its peak. Using technological enhancements for a better user experience only makes sense. Today, you are armed with the ammo that helps you succeed and you must load, lock, the fire just now!

Forgive me if I sound too sensitive about the whole cab situation, but that’s only because I have been a regular user for quite some time now and I am totally convinced that there is so much more in this space that we need to explore and with options like driver dispatch systems and automation facilities like geo-fencing, automatic distribution and allotment and regular driver intimation, taxi apps have already come to a cusp of technological advancements.

A Common Problem

I totally love taxi booking through apps. However, a slight glitch that is feeling is still existent fact that most of the times, the route isn’t optimized. This is a major cause of concern for the drivers because sometimes they end up burning a lot more fuel than they should for the said route. The customer too ends up spending a long time in the cab just because the route was longer.

A little adjustment here can go a long way. In fact, many of the new companies that are offering Uber taxi clones have added route optimization as in a value addition for people hoping to buy Uber clone. If you are indeed planning to enter the space of on-demand taxi for hire, then you must look for an Uber clone that comes with the maximum number of features as well as support for you to make the most out of your business.

Taxi Business Solution

Get your Creative Juices Flowing

Innovation, novelty, and creativity is the forte for the ‘now’ generation. This is probably why even as a consumer people appreciate thinking out of the box. Show them a normal restaurant with amazing food and they’ll go once or twice. Show them a restaurant on wheels, with a changing menu every day; you can be sure that the crowds will keep on pouring.

Innovation and success go hand in hand. The on-demand service industry has infinite options. If there is a need for any kind of service, you can offer it through your Uber clone. Transform a simple taxi clone app into either a niche service offering business or a multiple on demand services platform. It’s all up to you!

Do a little research and get in touch with a few companies who are into uber clone products, and you can see how many doors are waiting for you to open them! Add a splash of your personality to a basic cab app and see how big and successful your own business can be!

Snow Plowing App to run Successful Snow Removing Business

There is no doubt that we are living in the mobile era. Everyone today has a smart gadget, be it a tablet or a phone, all full of smart apps that enable the user to do everything without lifting a finger or even putting their hand in their wallet to make a payment. Apps have been designed to make life easier. Today there are apps for ordering pizza, requesting a taxi, requesting a beauty treatment at your home or office or any other thing you can think of. There is even a snow plowing app that will get snow cleared from your driveway on demand. How’s that for convenience?

snow plowing app

Advantages offered by uber for snow plowing app

Price on request

Before you book the job, you get an indication of what the cost of the service will be. Depending on what you want to shovel i.e. car,  driveway, lawn etc, prices will display according to your requirements. There is no requirement to negotiate prices as you get a rate as soon as you input a job request.

Method of snow removal

There are apps that offer a choice of plows or shovels depending on what you require. Plows tend to work faster than a shovel, so you, therefore, can choose either depending on the urgency of the job.

In-app navigation system

Once you have requested a job, you can track the snow plow making its way towards you and know how long it will take to arrive.

Get into the business of shoveling snow

The time is right to invest in one of these apps and offer a snow shoveling service like no other. Winters have become severe across the globe, with heavy and severe snowfalls everywhere, especially in countries that are in the extreme northern and southern hemispheres.

For every job booked through your app, you get a commission. Moreover, depending on where you want to launch your app, it can be customized to the currency and language of that country. If you are looking to launch the app in Russia, you can get the app customized such that it is in Russian language and the currency is customized to the Russian Ruble.

If you are wondering what the cost will be, then you can rest assured. That the price you pay for the app is nothing compared to the returns you will get. Of course, the cost of the app will depend on the features you request for your app. However with a few thousand dollars, you can easily buy a readymade app with the basic features.

It goes without saying that the more the features the higher the price of your app. Remember though that it is these unique extra features. That will set your app a class apart and bring business to you.

Countries, where this app would be a thorough success, include Canada, Alaska, Russia, Norway and other such countries which get heavy snowfall during winter. Get your snow plowing app today and start the lucrative business of shoveling snow from peoples’ premises and earn top dollar for it too!

Dreaming of a Romantic Dating on this Valentine’s Day? Click Uber for Escorts App

The day when all the lovebirds pledge their undying love for each other will soon be upon us. Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world by people who have someone to share their life with or are in a relationship. This day is also for those who are looking for a relationship to ward off the loneliness in their lives. More often than not singles always find someone to ask them “Will you be my Valentine?”. However, this is not always the case.

There are many in this world who are unlucky in love and have not met someone. Maybe they have and it has not worked out for them. Or maybe they are still on the lookout for Mr. or Ms. Right. However to find that right person is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

uber for escorts

Uber for Escorts app helping you to Enjoy these  Valentine’s Day find that perfect date

Since it is difficult to find the right person for you, Uber for dating apps has made this easier. All the singles register on this app with details of what they are looking for in their ideal date.  If you are a singleton and want to find that right person you need to download the app and register on it with your personal details. They will also need to upload their picture along with details of their likes and dislikes as well as hobbies. You then need to log into the app and input details of the type of person you are looking for.

For that, you need to enter whether you want a male or a female, age category, date and time you want the date for. You also need to specify whether your requirement is for a date who is single, divorced, single parent etc. Once all the criteria have been set, the system will vet out the relevant dates and the user will be able to see their basic profiles on the screen. If the user wishes to check out a profile further, like look at the pictures, or view their contact details they will have to pay for the service. This payment will automatically be deducted from the user’s payment card, the one he used for payment purposes when he registered.

Now that the user has access to the various profiles he/she can easily select their dream date and have a perfect Valentine Date, with the full works – roses, chocolates, champagne etc.

Help find love this Valentine

If you are looking for a new startup then the on-demand dating uber for escorts app is ideal for you at this time of the year. All the singletons will be on the lookout for that perfect date this Valentine and thus the season to strike is now.

on demand escort app

This app is not only for Valentine’s Day. Users can find dates whenever they want, maybe for a casual meet up or just to have coffee.

Think of a unique idea for your dating app and get a developer to give you the app of your dreams. Earning has never been so easy since the dating industry is one of the largest in the world. You can also get a Tinder clone if you want. Just speak to a developer and get your app today. After all, it is only a few days to Valentine and you do not want to miss the opportunity to make the most of your uber for escorts app !

Uber for Cuddling : Forget all and Enjoy Cuddle Therapy

Have you ever asked yourself the question is a cuddle a day keeps the doctor away? Research has it that every person has a requirement for one cuddle per day. Cuddling helps to improve moods, and if you get one in the morning then you can bet that the rest of your day will be great. No one will be able to spoil your mood. A cuddle is also known to boost immunity and many patients will chronic illnesses have come out smiling – just by the power of cuddles. So where do we go for our daily cuddle dose? To the Uber for cuddling app off course!

uber for cuddling

Why Cuddle Therapy is Good for Your Health

Let us look at a few advantages that we can all get when we get a cuddle ordered on demand through the cuddle therapy on demand app.

Boosts the immune system

Recent studies have shown that when people under stress are given cuddle therapy they do not fall ill. Our daily good or bad interactions alter the levels of proteins that responsible for causing diseases. Cuddling and touching can decrease the levels of the disease-causing protein thus making this therapy a very powerful method of preventing diseases.

Keeps us calm

A nurturing and casual touch can keep us calm in stressful situations.  It has been proven that couples who cuddle and hold hands regularly are usually calm in stressful situations.

Cuddling makes us happy

We always hear about people being on a “high”, maybe due to an adrenaline rush or endorphins. However, you can also be “high” just by cuddling. Human touch and cuddling releases the good hormones called endorphins into our system, along with neurotransmitters, which help in improving our moods and decreasing anxiety.

Treatment of depression and dementia

Nonsexual touching like cuddling, massaging, and holding hands boost blood flow to the brain, thus reducing symptoms of depression. Research has also shown that dementia patients were less aggressive when treated with cuddle therapy.

Get into the business of uber for cuddling

If you want to play an indirect role in saving the world then this is your chance. Invest in the app that will deliver cuddles on demand to patients and people who are in desperate need of a cuddle, maybe because they are lonely, or overcoming the death or separation of a loved one.

The app can be easily obtained from a developer. Most developers also install it for you on your server. Configuration and licensing are also taken care of. They will also customize the app for you in the language and currency of your choice. These apps are user-friendly and can be used with ease by people from all walks and backgrounds of life.

For every cuddle delivered through the uber for cuddling, you will get a percentage commission. Think of how much you will make each day. Think of the comfort you will bring to these people. By helping to make a difference in peoples’ lives you are also making a financial difference in your life. Not a bad deal at all. It is now time to invest in this amazing app and start the business of healing people through touch and cuddle therapy!

Taxi Apps like Uber launching for Nigerian People

Nigeria has the largest population in Africa. Home to some 186 million people, the lack of a proper transport system makes the country look chaotic with people running around trying to go about their daily business in the best way possible. That is why when Uber was launched in this country in 2014, the residents felt that there was now some efficiency in the way they conducted their business because commuting made much easier. Since its launch, one million Nigerians had already used Uber within two years. The number was growing and that is when developers decided to look a closer look at how they could best milk this opportunity of supply and demand. Not only developers, many startups, and entrepreneurs were thinking along the lines of getting an app that talks, walks and thinks like Uber because they realized that taxi apps like uber were going to stay in Nigeria.

taxi apps like uber

A recession had also taken a toll on this vast African country and people were looking for jobs for survival. Many people thought of using their cars to ferry people to earn a loving– however, a smarter way of doing this was also indeed a welcome thought.

Smart Entrepreneurship

There is no doubt whatsoever that the one business that will definitely thrive in Nigeria is the taxi industry. Taxi drivers in this country make around N25,000 daily whilst the owners of on demand taxis make N14,000 on a daily basis, that too after all expenses, gas costs and driver rates paid. To earn this sort of income just from an app is indeed a very easy way of earning quick money.

If you introduce a very unique concept and riding experience that no other taxi app like uber is offering. That way, clients attract to your taxis because they are getting that extra that they are not getting anywhere else.

Create taxi apps like uber that will Rock the Taxi Industry in Nigeria

Think of that unique concept that no taxi business has. Remember the idea should also be one that is a necessity for the commuters. What can you offer that others are not offering? A coffee for every client? Airport rides only? Two rides for the price of one?

Make sure that you research well. You also need to address competition because once they see the success of your business, you can bet that they will try and outsmart you using your idea. It is also important that you too capitalize on the loopholes their business has so you get clients in throngs.

uber clone

Once you have your idea, look for a good developer who will give you value for money.

Developer provides you the basic app with all the usual features like real-time tracking, Geolocation, automated payment etc. Then see what else you can get extra at no extra cost. These things include licenses and other legal formalities, launching the taxi apps like Uber, configuring on your server, support, customization like language and currency, security features etc.

Once you have researched and decided who you will give your business to, it is time to take action. Get your app according to your specific requirements and you can start earning in as little as seventy-two hours. Isn’t that the quickest time for any business to take off? Get your taxi apps like Uber today and smarten the way Nigerians travel.

The Booming Era of the Beauty On Demand App

The introduction of the on-demand concept means that almost every service is available instantly. The era of this phenomenal technology is definitely moving at a very fast pace. Since time immemorial beauty has always been of utmost importance for both men and women. However, the trend has picked up more so as the younger generation want to look their best at all times. That is why the beauty industry is booming these days. Even when times are rough, the beauty industry has never suffered. This industry is all set to grow even more, thanks to the beauty on demand app. An app that will provide beauty services to clients whenever they want and wherever they are.

beauty on demand app

Changing Trends of Users

The Uber for haircuts is fast becoming successful throughout the world. Thanks to the busy lifestyles that we lead, going for a haircut or a beauty session has started becoming an uphill task. In these scenarios on demand beauty apps have become a welcome relief for all. The basic requirement for receiving a beauty treatment is just a smartphone whereby the user will touch a few buttons on the app, and have professional beauty therapist at their office, home or hotel in a jiffy.

The beauty on demand app finally arrives and it is here to stay. This service has made a difference in peoples’ lives, especially professionals and mothers who hardly get time to go salon. A beauty therapist at the doorstep of these people is definitely a Godsend. Many salons that are still running in a traditional manner are now thinking of upping their game by including on demand services as part of their service portfolio. Let’s just say the beauty industry is all set to have a makeover.

Leading Beauty on-demand App in the Beauty Industry

Leading the way in the on-demand beauty industry, the following apps have successfully launched in the market.

Glam app – This app has a number of freelance beauticians, hair stylists and makeup artists who offer makeup, hair and nail services right at your doorstep. Whatever treatment or service you want, a hairdo,  pedicure, manicure, cut and blow-dry,  all this can be done by selecting your own beautician and/or stylist who will come and deliver the service wherever you are.

Beautylink – This app is specifically designed to cater to females who are from a multicultural background. The stylists registered on this app are a skill in working and styling the hair of these women. The app offers a selection of braids, extensions and locs along with manicures and makeup.

BeGlammed – This app caters to brides and is also known for its glamorous treatments at economical rates.

Start your own beauty business

Since the beauty industry will always be on the boom, there is no reason why anyone cannot start their own beauty business with the beauty on demand app. All you need to do is get professional beauticians and therapists registered on your app and for every service booked and delivered through your app, you get a commission. Not a bad deal for making the world a place full of beautiful people.

Essential Passenger and Driver App Features for a Taxi Booking App

Today it is clearly visible that a taxi booking app has become popular across the globe. Every day a new one is launched in some part of the world or other, and more are being launched. All these apps are successful wherever they are operating because they are providing a unique service as well as convenience to commuters.

The on demand taxi industry is worth millions of dollars today. The success has not only been because of the convenience it offers but more so because of the smart mobile technology that has been used as a platform to provide this service – a service “on the go”.

taxi booking app

Mobile applications have made it easy to book a taxi and to pay for the service too. For anyone who is looking to start this successful venture, then it is imperative that you are familiar with the essential features that you definitely cannot do without if you want to be successful in your taxi business.

The taxi booking app is a set of three – the rider app, the driver app and the admin panel. Let’s look at the features of the two apps in relation to why they are able to provide a super efficient and seamless driving experience.

Features of Taxi Booking App for Riders

  • An easy registration process that makes it easy for users to register on the app and subsequently use it
  • Ride request with just a tap on the app
  • Selection of taxi type depending on budget and number of riders
  • Easy to identify pick up and drop off points with Google Maps
  • Easy fare calculation
  • Rate comparison facility for different rides
  • Multiple pickup facilities
  • Secure payment gateways
  • An automated payment system that enables users to pay directly via their registered payment cards
  • Invoice is emailed to a rider
  • Check out reviews and ratings for a service provider
  • Facility to give ratings and reviews to the driver
  • Enable in-app chat communication with the driver
  • Real-time tracking system
  • Notification system when a driver reaches pick up point
  • GPS feature to track rider’s current location

Riders can also set up and manage their accounts with the help of the following features.

  • Profile update
  • Account overview
  • Share or choose a location
  • Promotion code
  • Select the type of taxi
  • Contact the driver
  • Request fare quote
  • Share estimated arrival time with friends and/or relatives
  • Facility to change payment mode if more than one mode is available
  • View trip history
  • Facility to cancel a trip
  • Facility to check out their ride history
  • Print and/or download invoices
  • Facility to rate drivers and give feedback

Android and iPhone Driver App Features

For drivers, this app is a means of providing their daily bread and butter. The app has been designed such that it allows drivers to accept rides on their mobile phones.

To become a driver, you need to go through the following process:

  • The driver needs to put in an application to drive with all the relevant paperwork for himself as well as the vehicle that will be used
  • Once the admin approves the request, the driver can now download and install the driver app
  • The app has a facility whereby drivers can set their schedules and start driving.

Features include:

  • Location choice
  • Facility to accept and reject rides

driver and rider app

Drivers can manage their accounts with the following features:

  • View and edit profile
  • Set availability status
  • Accept or reject rides
  • Easy navigation to their destinations
  • Driving history
  • View earning details and other transactions
  • In-app chat facility with users
  • Text alerts and notifications
  • Facility to view ratings, reviews, and feedback from users

If you are thinking of investing in this multi-billion dollar industry then you need a taxi booking app that has all the above-listed features for the rider and driver app. The apps should be built in such a way that the codes are scalable for future expansion of your business.

It is therefore important that you discuss all your requirements with a team of reputed developers and designers who have the skills and know how to give you the app that you want – a taxi booking app that will bring you success in your business.