Uber Clone

Marketing strategy of Uber? Do you wish to launch an On-demand Taxi Booking App on an Uber like Concept? Well, the good news is, these days it’s easy to develop an app like Uber through White-labelling process. However, to scale your taxi business you will need to implement Uber Clone Marketing Strategies to win your users and stay ahead in the competition.

In this blog, we’ll look at an outstanding marketing plan for building a target audience for your taxi app services utilizing an Uber clone. Which will naturally raise your profit and income.

Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Taxi Business Using Uber Clone

Marketing is one of the most important and challenging ways for a taxi company to advertise its business. Since deciding on the best marketing strategy is one of the most important decisions a business owner can make. It’s also true that when it comes to promoting your cab business, you shouldn’t stick to one plan; you should attempt a few different approaches.

Taxi Booking iWatch App

Give your Apple users the freedom to book their taxi through their smartwatch. This trailblazing feature exactly works like a Taxi Booking App. Enabling your users to book, make payment for the trip as well as get the ETA through their smartwatch.

Implementing COVID19 Safety Features

People being still sceptical about taking a trip out, you can make it safer by offering COVID19 safety features. The users will be at peace knowing that the taxi driver is following the safety protocols. This includes face mask verifications, ride cancellation, safety checklists, safety ratings and reviews.

Location-wise push notifications

To tap in desired results, this is an amazing marketing feature that allows you to send notifications to the masses of the selected locations only. This means it makes it easy to target the audience by geo-fencing the locations for any sort of announcements, discounted offers, new service launch, etc.

Promo-codes to lure more users

Customers will utilise your online taxi booking app or website if you offer coupons, discounts, coupon codes, or other incentives, as everyone wants a benefit in addition to outstanding service. You can offer promo code deals for specific rides during festive seasons like Diwali, New Year, Christmas, and others, and clients will be instantly drawn to your services and will spread the word to their circle.

Taxi Booking App

Working on ratings and feedback

As a result, there is less uncertainty (or dread) about how chatty or intoxicated one’s travel companion will be. Helping everything go a little smoother for everyone.

Transparent pricing

As traffic and the price of petrol, and diesel rise in many areas, people are turning to alternative and less expensive modes of transportation. And it is widely acknowledged that public transportation is inefficient, with overcrowding, a lack of cars in the system, and unpleasant rides all contributing to the average man’s decision to rely on the taxi sector.

As the owner of a taxi company. You have the ability to charge a reasonable fee to your passengers so that they can travel without inconvenience and save money.

Wrapping It Up

Following the tactics utilised by the most popular taxi services, such as Uber, you may easily attract new clients while also retaining existing ones. V3Cube’s Uber Clone would be happy to assist you with all of the unique ideas and methods that will allow your business to grow.