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Fintech, also known as the blockchain, continues to make headlines. With stories ranging from people becoming billionaires overnight to opinion articles about how different cryptocurrency business interpret financial transactions.

Despite its reputation as a volatile financial market, it continues to attract a lot of attention. With Coinbase reporting that 70,000 to 100,000 new crypto trading accounts are open on its platform every day.

Virtual currencies, most notably Bitcoin, have caught the imagination of some, instilled dread in others, and perplexed the rest of us.

The blog is intend to answer your confusion:

What Is Cryptocurrency?

The name “cryptocurrency” is derive from the combination of two words: cryptography and currency:


People can use this channel of exchange to turn their labor into something of value that can be trad for goods or other services.


For the sake of confidentiality, integrity, and authentication. This is the process of transforming understandable text into unintelligible text and vice versa.

So, when you combine the two, you get a name that refers to a digital medium of trade that uses encryption to keep transactions secure. Cryptocurrencies are numerical entries in a database or ledger that may only be change or exchanged if certain conditions are met. Cryptocurrencies are virtual accounting systems that let you to make purchases, invest, and accept payments in the same way that you would with cash, credit cards, or checks. The transactions are store in digital blocks and then cryptographically signed, making them completely secure thus “crypto” currency.

Cryptocurrency Terms To Know

Block – On the blockchain, each record or series of records.

Block Reward – A reward is paid in bitcoin to someone who contributes a new block to the blockchain.

Blockchain – Every transaction in the network is record on a digital public ledger.

Stakeholder proof – A consensus algorithm in which miners ‘stake’ their currency in order to verify a block of transactions.

Proof of work – A hash is a complicated algorithm that converts a vast quantity of data into a large number of a fixed length. Generally represented as hexadecimal that can only be solved with a lot of work or power.

What Is Secret Digital Key in Cryptocurrency?

When you buy or acquire cryptocurrency like bitcoin, you’re given a secret digital key, or password that demonstrates to anybody on the network that a particular amount of bitcoin is yours to spend or use anyway you choose.

When you spend that bitcoin, the entire network will know you’ve transferred ownership, and your key serves as proof of your authority. Every transaction’s history serves as a permanent record of who owns what. “Blockchain” is the name of that record.

What Is Crypto Wallet?

It’s critical to keep your key or password secure. Because anyone who learns it has complete and irreversible control over your cryptocurrency. You can keep your cryptocurrency safe with cryptocurrency wallets. There are a range of online and offline cryptocurrency wallets to select from, including desktop wallets, smartphone wallets, paper wallets, and hardware wallets, where you may ‘download’ your bitcoin. 

How To Buy Cryptocurrency

Crypto coin or token investing is highly speculative, and the market is mainly uncontrol. In case you are planning to start investment in Cryptocurrencies, be aware that your investment can be nullified.

Follow these tips when investing in Crypto:

Take It Slow

Risk and investment go hand in hand. And it’s important to remember that digital currency is still in its infancy when compared to traditional investments like equities and bonds. Being patient and letting the Bitcoin price come to you. Then investing a bit at a time in various phases once the price is correct.

Diversifying Investments

While you transform your investments, you ensure that when one component drops, another improves. To reduce volatility, consider a portfolio that includes an equal amount of Bitcoin, Ether, Lite coin, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash, as well as traditional equities and bonds.

Buying and Holding

Invest and wait for a longer period of time; possibly 5-20 years is the method explained by Mr. Warren Buffett, is also applicable for bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency investments. Always believe that in the long run, passive investment strategies will beat active strategies. Not only is passive investing low-cost and straightforward, but it also reduces trading fees, resulting in lower operating costs.

In any investment; the method of compounding is applied. The longer you hold the more the profit you earn. All investments gives good returns after certain about of time, this is applicable for stocks, gold, real estate and cryptocurrencies as well. Market is gradually opening to such innovativeness and entrepreneurs are willing to try to bring something new and unique like Crypto is On-Demand Clone Applications.

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