For years the idea of hiring a service provider was archaic. With the help of modern technology, things rapidly changed. The concept of on demand apps truly transformed the market space and made it into something. That was a lot more approachable and easier to access. The Gojek clone app therefore became one of the best solutions that people sought.


The Gojek clone app is essentially an on demand mobile base application that can be use to track down and hire service providers. While there have been apps that are dedicate to particular services. The introduction of this app was the first time the world saw a culmination of almost every kind of services within a single bracket.

This meant that a user would only be require to download a single application. Log in once to hire from over 82 service providers across a wide spectrum of services.

For example, a user does not need a different app for taxi booking, ordering food or even hiring a beautician! Everything can be done from one solo app. The user simply needs to log into the app and then see a list of all the services made available through it. They can then click on the service that they are interest in and then get access to a list of service providers, stores etc. that they wish to contact and hire.

This works extremely well for the service providers as well. Earlier, the opportunities of income with a single service app were limited. However, with this new application, service providers can make sure that they can offer multiple services as per their skill set and expertise from a single application. If they aren’t getting too many jobs for one type of service. They can quickly switch to the next type of service and make sure that they get jobs and thereby increase their income.

What’s more, they can also make sure that they have the independence of choosing how much they wish to charge for a particular service. Since they are all independent entrepreneurs register with the apps, they don’t have to supplicate to a higher authority. They are their own boss!


To answer this question, the first thing that we need to consider is the purpose of any business? Every entrepreneur hopes to be wildly profitable with whatever venture they start. With the help of the Gojek clone app, they can achieve just that.

This happens to be one of such solutions in the market that don’t need for the app owner to actively start offering services. Their only role is to make an investment and then offer up the Gojek clone app as a platform for service providers to find jobs and users to find service providers.

There is no doubt about the prowess of the digital platforms in these days. Therefore, with the help of this app, it is now possible for people to earn more. Now, for this convenience of being able to use the app as a digital medium to advertise themselves and make themselves more accessible for the users. The service provider offers a part of their income in the form of commission to the app owner.

The best part is, how much the investor will earn depends completely upon him or him. On the app’s admin panel, they can set service commissions in a designated form. These commission percentages can be change or modify as per market requirements.

One time investment can make start up enthusiasts

The Gojek clone app is create and develop in a manner that it can allow people to start earning right from the day of the launch of the app. Since most of these apps are sold at a fixed price like products, they are in a launch ready state. The app development company would probably take about a week’s time to white label it. With the investor’s logo and brand name and launch it on the Google Play store and the iOS app store for them under their server credentials.


If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur seeking to purchase a Gojek clone app to fulfill your startup dream. Here are a few things that you must be mindful of:

  1. Make sure that you only invest in a white label solution.
  2. Remember to ask for the source code of the application that is license to your domain.
  3. Take a look at the client reviews and testimonials of the company that you purchase the app from.
  4. Go over the scope document and non disclosure agreement with a fine toothed comb.
  5. Try the app first. Request a live demo of the app to test it across various operating systems in a live environment before making an investment.


The Gojek Clone App is one of the most successful on demand multi service mobile app based solutions for start ups in the world today.