Planning to Develop an on demand service app for your business

Many businesses are thriving with the help of on demand service apps. These apps have become the engine of most of these businesses. It is very difficult for these businessmen to even think of what their lives were like before this wonderful piece of technology came along. The on demand industry is one that is moving in leaps and bounds and every entrepreneur and businessman wants to get on the on demand bandwagon. If you fall in this category then this is the time to make that very bold step and look into developing you very own on demand app, an app that will take you and your business to unimaginable heights.

According to the way the on demand industry is growing, it has been forecasted that there will be many industries that will adapt the on demand technology for efficient service delivery. This industry places a lot of emphasis on the prompt delivery of services, whether it is a doctor, tutor, housemaid, taxi or escort. Whatever industry you come from, you can rest assured that on demand apps will fulfill all your business requirements. All you need is a developer who will give you the app according to your business requirements and specifications.

on demand service apps

The necessity of an on demand service apps

With the growth in technology along with the very thriving mobile industry, the question of viability as well as mobility is therefore taken out of the picture, therefore giving preference to mobile apps over other alternatives. The uber concept is the backbone of all on demand services. Uber has introduced the world to a faster and efficient way of providing services.

The characteristics that have made on demand service apps successful

  • Prompt and efficient service
  • Delivery at your doorstep
  • It is a concept that works for all products and services
  • Cost effective compared to traditional services
  • Complete transparency throughout the process
  • Time and energy saving concept

 Better Transparency using state of the art technology

To survive in this very competitive market it is imperative that you have the right technology. To get the best output for your business, you therefore need to choose the latest and reliable state of the art technology.  The technology selected should be able to provide flexibility, usability and most important, convenience to all its users.

Key Features of a successful on demand application

A thoroughly defined structure is the key to a successful well programmed and well managed app. The app should be simple and productive, such that it is able to provide prompt access to tools to do a set task.

Key features:

  • Search of products and/or service
  • Request product/service
  • Delivery scheduling
  • Automated payment for delivery
  • Wish and shopping lists
  • Ratings and review – an efficient and proactive feedback service
  • Notifications via text messages and calls in real time

For any app to survive, the above features and characteristics are important. In addition there should be other proactive features that will make your app stand out in the market and help to beat the cut-throat competition. It is therefore important that you have a basic knowledge on the features that you should implement in your app.

Registration – Before using any application, the first step would be to register on the app. Once registered, you can get access to the app. Registration can be done via your mobile phone. However added registration features like Social Media networks which include Facebook, Google and Twitter will make your app more accessible to the users.

Communication – This feature should be added to avoid any confusion between the users and the admin. Communication can be in the form of text messages, emails and chats.

Real time tracking – This is a feature that allows users to locate and track the service/product, using real time Geo location technology. Taxi apps have become popular because of this very feature.

Automated cashless payment system – The automated payment system is a Godsend for this app. It saves users from the embarrassment and the hassle of keeping loose money/wallet and maybe even losing cash. You can choose various methods of automated payment depending on what your preference is.

The above list highlights some of the main features. This list is not exhaustive but they are the main features that all on demand service apps have; the features that make these apps outstanding and successful.  For your business, make sure you do a thorough research on what features and functionalities will be required for your app for maximum revenue generation as well as efficiency in service/product delivery.

Instacart Clone easy Grocery Shopping

There was a time when we used to go for grocery shopping on a regular basis. Some liked to do it daily while some did it on a weekly basis. Going to a farmer’s market in the early morning for fresh produce was an experience in itself. Modern-day pressures have made priorities change and hectic work sometimes leave very little time for personal chores. A decade ago it was hard to imagine that you could shop for everything from the comfort of your place. Smartphones were not that prevalent either. The advent of smart devices – brought everything into the palm of our hands. Now, when you don’t want to drive, you can order a cab with a few easy taps. Slowly, this way of servicing people’s daily or regular needs is gaining popularity and services are becoming app-based. The instacart clone is one such service that you can think of as an uber for grocery delivery.

instacart clone

Close your eyes and imagine that you are ordering groceries instead of a cab, and that is exactly how it all falls into place. Read on to know more…

From the Business Angle

Not only does the service benefit consumers, it is an excellent business opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. If you want to cash in on this wonderful chance to own a business of your own, follow four simple steps and you will be on your way to becoming an entrepreneur of the digital age:

  1. Browse around the different play stores to find such demo apps from a good app service provider and download these apps on your smart device to get a feel of how it will all work.

  2. Once you have decided the best app that suits all your needs, you can contact the app service provider to specify localization features like language and currency.

  3. Most app service providers will let you personalize the default app with your specific business branding, like your logo or company name or both.

  4. A good app service provider will take the entire hassle of getting the app approved by the authorities on all mobile platforms. Will launch it on your behalf.

uber for grocery delivery

Once you complete these steps, you start earning money right away from each grocery order placed through the app. The whole process is virtual and there is no physical setup involved. The only cost involved is to purchase the service of setting up the app. You won’t find an easier business opportunity than this.

From the Client Angle

When a client wants to order groceries, all he or she does is download the app and register with personal and payment details. Options to pay by cash or card are available in the instacart clone. Then they can browse an enormous digital aisle of grocery products from any store and choose to buy from more than one store. After selection, the store is notified and the customer receives one as well. The store’s delivery boy delivers the products and this progress can be tracked in real time through the app. On delivery, the amount is deducted from the registered payment card. The business owner then pays the store based on the prior agreement made.

Buy On Demand Doctor app for Android and iPhone

Doctors are the first and the last point of contact when it is related to health or life-threatening. Uber for doctors app is there to deal with such critical situations.  Although, we all have our own family doctors, think of a situation where you or your doctor is not able to reach each other at the right time.  At times like this, such apps are a blessing in disguise.

uber for doctors

Think of a scenario when:

  • You are traveling with your friends and there is a sudden need for a doctor right in the middle of the way. What will you do to get the doctor on an urgent basis?
  • When You are on a holiday trip and have come out to enjoy a walk and have covered a long distance and your partner slipped and got injured, you need a doctor what will you do?
  • If you are traveling by road on a motorway and you see an accident. The victims are in need of immediate medical help, what are you going to do?
  • Imagine a situation where you are alone and your body suddenly gets stiff to an extent. You are not in a position to move a single inch. The first point of contact in your mind would be a doctor who can provide you with immediate medical attention. What will you do?

There can be many other scenarios where one requires immediate medical attention from a doctor. Just thinking on the lines of complications arising due to the lack of doctors, Uber came out with Uber for doctors.  This beautiful conceptual app is a true lifesaver.

The app works as a mediator in arranging the service you need and in this case, it is a dr on demand app. The working of the app is very simple. The user supposed to install the app and log in. Then he/she can opt for the kind of treatment they want. Accordingly, the list of specialized doctors in the nearby vicinity will be shown.

Based on availability and preference the user can select a doctor they want. Just consider the above-mentioned scenarios and you would see, that if you had an app like Uber for doctors then how easy and better it would be to deal with such critical situations on hand. Just a single tab on your phone can become a life-saving medium for you as well as others.

Is this a Venture you Might be Interested in?

Looking at the importance and benefits of on demand apps, many companies have come out with Dr on demand app clones that work on the same concept as Uber clone. Latest technology equipped to an app. The best concept ever to provide the client with the best possible output in terms of social and monetary gains.

Anybody can start his or her business by investing a little in this intelligent app. You do not only earn from this app but also helping the ones who need help.

Get Beauty On Demand App Online

Why is the beauty on demand app effective?

As long as we have got lovely girls in the world, there is always going to be a demand for beauty services. Professionals who wish to create that additional effort for a client’s meeting, or a company party or other people, irrespective of their gender, who desire a bit of pampering, will just love your services. It is said that it’s rude to keep a girl waiting, therefore, offer them all these services on the go, all thanks to the on demand beauty app that is going to make your app super effective!

beauty on demand app

The 4 step policy of the StyleSeat Clone app

• Reach out to the companies that have the clone software and tell them your preferred currency and language and user interface
• Send their play store and server details
• App launched on your brand name
• Always test the app before release

It is as simple as that! The beauty app clone is really the easiest way to start your business.

Main features of beauty on demand app

Make the system work in your local currency

Let your system comply with your choice of languages

First-hand view
People can easily find out about your saloon

Card or Cash
You have the flexibility of paying by cash or credit card

Track the service which is offered
Real-time tracking for service offered

Book Now or Schedule the service
You can even book your clients or schedule their booking

Make sure you use the Promo codes
They are a number of promo codes for business people as well

Why is the Beauty On Demand app so in a fashion

The on-demand development is catching on in many countries with varied start-ups evangelizing totally different niche services within the hyperlocal area. Right from grocery and maintenance man services to salons, everything in metro cities is currently accessible on-the-go.

Some statistics on similar apps

Because skilled ladies lead busy lives, some tend to like the idea of getting such services at home. Recent surveys have proved that the popularity of this market is growing and currently is valued at around USD 4.8 billion and it’s growing in many countries including Asian countries in particular.

Beauty and welfare trade is that the largest platform for startup0 particularly for a mobile app, with endless opportunities. Moreover, On Demand Beauty and welfare trade consultants have additionally emerged with new technology by offering many beauty and welfare services on the go. According to the analysis of beauty and welfare consultants, it’s been ascertained that a girl pays or so 4k to 5k monthly on beauty and welfare. Girls in the hospitality industry would possibly spend slightly more.

However, the majority of operating girls prefers beauty and welfare services offered at their doorstep, owing to their busy schedule. Trade consultants estimate the value of the beauty and welfare markets to be around $5 billion and this figure is growing slowly.

This is the most happening business idea that is been going around now! Launching an app like Beauty on demand app is easy to pull up your socks and get ready to take your business to greater heights and all your dreams will come true.

Massage On Demand App – Relax your Body

It is a stressful life that we lead these days. Fast food, fast cars, and fast living! No wonder people of today get stressed out so fast. There is only so much you can handle. And stress causes health problems like nothing else. You find yourself on the way to the doctor for health issues that you never thought you would have. Why? All because of stress! The Uber for Massage app is the answer to all stress related problems that people have.

on demand massage app

The Way it Works with Uber for Massage

Anyone looking for massage just needs to download this app on their smart phone and register themselves, by providing personal details and payment information. This is a one-time activity. After that it is a simple matter of logging on to the app, selecting the type of massage, date, time and venue, and the gender specification. The app displays available massage therapists and the customer can check out their profiles before selecting one. Once the booking is confirmed, the massage therapist receives the details of the customer on his or her device.

The massage therapist visits the client at the specified venue and gives the massage. A timer on the app records the duration of the massage and on completion, the payment is deducted from the card that the customer provided at the time of registration. Both the customer and the therapist can provide feedback for each other through the app.

As an entrepreneur, you can get a commission on each massage successfully completed.

Why an On Demand Massage App?

Aches and pains are almost a way of life and the need for on-demand massages is on the rise. At the same time, most people complain of the lack of time to go for massages. You get a business that requires minimal setup and investment and your clients get to avail nice relaxing massages at their own convenience. You stand to earn a nice amount of money from providing massages and your clients get their massage. It is a win-win situation for everyone. So find an app service provider and get going!

On that note..

Uber for Massage app setup is nice and simple with the right service provider. Once you have decided that you want to invest in an app of your own, you need to download and test the app, tell your service provider the preferred language and currency, provide server and branding details and your app is launched your service provider.

You can solve all your clients’ stress related worries by providing them with the massage they need. At your end, you get a nice and easy business which earns money massage by massage. Nothing is easier than just downloading the app on a smart device, registering and then selecting the massage therapist of choice. You will be giving your clients the option to pay for massage using cash or card so that they the freedom of choice.

The entire hassle of setting up the app and deploying it is in the hands of the service provider and all you need to do is let them know your specific requirements, and they do all the hard work.

Just think of the amount of hassle you would need to face if you wanted to open your own massage parlour and opt for the smart choice – an on demand massaging app that you can set up, after trying and testing it out. It is the smart choice for the entrepreneur of the 21st century to make. And you are doing your own bit towards reducing global stress levels. Get an on demand uber for massage app up and running!

Uber Clone – Now has the feature of automatic toll calculation for its drivers!

Every day ride hailing companies introducing new feature in these apps. One such feature is the auto toll calculation. If you want to know how the auto toll fare is calculated in the uber clone, then read on.

Most of us are not even aware of toll calculation. It basically charged when a vehicle travels through a bridge, tunnel, highways, and airports. When the vehicle you are riding in is asked to pay the toll, then this amount automatically gets added to your trip fare. In case your trip requires a driver to travel beyond the limits of the city, then you will need to pay for those extra tolls in case the driver has to return after you reach the destination.

uber clone

Remember this fact that the toll charge added to the trip fare may not always be the same as paid by the driver. There might be some sort of variations depending on the commercial rates and the different toll roads. Due to such fluctuations in the toll prices as set by the cities, the charges estimated and reflected in the bare minimum charges through the Uber clone app.

Uber Clone Toll calculation system

You will be happy to know now that confusion of calculating tolls solved just  simple click on Uber clone.

Let me inform you that the apps have now come up with an inbuilt toll calculator where you just need to put the pickup and destination and accordingly everything calculated.

API of a USA Transport company has used to fetch the Tolls between the 2 points. One of the most commonly used apps has this advance feature called “Toll Calculation” that help in calculating the costs. This helps in supporting all the different vehicles such as passenger cars, trucks and much more.

It is say that the toll calculator here to calculate different toll costs across any routes based in the US. It also helps in providing alternate routes so that you are able to finalize the most optimal route. You also get to have a glance on the other detailed toll information such as transponders, different modes of payments.

Hence, this Uber Clone is now considered to be the most innovative and fast-growing feature that has been helping all the drivers to make smarter decisions.

Uber clone app that offers smart feature, then there is only one place where you can get your app from. That is V3CUBE. They are the only developers who have integrated this feature into their app.

Key Features that Every On Demand Food Delivery App should have

The need for on demand food delivery app is rising by the day as more and more people are joining the crowd of ordering takeaways, simply because of the lack of time to cook. Moreover, the art of cooking is slowly diminishing over the coming generations. Only the passionate ones want to cook. Whatever the reason for ordering a takeaway, the restaurant delivery app is a blessing for all these people and therefore more and more startups are focused on food delivery because it is the one necessity that will be required wherever you are.

If you are a serious contender of the food delivery startup, then it is important that you know what features required for your app to run smoothly and provide an A class customer service.

Let’s look at each component of on demand food delivery app in detail.

restaurant delivery app

Customer app features

  •  The customer should be able to register directly with the app
  •  Customers should be able to register their mode of payment as well their card details directly from the app
  • The user should be able to order food from any eatery listed on the app that is in the nearby vicinity.
  • The user has the facility to select the pickup and drop off location on the app.
  • The cost of the order should be displayed and the payment is automatically done when the order has been delivered.
  • A user should be able to track his food delivery as it makes its way to its destination
  • The payment should be automatically deducted on the delivery of the food package, with the invoice being sent to the user’s email address as well as the restaurant/sender’s email address.
  • The option to add multiple cards should also be available
  • The facility to check previous order history should also be there
  • Customers should be able to rate and review the restaurant service and food as well as the overall experience.

on demand food delivery app

The delivery/courier features

  • Delivery persons should be able to register their services directly with the on demand food delivery app. Restaurant owner will approve them.
  • The delivery person should have the facility to accept or decline a delivery request.
  • The delivery person should be able to check out the pickup and drop off point
  • They should have the facility to update his status i.e.accept/reject the booking, order pickup, order delivered etc.
  • The courier should have the facility to check his booking history in any particular order, including the declined ones too.

Restaurant/App Owner features

  • A smart web admin panel that will allow him to view incoming orders as well as the delivery person assigned for the delivery of that order
  • The order should only place once a delivery person jas confirm the delivery job request
  • Facility to amend/add i.e. register new delivery persons, update menu items etc
  • Once payments have made, the portal should be able to generate an invoice and send it as a message to the client.
  • View ratings and reviews by customers

Now that you are fully equipped with what is required in an on demand food delivery app like uber, isn’t it time you got cracking and started your search for a developer who will give you the app that you want for your food business? Start the business that will thrive wherever you are in the world!

Easy Car washing with Mobile Car Wash App

We are living life king size. You may wonder why I am saying so. Well it is true.  The invention of smartphones has made this possible.  These days whatever service you require, wherever you require it, you get it by just a few taps on your mobile, that mobile that is loaded with applications that have been developed just for this purpose. These apps are there to make our daily living easier.  Aren’t we living life king size then? Moreover, it is not only us who are living this life; our cars are too, thanks to the mobile car wash app.

We may not give much importance to car washing except when it becomes dirty. When it does, you will just take it to the nearest car wash and get it washed, until the next time. However, this is becoming a mission for many people today because it actually takes up a lot of time, waiting in a queue until your car’s turn comes. With the invention of the on-demand car wash app, you can now have the car wash facility come to you, wash your car, that too at a very competitive rate.

mobile car wash app

Are you looking for a mobile car wash?

Many entrepreneurs and startups are making the best of the on-demand economy by selling any service that people are lazy to get it done by themselves. On demand, apps provide the ease and convenience of getting a service in a much shorter time, at a rate that is too good to be true for the service provided. These apps have also opened by the employment market and provided jobs for people with hidden talents as well as professionals who are looking to modernize their business.

This trend of on-demand services means you can now request a car wash from your mobile app and get your car washed at a venue of your choice, home, office, supermarket, barber etc at a time of your choice too. Service on wheels just for your wheels!

How the mobile car wash operates

The uber for car wash app is easy to operate and anyone can do it.

  • Download the app, register and log in
  • Choose the date, time and venue of your car wash
  • The car wash service provider will come and wash your car at the destined time and place. The wash takes approximately 30 minutes
  • Once the job is completed, the service provider will indicate the same on the app and payment will automatically be deducted from your credit/debit card.

The features that have made the car wash app a hit amongst the users

Customers have the choice of opting for the type of wash they want i.e. shampoo, wax, hover etc and then request the services

  • Customers have the facility to choose the location for the car wash by using the Google Maps and GPS facility
  • The car wash service provider is notified by way of a text message. whenever there is a car wash request or cancellation
  • The car owner has the facility to track the car wash service provider.
  • Browse and choose
    Car owners can have a look at the profiles of all the available car washers. Also choose one that best suits their needs.
  • Automated payment
    Cashless technology, hence no need to worry about carrying money and thinking about forgetting your wallet
  • Text Notification
    Customers receive a text notification when the car wash service confirms of cancels the job
  • The quality of service
    Car owner gets the picture of his vehicle the job has been completed to assure him of the top-notch car wash service.

Need help with developing your car wash app?

The future is in the hands of on-demand apps. A future that you can make by investing in the mobile car wash app.

Smartly investing time and money with Uber for house cleaning

In a past few decades, people came up with many innovative ideas to make the daily chores easier. With people having out of the box ideas, businesses started booming with creative thoughts and start-ups in the process. But among all this growth, how many of them have actually thought about basics like a business that could help house wives and working couples keep their house spick and span? Yes! You heard it right. With so many firms in the market, there are few of them, like Uber for house cleaning providing services to the people who either don’t have time to clean their house or they don’t want to spend their precious time with the messy house.

uber for house cleaning

Salient Features of Uber for House Cleaning App Must Incorporate:

  • Active all the time:
    These days’ people want everything on just one click and the firms are working to provide their services within a fraction of minutes. The app helps the customer to put request anytime for their house cleaning and with the high-speed responsiveness of the Uber house cleaning app, you, as a business will be able to grab the opportunity immediately. The app becomes active as soon as you go online.
  • Schedule the cleaning of your customer’s house:
    A customer is delighted when their comfort is kept in mind. When you choose to develop Uber for house cleaning, the customer can schedule a request for house cleaning. This allows the firm to get ready with their team and all the tools on time.
  • Request with details:
    The app allows the customers to send a request with all the details of the place to be clean. This helps the firm to send a required number of professionals with the tool to clean the house and helps to avoid the spare man power and useless tools.
  • Compatibility with Android and iOS:
    Why disappoint a customer who has their own preference of technology? Thus, when you decide to build a house cleaning app, you will be entitled to receive app building for both software – Android and iOS.

on demand house cleaning app

Other Features

  • Live Tracking:
    Once you get a request and send out your professionals to clean the house, you can live track and check if your professionals have reached the destination on time or not.
  • Help and Support feature:
    This tab helps you to be connected to your customers at all times. You can choose your own support methods – be it chat, phone or email you can customize this tab in accordance to your needs. The better service you give, the more customers you may have.
  • Feedback:
    This is one of the crucial features of any app. This allows the customer to share their experience and the firm to enhance their services as per the feedback. This is also fruitful for both of them.
  • Upload your profile:
    With different house cleaning activities, you can upload profiles of each expert so that the customer can check the profile and be rest assured that you have only experts working with you.

With so many advantages of house cleaning one surely can’t resist the app that helps to hand over the responsibilities. House cleaning  app to the professionals and not even a firm to attract their customers with the amazing app. Among so many of house cleaning service providers, few of them are making seamless efforts to provide extra benefits that value the money of customers like Uber for house cleaning.

We suggest you outsmart the best among them so that you can get more satisfied customers. Customer can spend time with their loved ones or follow their hobbies or do whatever they like in leisure time. Invest smartly to attract more customers in less time.

Uber for Handyman – All Repairing Work at your door step

What if you could use an app to find a handyman for repair work and odd jobs whenever you needed one? Sounds like a dream, does it not? The handyman app like uber is an uber clone app that does exactly that. A few taps on your smart phone and you get a handyman on your doorstep. And if you want to provide this service to people who need a handyman, this app is your solution.

handyman app like uber

How does it work?

A person might require some sort of service, like plumbing or electrical repair. All he needs to do is to download the app from the app store and register on the app, with contact details and payment mode. When a handyman is required, he selects the type of handyman, he is looking for, and the problem for which a handyman is needed.

Then the person will specify when the service needs to be done. Once all the details of the job are captured, a quote is provided to the customer and also a view of all nearby handymen available for the job. The user can check out the profile, reviews et al of the handyman and then select him. The selected handyman gets an SMS and email notification about the job.

Once the handyman accepts the job, the customer is able to chat with him and track his progress to wherever he is. On acceptance, the handyman marks the job as “Started”. After completing the job, he marks it as “Complete” and that initiates an invoice which is mailed to both parties. The payment for the job is deducted from the registered card. Both parties are allowed to rate and review each other.

What do you get out of it?

You, the owner of the uber for handyman app, get a commission on each handyman that is booked through this app. It is an easy way to start a business, without overhead costs and very little hassle.

How do you start this super cool Handyman Uber business?

It is a four-step process that makes it really simple for you:

  • Download a demo app from the App store and test it. You can figure if you need any customization specific to you.
  • Tell the app service provider if you want the app in a local language and currency.
  • If you are satisfied and are ready to buy the app, send your server and play store detail and the app service provider will add your unique branding to the app.
  • The app service provider will launch the app on the app store and you can start earning the very next day.

What are the app features you will get?

A good service provider will be able to provide you with the following important features:

  • Ability to customize the app into your local language and currency.
  • Get a view of which area you will get the maximum number of clients from so that you can target that area.
  • Payment method by either cash or card possible.
  • Real-time tracking of the servicemen.
  • Ability to book the service right away or later as per customer needs.
  • Promo codes and referrals to build your customer base.

Most app service providers have some set features for this handyman app like uber. However, they do offer you the option of customizing it to your needs. Setting up an online business has never been this easy. The turnaround time for any of the good service providers to get your business rolling is about 2-3 days – not more than that once you fix your deal. How’s that for quick entrepreneurship?