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In this milieu of cars, everyone ends up spending heavily on travel. It is estimated that each year and average office go-er spends more than 200,000 dollars on gas alone! Shocking isn’t it! Now if you had the chance of earning while you travelled, wouldn’t you just love it? No we aren’t talking about saving money on travels by suggesting you use public transport. We are suggesting that you make a lot of big bucks while you undertake your ordinary route to work. You don’t think that’s possible. Well, you know it’s time for that double take! A revolutionary concept is just around the corner. You can look up a carpool app & website and offer your car’s seat to another passenger who wishes to travel on the same route and get paid for it.

Wondering where the money bit comes in? Well, you get paid for all the number of people you offer a lift to!

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Interested in some more money with carpool app?

Great! So if you want to make a little extra money with the whole carpooling thing, then just get your hands on Carpooling script. By owning a carpooling script you will get a website that you can call your own.

So that means when you buy carpool app, you will have your own website that offers car owners the opportunity to offer car “seats” from one place to another. It is also the perfect medium for people to look for rides from point A to point B at cheaper rates.

It is quite beneficial because car owners can make money while undertaking a route that they had to take in any case. People without the access to a private car get to travel in one and at the fraction of the price.

How to go about buying this website?

It’s really simple. All you need to do is look up carpooling clone script in any of the popular search engines and you will find a long list of companies that are offering these services. However, make sure that you buy a carpooling script only from a reliable company so as to ascertain that you have kept of the site to keep any legal hassles at bay.

What’s more just do some online research regarding what all you can expect from the website. Make sure you look up the details of the company that you are purchasing it from. In fact ideally you should take a full fledged demo of the application before you make any purchase. Try it out from every angle and only when you are satisfied should you make a move on it.