uber clone script

Over the years we have seen that starting a Taxi app business has a huge potential in transforming the economic growth of any country whether it is develop or developing.  The on-demand taxi industry is growing at a rapid speed which we never thought of and there is no doubt about it. If you are here, maybe you are one of the owners of the taxi business or you are planning to make your clone app like Uber. If so then, you must read this blog to understand the basic concepts of the Uber Clone Script and the success formula for launching your taxi business.

But before that, let’s see;

What is an Uber Clone?

Uber Clone is a perfect, ready-to-use taxi booking app solution that helps you transform your traditional taxi business into a digital business.

In simpler words, it is an on-demand taxi booking app that allows consumers to book a taxi from anywhere and at any time.

And using the pre-built script, you can easily develop a taxi app like Uber with numerous features and high-quality UI/UX.

Benefits of Uber Clone Script

The clone script for developing an Uber-like app comes with various advantages. Here’s a small list:

  • Time and money-saving: the script is the pre-written code. Thus, you don’t need to waste your time and money on building the taxi app from scratch. All you need to do is get it white-label with your brand name and logo.
  • Easy Customization: the script can be white-label easily with your company’s branding. Moreover, before launching it in the market, you can integrate the languages that you prefer along with the currency, SMS, and payment gateways.
  • Already market-tested: the script is already market-test a thousand times. Thus, you can rest assured that it is perfect and will fit all your business needs.

Features You Must-have in Your Taxi App

Listed here are a few of the must-have features that must be integrate into your on-demand taxi booking app!  

Interactive Map

The Uber Clone Script pre-integrates the top-notch Interactive Map feature. It allows you and the user to track the real-time position of the booked taxi on the map.

As the app administrator, you can track the location of the user and also the taxi driver in real time!

Online payment via wallet

The Uber-like app allows users to pay the taxi fare online along with the option to pay in cash or via credit card.

The user can top up their wallet balance and directly transfer the money into the driver’s wallet. This feature eliminates the hassles of exchanging bank notes!  

Call Masking

This advanced feature of your taxi booking app allows riders and drivers to talk over the call without having to disclose their phone numbers.

Child Seat Preference

This pre-integrated Uber Clone Script feature allows your customers to book a ride with the preference for a child seat.

The customer only needs to book a taxi using the Ride-Hailing App and from the option, select “Child Seat Preference”!

The app will immediately send a request to all the taxi drivers nearby the area offering the facility of a child seat in their car.

This feature has made it very easy for passengers traveling with a child to book a taxi without worrying about their child’s safety!

Why Should You Invest in the Clone App Script?

An Uber-like app Script is simple to use, can be white-labeled, and also be use efficiently to expand the business with all your business requirements.

Thus, by investing in this pre-built solution, you can save a lot of money and time that would otherwise be spent on developing everything from scratch.


On the ending note, let’s recap a bit!

The blog highlights some of the most advanced features pre-integrated into the Uber Clone Script.

Unquestionably, these features are very beneficial for the users or driver! Even you as the app owner get a whole set of features. It helps you run the business smoothly!

So, why not invest in this top-notch solution and launch a taxi booking app in your region ASAP?