Europe’s taxi market segment is ascending day in and day out. With a  CAGR of 1.8%, the market volume is projected to reach US$1.67 Billion by 2027. As per the 2021 Global Ride-hailing Market Share report by Coherent Market Insights, online ride-hailing services will “completely” replace traditional taxi services. According to a few surveys, by 2030, the number of ride-hailing trips booked every day will reach 15 Million.

Europe Ride-hailing Market Trends

Trend #1:

EUMobility Atlas says that transportation in the European Union alone accounts for about 30% of Carbon Dioxide emissions.

This has certainly given rise to the adoption of Electric Vehicles for ride-hailing services. Even the European Federation for Transport and Environment has proclaimed that replacing conventional taxis with EVs can offer 3X benefits to the environment.

Moreover, EVs are much more cost effective than traditional diesel vehicles. In short, if you are planning to launch an on-demand ride-hailing app like G7 in Europe, encourage drivers to use mid-sized EVs as it can cost 14% less to run them compared to conventional cars.

Trend #2:

When booking a taxi online, people in the EU prefer to prioritize convenience and user-friendliness first. Therefore, launching a taxi booking app that is simple and easy to use will help enable you to gather more user attention.

Furthermore, as the app owner, you must ensure that service booking is convenient and users can book rides using their smartphones. This will increase your opportunity to quickly grow in the European taxi app market.

Trend #3:

Another upcoming trend that will benefit a G7 Taxi Clone is the integration of advanced features. Riders and taxi drivers both expect the ride-hailing app to provide them with the capability to give real-time feedback, live track the taxi, SOS button, etc.

Well, the rise in demand for advanced and “Futuristic” ride-hailing apps will continue. So, if you are planning to launch a mobile app for on-demand taxi booking, you need to integrate several features that tech-savvy people in the EU want.

Now that you know what are the taxi service trends in Europe, let’s learn how you can launch a taxi app considering all the aforementioned trends in mind.

G7 Taxi Clone in Europe – Everything You Need to Know

Before launching the clone app, it’s essential you know a little about the services the popular taxi app offers.

G7 Taxi – An Overview

G7 Taxi, established in 1905, is one of the most popular and the most convenient taxi service providers. It has 9,500 taxis affiliated with the business. A majority of its customers are based in Paris and more than 200 cities across France and Europe.

Users can easily book taxi rides online using G7 Taxi’s website and mobile apps. It is one of the oldest and most innovative taxi service providers that connects rides with experienced drivers. Such quick connectivity with professional drivers enables them to offer safe rides to users to their desired locations in the city.

Moreover, it is loaded with various features and functions which the riders can see, can check the ratings & reviews of the driver, choose the car type of their choice, etc.

Also, users can see the fare estimation before booking the ride and pick their preferred payment method (cash and debit/credit card) too. The app also allows riders to plan ahead their trip by scheduling rides in advance.

How Apps like G7 Taxi Work – An Enhanced Taxi App Workflow to Try

Here is an enhanced workflow of how your on-demand G7 taxi-like app should work. Well, the following taxi booking app workflow is tried and tested to offer the most stellar user experience.

  1. Using the iOS and Android apps, users can easily look for taxis near them and book a ride. Before confirming the booking, users can select their preferred payment method and other preferences like Female Driver or disability Accessibility as well.
  1. As soon as the rider books a taxi, the driver gets notified about the ride request. All the details of the rider are displayed on the screen, including the name, pick-up location, distance, and ratings. Based on the schedule, the driver can then decide whether to accept or reject the request within the ongoing timer limit.
  1. The user gets the ride confirmation when the driver accepts the request. On the app, users can see the driver’s name, taxi number, model, ratings, and other options to call, share rides, cancel rides, and send an in-app message.
  1. The driver arrives at the location and starts the ride after verifying the OTP.
  1. After the ride, users can rate and review the driver and mark them as ‘Favorite’ if they wish to ride with them again in the future.

Now, if you are really determined to become one of the successful taxi apps in Europe like G7 Taxi, here is how you can launch one.

How to Develop and Launch a G7 Taxi Clone in Europe?

Developing and launching a taxi app that offers a seamless experience to users is a daunting task. On top of being a back-breaking task, it is expensive and time-consuming.

However, there is a way to quickly launch a top-notch and advanced on-demand app like G7 Taxis. Well, by getting a pre-built solution, you can develop the app in less than a week and launch it on iOS and Android App Stores as well.

Find the best on-demand taxi app solution

It may take a long time for you to find the right solution as per your taxi business requirements. However, there is no shortcut to it. You need to connect with white-labeling experts who offer clone apps like G7 Taxi. Also, you need to try and test the demo application to find a superfine solution.

White-label the app as per your needs

After finding and buying the ready-made solution that fits your needs, you need to make a few customizations to make it unique.

Add your branding to the app, change the color theme, and integrate features to offer a “never before” experience to users.

Review the app before launching it

It’s critical to review the app before launching it. You don’t want first-time users to experience a crashy or slow app.

It is also possible that your app may have a few bugs too. There, you need to review the app and run a few last-minute tests to avoid launching a poor taxi app.

Submit and go live!

Lastly, you need to submit the app to the store to go live. Once app submission is done, your app goes through a series of reviews by the Google Play Store (Android app) and Apple App Store (iOS app).

Your app goes live after it passes all the reviews by the App Stores.

Following these app development and launch steps will help you to quickly launch the on-demand taxi app in Europe. Plus, the entire process is affordable as it doesn’t involve building the app from scratch!

In Conclusion:

Looks like you have reached a conclusion. Well, it’s clear that you are interested in developing a G7 Taxi Clone and launching it everywhere in Europe if you’ve read the blog up to here.

To launch a seamless taxi booking application, you have to follow three things. Starting with adopting the trends, buying a ready-made app after thorough testing, and then, customizing it as per your need.

So, why wait until you can get a market-ready solution and establish a taxi business in Europe without heartache?