gojek clone app

The world is a mess. Today there are so many mobile applications everywhere that it’s hard to imagine building your own app and making sure that people will love it and use it. In order to make sure that people appreciate and use your Gojek clone app over others you have to have a very carefully planned SEO techniques.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This basically means you engage in a few practices that make sure that when people search for the services that you offer, you end up getting listed higher up on the search engines.

People rely on search engines heavily for all their requirements. That’s exactly how the search engines promote themselves too. You may have come across Google’s commercials where they speak about how you can get Google to do just about anything for them.

This is why it is important to make sure that your services and your applications are easy to locate and find on Google. face it; while there may be other search engines in the market, it is evident that Google is practically ruling the market.

Everyone uses Google (well, except, of course, for China). In order to ensure that you are searchable and it easy to look for you there are a few things that you have to keep in mind.

Not everyone knows that you exist

So, you have launched a multi service providing application like Gojek. This means that you are offering all kinds to be accessible using your platform. This should make life super easy for your customers. However, you find that even though the app is so good, not too many people know about it.

This is because your app is relatively new and you may not have undertaken a whole lot of advertisement to inform people of your presence. However, people definitely need those services that you offer.

So in order to make yourself more“available” for the people, just make sure that you promote your app lesser by the brand name and more by the services that you cater to. Your customers will, in all probabilities, search for the service and then be able to find you because you will be listed.

Make your Web Presence Strong

Instead of relying simply on the app to do miracles, make sure that you have a good website to support it. Make sure that your website is very informative, long and detailed. It is very important for your website to have all the details and components present that a customer may find useful.

Stick to the facts, keep all the promises and promotion to a minimum and show them the facts. The more real you are on your website; the better it is for you. The customers can see you for what you are and be completely apprised of everything that you have to offer to the customers.

Be topic centric not Keyword centric

The biggest mistake that people with the Gojek clone app often make is to focus too much on keywords and too less on topics. Make sure that all the blogs that you are posting, all the content that you are dishing out to the public is extremely relevant.

Just emphasizing on the keywords is not going to help. If anything, it will only make matters worse. You may even get blacklisted if you overdo the whole keyword thing. Make sure that you pump out infographics, text content and other videos that make a lot of sense to the people.

SEO marketing for Gojek Clone App

Of course, the world of SEO is so diverse and evolving that you can’t get all the information all at once in it. This is why you have to make sure that you keep updating yourself with new information all the time about how you can promote your Gojek Clone app in the best possible way.