Enjoy your drink with latest features of you drink and I drive app

With the advent of application for smartphones, it is easier to get things with one click and with the passage of time. It is now possible to get a responsible driver to drop a person who is drunk safely to his/her house. It is all possible with just one app, You drink I drive app. The app incorporates basic features as well as various salient features to make the process hassle-free. Just get the app from a firm and provide your customers with this platform to get a driver within minutes for their after party drive home.

you drink I drive app

You Drink I Drive App comes with basic features that include:

  • Profile of Driver: The app incorporates a section which helps the customer to choose their desired driver by having a look at the profile of each registered driver
  • Authentic and responsible drivers: The app doesn’t allow unauthentic  drivers. The app itself is responsible enough that it checks if the driver is authentic or not. This reduces the risk and makes the trip a safer ride. Moreover, the driver with the most negative feedback gets less chance to provide service and this builds trust and a healthy relationship between the customer and the firm
  • A driver near me:  The app also provides the option to choose the optimal driver from various drivers available near them. It helps the customer to rely on the driver who is available immediately.
  • Navigation: With an amazing feature of navigation, the customer can check if the driver is proceeding on the right way in order to reach home. It allows the driver to reach the desired place of the customer by showing the turn by turn direction which facilitates the trip. It is also helpful for both customer and driver to track their location and meet within no time.
  • Various payment options: The app incorporates various payment modes, both online and offline, which helps the customer to not worry about the payment and enjoy the drink. This helps the customer to pay either before or after the trip.
  • Pre-booking of a driver: Suppose the customer planned a party or decided to drink at a certain time, then he/she can book a driver before 24hours so that they do not to forget to book their ride once he/she gets involved in the party.
  • Chatbox: The app allows the customer and the driver to communicate without sharing their personal details.


In the world where all the things are just one click away. So, is a driver for your car after you have had a bash at the party. This amazing idea seems fruitful for lots of people who are fond of drinking and want to avoid reckless driving. There are a lot of firms providing the service of a temporary driver to drop you at your home safely. This app is easier for the firms to allow people to reach home easily and from anywhere at any time.

The above is the basic features that You drink I drive app incorporates. Moreover, firms provide various other features as per the requirement or request of their customers. So don’t let your customers wait for you. Just approach the firms like V3cube and bring your app into the market and within few days. Set a target to get more and more customers to use your app.

U Drink I Drive App – Enjoy Drink while Driving

Parties are always fun and you never want them to get over as that is the only time when you have friends around and you are in a jolly mood full of life. No matter how hard we try to start the party early, with the intentions to wind it early, it never works. The atmosphere, the merry making and the raunchy jokes at the party is the reason for always being late. Then comes the panic button in the picture and questions starts revolving around like “How I would go home? I am not in a state to drive? Can somebody drop me?” How can the on demand U drink I drive app help you?

U Drink I Drive App

Making the most of the winter season and the party atmosphere getting hot with the Christmas coming near, party animals will be seen everywhere. Lots of parties, lots of late nights and lots of Uber night drives at your service. How can you take advantage?

  • If you are well over your permissible limit then just tap your phone and your ride is on your way.
  • You can track your drive via live tracking system if you are in a state to track.
  • No need to pay as the payment is automated via credit/debit card.
  • In spite of being under the full influence, your vehicle is in control and you reach home safe.
  • No obligatory request from friends and colleagues, asking them to drop you home.

How can you help others using Uber for you drink I drive App

If you are not on the drinking side then this is the best time to start your own business. As long as you are in a position to find drivers with licenses and their fully insured roadworthy car, your U drink I drive app is in business. All driver gets a rating, and app follows this rating closely, like every other cab startup out there.

V3Cube is not reinventing the concept but is trying to solve a real problem at both ends. The Uber clone works both ways may it be as a business or as a client. The system is perfect to cater to the needs of one person to the other.

You can buy your own Uber clone script and start the business of helping people in need.

How U drink I drive App Helps Mint the Money for you

During this festive or any party season, entrepreneurs can capitalize on the demand for cabs. Since the income is generated from every ride that is booked from your site, you will get the innumerable custom from all these party goers. Remember you are providing a service that they desperately require!

u drink we drive app

The other way you can make money is by surging the rates during this period. Most parties start at around 7pm and go on late until the wee hours of the morning. By up surging the fare during those hours you can actually mint a fortune.

Think of how much you can actually make on a single night? Do not forget, these parties will go for the whole month of December and probably into mid January. So With Uber Clone, the amount you will earn will be enough to fill your coffers for the year!

Stop calculating and start earning by making that decision to buy uber iphone apps clone. The countdown to Christmas has already started. Surely, you do not want to miss the opportunity of a lifetime.