uber clone taxi

Speed has become synonymous with life. People today live a very fast track life and they love every second of it. What they don’t like is the waiting in between when they have too many important things to do but are stuck in the limbo of nothingness because they can’t find a cab. To address this issue, Uber came into the picture quite a few years back and revolutionized the idea of hailing a cab. But did it stop just there? Other entrepreneurs also started a plan to launch their own uber clone taxi business.

Competitive Market for Uber Clone Taxi Solution

The marketplace today for any product or service has become extremely competitive. The idea of monopoly no longer exists. If one company decides to make something, rest assured that there will be other offerings same or similar services with a few value ads as well. This is why it has become extremely important for business owners to add the splash of innovation and novelty to pre-existing business models.

I like to call myself youthful. And what I can tell you about the youthful generation today is that they do not give up that easily and are not afraid to explore ideas. This makes business an extremely “fun” area of innovation. Taking a simple taxi app and turning it into an on-demand taxi business that offers unique services is one of many examples.

Technology Everyday

A very basic observation from my end is that technology reforms almost every day. There is something better and something new in the market every day. The wave of digital enhancement is probably at its peak. Using technological enhancements for a better user experience only makes sense. Today, you are armed with the ammo that helps you succeed and you must load, lock, the fire just now!

Forgive me if I sound too sensitive about the whole cab situation, but that’s only because I have been a regular user for quite some time now and I am totally convinced that there is so much more in this space that we need to explore and with options like driver dispatch systems and automation facilities like Geo-fencing, automatic distribution and allotment and regular driver intimation, taxi apps have already come to a cusp of technological advancements.

A Common Problem

I totally love taxi booking through apps. However, a slight glitch that is feeling is still existent fact that most of the times, the route isn’t optimized. This is a major cause of concern for the drivers because sometimes they end up burning a lot more fuel than they should for the said route. The customer too ends up spending a long time in the cab just because the route was longer.

A little adjustment here can go a long way. In fact, many of the new companies that are offering Uber taxi clones have added route optimization as in value addition for people hoping to buy Uber clone. If you are indeed planning to enter the space of on demand taxi for hire, then you must look for an Uber clone that comes with the maximum number of features as well as support for you to make the most out of your business.

Don’t go where you should go

You can’t really choose where you get jobs from, right? Wrong! The driver’s safety is just as important as the rider’s safety. With the feature of Geo fencing, you can make sure that you create a virtual fence on the map that doesn’t enable anyone to book rides from outside that fence.

If there are areas in your cities that are infamous for being very criminally active or desolate, you can simply geo fence it to ensure that your drivers don’t get any ride request from there. This will be very helpful for your drivers as they will feel protected and secure.

Ladies, Please

If your driver is a lady, it is only fair if she wants to take rides by female passengers only. This is because you don’t want to put them in a situation where they will feel insecure or vulnerable. With the female, only option both, the rider and the driver can feel safe in taking rides at any time of the day or night.

The SOS option in the app also helps people help themselves by making sure that people can be reached and accessed instantly. If something goes wrong in their ride, they can simply tap a single button on the app and the police will be notified instantly along with other contacts that you have saved.

Get your Creative Juices Flowing

Innovation, novelty, and creativity is the forte for the ‘now’ generation. This is probably why even as a consumer people appreciate thinking out of the box. Show them a normal restaurant with amazing food and they’ll go once or twice. Show them a restaurant on wheels, with a changing menu every day; you can be sure that the crowds will keep on pouring.

Innovation and success go hand in hand. The on-demand service industry has infinite options. If there is a need for any kind of service, you can offer it through your Uber clone taxi app. Transform a simple taxi clone app into either a niche service offering business or a multiple on demand services platform. It’s all up to you!

Do a little research and get in touch with a few companies who are into uber clone products. And you can see how many doors are waiting for you to open them! Personalize a basic cab app to witness the immense success of your own business!