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On-Demand apps are popular right now. They have provided entrepreneurs with opportunities that offer quick profits. The rush to create and release an on-demand app similar to Gojek has already started. Have you started yet?

If so, you’ve found the proper site. We’ll go over the Gojek clone app and how it can make you as wealthy.

Gojek Clone – 82+ Services – Single App

Entrepreneurs in business are competing to draw clients. In no industry is it brand-new. Making your app’s goal to “make clients happy” would almost certainly result in a larger customer base than you had anticipated.

Since every consumer would have various preferences and options, it is almost impossible to create that many applications. Instead, creating all-in-one services that offer more than 82+ different service variations as well as new features is guaranteed to be successful.

The greatest single app method, appropriate for all business sizes, is Gojek Clone. To discuss your app project, get in touch with the app development business that has received glowing client and app reviews.

How This Super App Makes Your On-demand Multiservices App Profitable

We’ve already seen how delivery services for things like groceries and food have transformed how they used to operate. Similar to how many businesses have changed as a result of the pandemic.

Delivery applications are already being used by people to order their food, groceries, and other daily necessities. People are finding it much simpler to arrange and schedule services now that home spa and beauty treatments are available via apps.

Many people have adopted new hobbies during the epidemic that have become their primary source of income. Others who have lost their jobs have also chosen to start a home-based business. Many people have developed new activities that have enabled them to support themselves. Hence, the need to provide services. People eventually turn to several local delivery drivers as a result of this.

The Gojek Clone App now includes even the most fundamental handyman services as a core feature. People will frequently require electricians, plumbers, etc. It’s simple to arrange with the Gojek Clone App in just a few swaps.

In addition to this, individuals are reluctant to use public transit because of the pandemic. Because of such, there is a greater need for taxis, which has resulted in more taxi bookings.

Now Is The Time To Launch Gojek Clone With New Features 2022

Login with Face ID/ Fingerprint

On an Android smartphone or an iPhone, a fingerprint scan or Face ID can be used to open the Gojek clone app. This quality is special. All the problems associated with remembering usernames and passwords while logging into the app have been removed with this feature.

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How Gojek Clone App Can Improve Your Brand Awareness & Market Repute

Video Calling Option for Delivery Drivers

The Delivery Genie, who is their chosen service provider, may now be video chatted with by app users. The user may receive a call from the Delivery Genie either as they make their purchase in-store or after they have verified it. Before telling the Genie to make the purchases, the user can examine and approve the items on the video discussion.

Uploading Images and Short Videos

The software now allows small business owners to publish a variety of photographs and videos of their products as well as those of their cafes and shops. These aesthetic benefits will improve how customers view the product and how it appears. When making a purchase, they can then consult the images.

Service Bid

Users can post particular tasks for home improvement projects like fixing faucets, putting together furniture, hanging lights or other electronics, etc. using this service component. Then, invitations are sent to all local handymen who fit the criteria. The user has the opportunity to select the offer based on their budget, availability, and deadline to finish the task.

The consumer and service provider can start haggling now that the service is accessible. The provider that best meets their demands in terms of cost, expertise, and portfolio can then be chosen by us

Online Video Consultation

This is Gojek Clone’s newest and most exclusive offering. The user can book a video consultation here with a doctor, attorney, yoga instructor, or even an astrologer. Since this is the only mode of payment accepted for the video consultation service, the consultation charge is then immediately deducted from the user’s linked credit card.

Additional features include COVID19 safety features, voice note instructions, location-based banners and push notifications, promotional coupons, and more. Restricted driver fraud, booking a taxi with the iWatch app, Multiple deliveries, graphic state of the journey, OTP authentication to begin the assignment, back-to-back trips, etc. are some examples of features. Order cancellation for the delivery driver is another.

In Conclusion

To create a professional app select an app development company that is aware of your business demands, such as GojekAppClone. If you want to see how experienced they are in launching on-demand apps, read their client ratings and testimonials.

Consider taking the demo to familiarise yourself with the app’s functioning before purchasing Gojek Clone App. The app development team begins the white-labeling procedure when you have approved the features and placed your order.